Online University Orientation

Welcome to the Diabetes Ed Online University. We have developed this simple tutorial to provide an visual navigation tool so you can easily find your way around. This orientation also  includes answers to the most commonly requested features. Thank you for joining us.

To access your online courses, you will want to login to the Online University. You can do this by clicking the green Student Login button:

If you are new, you will have to click “forgot password” and follow the prompts in your email to reset your online university password.

When you successfully login for the first time, you should see this screen:

Although you can access your courses a number of ways, the best way is to click “Enrolled Courses” on the left-hand side of the screen .

Phone and Tablet users – you many have to click on the three purple bars menu icon (hamburger) to open the side menu pictured below:

Once you click enrolled courses, you can click the title of whichever course you want to start with, for instance “Level 1 – Standards of Care”:

This will take you to the Overview tab, but you will want to be in the Start tab to access course content:

Once you’re in the start tab, you can watch the video presentation, listen to the podcast, and view the course handouts and any topical resources we’ve included.

You will need to take the course survey and complete the Critical Thinking Tool before you will gain access to the test. The test is locked until the survey and assignment are complete. This is for accreditation purposes so that we can offer nationally accredited* CEs. Once you complete a section, a purple check mark appears by it to show it was successfully finished:

To complete the Critical Thinking Tool, you will need to download the “Critical Thinking Tool – CDR requirement” attachment, fill it out, then upload it through the “Select & Upload File” button, then finally hit “Submit”:

You can find all our testing information and scores under “Test History”, which is also included in the left-hand side of the screen:

You’ll be able to see how you’ve done on all of your tests, which course the test belongs to, and once you click on the test name, you can also see which questions you got right or wrong:

Once you’ve clicked a test name to find out more details, you can see how many were correct, how many were incorrect, and by downloading the detailed report or clicking the “Question Analysis” tab you can find out which questions you got right or wrong:

Once in the Question Analysis Tab, you’ll see an overview of which question you got right or wrong. By clicking the question number, you can review what the full question was:

If you want to review the questions one at a time, click Question Number 1, then click “Next” through all the questions in the exam:

We purposefully do not give an answer key in the Question Analysis and will not give out an answer key to any of our courses. This is because we want to encourage reviewing of the material if you are stumped on a question to better learn the content.

Once you complete the test with at least an 80%, the course will be marked complete and will shift over to your “Completed Items” on your Dashboard. It will also be marked complete by a red ribbon icon, which lets you know you can print your certificate:

If your course has an “ended” sticker next to its name, it means your access to that course has expired. All of our online courses come with one full year of access from the date of purchase, and the benefit of purchasing in a bundle is that you are eligible to purchase our extensions instead of re-purchasing each course or program you want to extend.

Coming to the end of your year? Look at our available extensions below to see if you can extend your access:

Do you still have questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for our online university, call us at 530-893-8635, or email us your questions.

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