CDE® Graduate Success Stories!

SuccesslogoOur Boot Campers and Course Attendees share their Success!

Success Rate! The majority of ours students go on to pass the exam. We celebrate their success and cheer our students on each step of the way. We know how much hard work and sacrifice goes into getting that passing score. Congratulations to every one of you!

If you have passed the CDE®* Exam, please send us your photo and a note. We would love to celebrate your achievement and serve as an encouragement to others! 


 Here are some of our CDE® Success Stories!

“I attended Beverly’s conference, and was blown away by the care and expertise she puts into this creative business of hers. She is a diabetes nurse because she truly cares for the patient – she advocates for them, and translates to us how to best care for them as well. I was super inspired. As far as the exam, Beverly highlights what might be on it during her talks (because no one can really say). Not only is Beverly intelligent, highly experienced and caring, she is also hilarious and a real person. She doesn’t put up any fronts, and I just have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Fast forward, I passed my exam and am now practicing, and I know I’ve greatly improved how I work because of her. I can’t say enough good things.” – Hanna Rifkin

“Thank you Bev! You are so amazing to share your time, expertise, and awesome self through your Online University. Before I discovered your website I felt lost and unsure where to begin my diabetes educator journey.  Your webinars are engaging and informative. Throughout the exam, and now in everyday practice, I hear your voice reminding me of recommendations, standards, and professional ways to handle every diabetes situation.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  A million thanks!
P.S.  Meeting you in person was incredible – you are even more wonderful in real life!” – Melissa Anderson, RDN, CDE

“Thank you to Beverly and her dedicated staff for providing an effective and efficient means to prepare for the CDE exam! After 7 months of studying using the CDE Coach App, online University prep courses and sample tests provided I passed the CDE exam. There are other study options and apps available, however this website and app is most comprehensive, streamlined and personalized. I am grateful for all the effort behind this organization which helped me pass the exam and, has given me tools and information for being better at my work in diabetes education. Thank you!” – Suzy Stockmann, RD,CDE

Thank you Beverly and team for making my preparation to pass the CDE exam a smooth, pleasant, and rewarding process! Not only it was a great review for some of the areas that I felt confident with, but it was also an excellent learning platform for so much more! I am thrilled to be officially a CDE!

-Xenia Averkiou, MS, RD, CD, CDE

After previously taking the exam and missing it by 2 points, I took some time off before getting back into studying.  Fast forward to fall of 2016, I attended a live, 3-day seminar to jump-start my preparation.  While very intense and informative, I was left feeling overwhelmed and lacking the confidence I needed afterwards.  In spring of 2017, I found out about Diabetes Education Services and the “CDE Coach” app through a coworker.  Reluctantly, I checked it out and signed up for the level 1 and 2 boot camp series.  This was just what I needed to rebuild my motivation, confidence, and knowledge in all aspects of CDE prep.  The live and recorded webinars and practice tests were all there to use on my own time, as life allowed.  With two toddlers at home and a baby the way, (and a fulltime job), this speaks volumes.  Whether you listen to a webinar on the computer at lunch, on the Ipad after the kids are in bed, or flip through tables in the app or screenshots of areas you struggle with during your walk on the treadmill, this program is beyond helpful.  I even printed and laminated the *free* medication cards and carried them with me everywhere.  There is no doubt that Beverly’s coaching and the entire Diabetes Education Services program played a role in helping me pass the exam this time around!”

Hayley Mayo, MS, RDN, LD, CDE

Beverly praised me for not giving up, and that went a long way!

“After some struggle with the exam, Beverly took the time to review with me some key points to help pass the CDE® exam. Her Boot Camp courses are very well organized and having those pocket cards to study went a long way. I had the pleasure of talking to Beverly and with her guidance, I was able to pinpoint the mistakes I was doing and pass. Also, focusing on the first 3 chapters of “The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference,” as suggested by Beverly, was paramount in my success. Last thing, Beverly praised me for not giving up, and that went a long way. I would not have done it without you. Thank you Beverly.”

Gregorio Rodriguez MSN, RN, CDE®

I appreciate your time and effort dedicated to helping other educators succeed.

