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What we say matters.

As educators, advocates, spouses, friends, and providers, our use of language can deeply affect the self-view of people living with diabetes everyday.

The language used in the health care setting is immensely important in determining the success of the interaction and long term relationships.

Thoughtful communication provides a sense of support and empathy and moves both provider and person with diabetes toward greater satisfaction and success.

Based on powerful research, there is growing movement within diabetes education and beyond, to rethink the words we use and the approaches we take when providing counsel to people with diabetes.

Let’s lift people up by choosing language that is non-judgmental and person centered.

Enjoy our free Language and Diabetes FREE Mini-Webinar to learn more and take your communication to the next level!

Topics covered include:

  • Learn the old-fashioned diabetes phrases, words and approaches that can be left behind.
  • Describe diabetes language that is respectful, inclusive, person-centered and imparts hope.
  • Practice communicating about diabetes using phrases free from judgement with a focus on a strength-based approach.

 Language and Diabetes Powerpoint Handout

FREE Diabetes & Language | Quiz

This mini-webinar is free, and no CEs are provided, but there is lots of great info!

This four question quiz is inspired by the recent article, “The Use of Language and Diabetes Care” by Dickinson et al. What words we choose, our body gestures and the use of certain terms can have a tremendous impact on our interactions with people living with diabetes. This quiz highlights a few key areas where we may want to rethink our approach or feel reassured that we are on the right track.

Articles and Resources,

Use of Language in Diabetes Care and Education – 2017 ADA & AADE  
Language is powerful and can have a strong impact on perceptions as well as behavior. This article provides recommendations for language used by health care professionals and others when discussing diabetes through spoken or written words whether directed to people with diabetes, colleagues, or the general
public, as well as research questions related to language and diabetes. 

Quick Guide on Diabetes and Language for Health Care Professionals – AADE

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