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Over the past 20 years, Coach Beverly and Team have made it their mission to help build a strong educational platform for students. In addition to our online courses, live seminars, books and study tools, we love to offer as many helpful free resources as possible. 

Please enjoy the FREE tests Coach Beverly has put together to help students stay current on diabetes medication, care and techonology and simulate CDE® and BC-ADM exams.  

Free Med Question Quizzes:

Free Medication Quiz Part 1

Free Medication Quiz Part 2

Free Medication Quiz Part 3

Free Medication Quiz Part 4

Test your medication knowledge with our three complimentary quizzes. We designed these medication quizzes to give you a feel for the medication questions on the exam and also to keep you up to date on medication updates.

FREE Diabetes & Language | Quiz

This four question quiz is inspired by the recent article, “The Use of Language and Diabetes Care” by Dickinson et al. What words we choose, our body gestures and the use of certain terms can have a tremendous impact on our interactions with people living with diabetes. This quiz highlights a few key areas where we may want to rethink our approach or feel reassured that we are on the right track.

FREE Gut Bacteria Quiz

Do you know about the trillions of bacterial hitchhikers that influence your health everyday? Test your Microbiome knowledge with our free Gut Bacteria questions.

FREE Sugar Question Quiz

These questions are created weekly by Coach Beverly to raise awareness on the sugar consumption in our communities and to support “The Joy of Six – Sugar Pledge” Test your sugar knowledge below:

Whether your are preparing for certification or seasoned expert, test your knowledge with 2018 Annual Question of the Week quiz! 

As our gift, we have compiled all the questions from our weekly “Question of the Week” posts just for you! Take the ultimate quizzes:

Question of the Week | Annual Quiz 2017

(NEW) Question of the Week | Annual Quiz 2018

FREE Diabetes Prevention Quiz

Prediabetes is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. Over a 3-year period, 30% of people with prediabetes will be diagnosed with diabetes. However, we know that Diabetes Prevention Programs works to protect beta cells and slow progression.
Medicare will start funding CDC based recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs starting in April 2018. You can start a Diabetes Prevention Program in your community. Let’s be a part of slowing down the epidemic of diabetes.

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