“I had the privilege of enjoying the Deluxe boot camp series with 31 webcasts and various resources. I am very busy and did not have time to read that enormous book to it’s entirety. Listening to Beverly’s webcasts on my drives to and from work became my routine. I also enjoyed the CDE mobile app to review algorithms and the standards of care while in waiting rooms, on lunch break or being tied up by a train. Diabetes really hits home for me. My family, friends and community are no stranger to this disease and the potential complications. It is important to me to keep up with current research and practice. I had 3 short months to prepare for the exam and passed on my first try! I feel confident in my position and stronger as an educator.  I appreciate your time and effort dedicated to helping other educators succeed.”

Camilla Barajas RN, BSN, CDE

Thank you so much to Beverly and her team for sharing their knowledge and passion for diabetes education!

“My goal was to take (and pass) the CDE exam before I have my second child.  I wasn’t sure exactly where to start studying and then I found Beverly and her team!!  I purchased the Level 2 Beyond Fundamentals courses and took advantage of the MANY resources and tips she has on her website including the 10 steps to succeed at the CDE exam.  I received a medication and oral pocket card in the mail which was so helpful for studying and I also carry it around with me at work just in case I need to reference it.  I listened to the Level 2 programs at least 2 times each because the app makes it so easy to listen anytime (cooking dinner, cleaning the dishwasher, etc!).  The way Beverly presents the information in her webcasts is so easy to understand and retain that it made it very easy for me to study and learn.  I am proud to say I met my goal of taking and passing the exam with only 6 weeks to go until I deliver my 2nd child.  Thank you so much to Beverly and her team for sharing their knowledge and passion for diabetes education with the rest of us!!  I really do not think I would have had as much success without them!!!”

Allison Johnson, RD, LD, CDE

Beverly’s program helped me streamline my studies.

“Thanks so much to Beverly and her team for helping me to succeed on the CDE exam!  I had a baby 10 months ago, and wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to manage working, studying, and being a new mom.  Beverly’s program helped me streamline my studies, including coming up with a plan for focusing on the most important information.  Bev’s passion, knowledge, and excitement for the world of diabetes education is so evident in her teaching approach.  She presented the information in an easy to understand manner.  I loved all the poll questions and practice exams, which stimulated test day, and really helped me succeed.  Thanks so much for helping me to become a CDE!”

Christina Heiberg, RD, CDE

Anyone who follows this program can do it.

“OMG!!! I am SO happy and grateful and honored to be able to write this note to you today and to be able to say these words! This morning I went in and took the CDE exam in Hayward and I passed! It is so emotional! Tears flowing. THANK YOU!  Thank you for everything you do to make the world of becoming a CDE a friendlier and attainable place Beverly! I listened to you for the past few months non-stop, my brain was overflowing full when I walked into that room today— most helpful was the repetition and your calm, engaging, compassionate voice. I stood up in the Wonder Woman pose about half way through the test- I calmed my breathing- I looked for the BEST answer and basically just felt as ready as I could be.  All of those hours paid off.

Your courses are absolutely amazing!  Even more important (probably)- I learned SO much- I feel ready and set to use these skills to help people, more poised than ever before.

Thank you for being there and creating this platform! Anyone who follows this program can do it – it gives you tools, skills, confidence and underneath it all, I knew it would be ok even if I didn’t pass the first time- I knew I had learned so much more and would be able to do more, and I would have persevered- it gave me that, maybe strength.  I will always be grateful to all of you!! 

P.S. I also took Beverly’s advice to envision myself succeeding and created a vision board and in the center it had that title. So, yes, you played an incredible role in my passing the exam- so appreciative.”

Erika Deshmukh, MS, RD, CDE

These courses were so valuable!

“I passed my exam!! These courses were so valuable in not just passing, but also learning so much about diabetes care. After taking the courses offered through the bundle, I felt more confident as a provider. The topics were extremely relevant to the needs of my patients, and I am thrilled to share this information with patients and other colleagues. Thank you so much!”

Wendy Lopez MS, RD, CDE

I recommend your programs, tips, website and CDE App to my peers

“I would like to thank Beverly for all of her guidance and expert advice with preparing me for the CDE exam. I loved her approach and her tips for success were key to my success. 
I will recommend your programs, tips, website and CDE App to my peers.
Again, thank you for your knowledge and support!”

Erika Rosettie CDE

Thank you for amazing Boot Camp Series!

“Thank you for your amazing Boot Camp Series!  It was a true catalyst to successfully passing the CDE Exam!! What a great feeling to get that piece of paper saying “You have Passed this examination.”  I celebrated with a plate of pasta, bread and a glass (ok 2 glasses) of wine. I didn’t count the carbs or the calories!!! Thank you again for an amazing experience and your wealth of knowledge!”

