DiaBingo Educational Game

$29.90 (plus S&H)

Educational tool helps increase patient’s knowledge of diabetes terms and goals of care.

In English and Spanish. Players learn about diabetes management while having fun! A must have for support groups and in the classroom setting. Up to 30 can play!

DiaBingo Kit Includes:

  • 2 DiaBingo Master Question and Answer Sheets
  • 30 DiaBingo Answer Cards (In English and Spanish)
  • 70 DiaBingo Question and Answer Cards
  • 300 Bingo Chips
  • Lightweight carrying case


“I use it every week in my diabetes support group. We love it and so do our patients!”
~ Cindy F., RN, Sacramento

“We have started using the DiaBingo game in Spanish, and our patients are enthralled with it. They don’t want to leave. It’s a fun and easy way to learn about diabetes. Our patients absolutely love the DiaBingo. It’s great for teachers and learners alike. Thank you for this great educational tool!”

~ Deb W, RD

DiaBingo Video Demonstration

Diabetes Bingo – A fun way to help class participants or support group attendees to learn about the complex topic of diabetes while having fun. Includes 70 questions, 30 playing cards, 300 bingo chips and a durable carrying case. Playing cards and questions comes in both English and Spanish.