About Diabetes Education Services

We believe in your success! 

Promoting diabetes education infused with science, kindness, curiosity and fun!

We invite you to join our community of health care professionals who are passionate about improving diabetes care through education and advocacy.

At our company, we work diligently every day to provide diabetes information that is relevant, compassionate and cutting edge. Our goal is to help translate the complex science of diabetes into understandable terms that you can apply directly to your patients.

We know the road to becoming a diabetes educator and specialist is challenging. Many students aren’t sure how to get started or how to make the best use of their limited study time.

As a working diabetes educator, consultant and advocate for over twenty five years, Beverly has been there. She knows what you need to succeed.

Beverly has gathered a team of instructors and support staff that all share her philosophy of helping each individual to overcome barriers, realize their potential and achieve their success. Together, they  have designed a company of products and services designed to support your every step of the way.


We Believe in Your Success

We know you are motivated, we know you are passionate about diabetes care and, we believe in you!

We are here for you. We provide on-phone and email coaching to support your journey to be the best diabetes educator possible.

In addition, we offer a variety of services and products to help you meet your goals.

Our Live Courses and Onsite Seminars are not only stuffed full of important information, we make sure they provide meaningful content that is engaging and fun.

We also offer Resource Books and Study Tools at great prices. These books are great references for your clinical practice, plus they help prepare you for the CDE Exam.  

Lastly, we are excited to share our Online University with you. These quality courses are self-paced and can be viewed when it’s convenient for you. Fulfill your CEU requirements, prepare for certification, refresh or broaden your knowledge and skills while keeping current with the latest in diabetes.

Speaking of passion… let’s talk about it!


Read this recent testimonial from a student:

“I purchased your online courses to prepare for my CDE®* and thanks to you I passed!!!!

Initially I was studying by reading my AADE books and practicing test taking skills every night. I even took a 2-3 month online core course (don’t think that helped much).

My friend referred me to your website early on but I contemplated using your courses. With only 4 weeks to go and feeling lost I purchased your Online course bundle. I listened to the recorded sessions over and over. I downloaded a few into my phone and heard them while driving around town.

Your CDE® courses had the greatest impact on my studying. After the first course I was hooked; Beverly’s presentations were engaging, super stimulating but most importantly she made sense. I no longer felt like I was wasting time reading the same stuff and not getting much from it. Your sessions put what I read into perspective. I spent the first few months reading the AADE Art & Science of DSMT Book, primarily because I was new to diabetes.

I just think that your classes helped me put it all together. I often referred back to the book when I didn’t understand a topic and continue to do so. I know in my heart I would have NEVER passed without your courses. Thank you!!!! Please continue to teach because I want to teach just like you one day. You are my mentor.”

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help getting started on your diabetes career path. Let’s walk together!

In appreciation,

Beverly Thomassian
President and Founder
Diabetes Education Services


*Certified Diabetes Educator® and CDE® are registered marks owned by NCBDE. The use of DES products do not guarantee successful passage of the CDE® exam. NCBDE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDE® exam, except for those published by NCBDE.”