Heather Crimmins-FraserMS, RD, CDE

Passed my CDE Test!

“I wanted to let you know I passed my CDE exam with an 83% today! I cannot thank you enough for the webcasts you have available. I commute 180 miles every day for work, and I was able to use that windshield time as STUDY TIME thanks to your webcasts. I learned so much about diabetes care and various counseling approaches.

Beverly, the tone you set for your patient interactions has carried over into my own personal counseling. I am noticing a connection with my patients I never had before. Thank you so much for helping me obtain my credential, but more importantly, to become a more effective educator.”

Kalyn CryerRD, CDE

Thank you for the great work you do!

“I am so excited to have passed my CDE® exam!  It was a very hard exam, and all the online classes from Bev, and all the resources you provided were the key to my success. Thank you again for all the great work you do!”

Julie AubinBSN, CCM, CDE

Beverly's CDE Bootcamp!

“Beverly’s CDE® Bootcamp is by far the best investment I made in preparing for the CDE® exam. It is very thorough and her calm approach in teaching the material helped immensely with my anxiety about taking the exam.”

Tonya Ashrafi MA, RD, LDN, CDE

Thank you for your guidance and support!

“Thank you Beverly, Susan, and Diabetes Education Services! I wouldn’t have passed the CDE® exam without your guidance and support. The live seminar allowed me to dive right in, focus, stay accountable to my studies, and to ask questions from you and my surrounding experts. The online classes also helped me review and pin-point my weak areas. It was a challenging test but I passed with your support. Thank you!”

Ginger Cochran, CDE®

This is a dream come true

“I PASSED!!! This is a dream come true.  I am currently the ONLY Latina and trilingual CDE® in my area.  Honestly, I believe I am the only Latina CDE in the Capital Region of NY.  Thank you for your help during the Boot Camp series.”

Tatiana Alcantara CDE®

A great at helping me focus and pass the exam!

“Thank you Beverly, Susan and Diabetes Education Services for helping me maintain my CDE® credential. I was concerned about passing the exam since I haven’t been working in diabetes and there is so much material to learn, memorize and apply.  The CDE® Bootcamp webinar series along with the Level 2 series was great at helping me focus and pass the exam!   Thanks Again!”

Beth L. Sponseller MS, RDN, CFT, CDE®

Boot Camp!

“I am so proud to add CDE® to my credentials! I learned an incredible amount of information to pass the exam and it has been rewarding to put my knowledge into practice. I couldn’t have done it without the Boot Camp!”

Laura Andromalos MS, RD, LDN, CDE®

All the studying gave me confidence!

“Passed my CDE® on October 27th.  I was probably over prepared, but appreciate that all the studying gave me confidence as an educator.  Thank you Beverly, for your program that helped me prepare.”

Marcine Kowpak RN, MSN, CDE®

Classes are inspiring!

“Took the CDE® Exam in December 2016. Here is my selfie in the parking garage in SF just after passing. I loved that you get instant results.  Beverly’s classes both in person and on-line are inspiring.That is what kept me focused and confident. (I did the Wonder Woman pose before clicking start on the exam and about half way through). Maybe that helped too.”

Julie Lester RN, CDE®

I Passed!!!

“I passed!!! I could not thank you enough for the CDE® Bootcamp courses. I used your CDE® Coach App and listened to you every day during my  commute to work this past month. Incidentally, my 8 and 5 year old daughters have mastered ‘The Plate’ as
they were stuck listening to you for a month in the car. So it was a!

Will be back, my goal this coming year is BC-ADM! Thanks again.”

Elizabeth Muchiri MS, APRN, NP-C, CDE®

I passed! I passed!

“I passed! I passed! Thank you Beverly and Susan for having such a wonderful program available! Beverly, I appreciate your passion and teaching style. I took multiple study courses from you and felt super confident sitting down to take the exam. I am so glad it’s over with and now I can relax and enjoy the Holidays!!”

Tess Warwick MS, RDN, CDE®

Thank you for the excellent resources!

“Thank you for the excellent resources that diabetes education services provided to help me pass the CDE® exam this fall.  I am including this picture of me with one of my daughters because they listened to your webinars and podcasts and learned about diabetes too!  The podcasts were such a great resource because I could listen and learn while I was walking the dog, running errands, or waiting at swim team practice.  Thank you for providing many scenarios and real patient stories.  This helped the material come to life and enhanced my understanding.

Thank you so much!”

Jill Trotman CDE®


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