Discovery of Insulin

Dr. Banting’s 2am note on October 31, 1910.


Isolate pancreatic ducts of dog.  Keep dogs alive till acini degenerate leaving Islets. Try to isolate the internal secretion of these to relieve glycosuria.

Canadian Broadcast that highlights the first patient,
Ted Ryder, the first patient to receive insulin from Dr. Banting. Some great historic video footage of Dr. Banting shaking hands with the young man.

Audio Broadcast interview of Dr. Best (co-founder of insulin), who reflects on the discovery of insulin and the future of diabetes care.

The Quest – 1958  This short film is a re-enactment of the critical year in Dr. Frederick Banting’s life when he discovered insulin for the treatment of diabetes at the University of Toronto. It depicts the odds against which he and his assistant, Charles Best, worked; the scepticism of other doctors and the final victory that gave thousands of diabetics hope for a healthier life.

Miracle of Insulin – moving video interviews of some of the first type 1 patients to receive insulin.

Historical Insulin Powerpoint Slides – here is a collection of some of my favorite powerpoint slides, depicting the discovery of insulin.

Banting Historical Site Facebook Page

The Flame – Banting House Historical Site Newsletter

Banting House Blog full of interesting facts

Grant Maltman – Banting House Curator and Historian

Diabetes Education Services Online University Courses & Books with an emphasis on Insulin Management 

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