Positive Text Messages Improve Diabetes Management

A study in China, examining 502 people from 32 separate clinics, found an association between culturally sensitive text messaging and improved fasting glucose. Participants in the study received usual care and were split into two groups:

The intervention group received six culturally sensitive positive texts throughout the week about blood glucose monitoring, physical activity, dietary advice, and emotional support.

The control group simply received two messages per month thanking them for being part of the study.

The results weren’t surprising. Mobile text messaging offers a cost effective and feasible strategy to enhance diabetes self-management.

The intervention group was more likely to achieve their A1c target than those in the control group (69.3% success, compared to 52.6%). Change in fasting blood glucose was larger in the intervention group (between-group difference: -11 mg/dl or 0.6 mmol/L), but no other outcome differences were observed.

The conclusion of the study was that culturally sensitive positive mobile text messaging may help improve diabetes self-management. You can read the full study, published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Learn more about psychosocial implications in treating diabetes and how to apply them this December! Nicole Johnson, former Miss America, now National Director of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), will be a keynote speaker, with her specialty being psychosocial issues, quality of life, and family dynamics.

Nicole will be speaking on “Bringing the Science of Diabetes Home” at the Women Leader’s Conference in Tampa, Florida. See full agenda here.

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