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AADE Diabetes Education Book Bundle – most popular! 

Our most popular book bundle is the AADE Art & Science Desk Reference and Review Guide. Many students find success pairing their online courses with an additional text reference.

For independent study time, these books provide the tools and comprehensive resources that help you focus your study time efficiently and effectively. Purchase the 800+ page Art and Science Reference Book and Review Guide for an additional boost in knowledge! Focus on those areas you have identified during your self assessment.  



AADE Diabetes Education Review Guide – 4th Edition 2017

The review guide provides test-taking strategies and the rationale for the correct answers; 450+ self-assessment questions to gauge areas that may require additional study; and 400 questions (2 practice exams/200 questions each) to simulate exam day.

We highly recommend the purchase of this important study tool that provides abundant test taking practice which is critical for success.



Art & Science Desk Reference, 4th Ed. 

Coach Beverly Study Tip: A student said that one of the things that helped her most with the exam, was reading through the Case Studies in the Art and Science Book. These case studies are easily identifiable in colored boxes in each of the chapters.

Published by AADE, the Art & Science Desk Reference 4th Edition is the must-have resource for all diabetes educators.

This Desk Reference (2017) is written by practicing Diabetes Educators for Diabetes Educators and provides the core knowledge and essential strategies and skills all educators need to facilitate behavior change in persons with diabetes. Boost your knowledge and keep current with all of the critical changes in the healthcare landscape.

Standards of Care Booklet

The ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes is a key resource for healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care, education, and support.

One of the most important pieces of literature to read prior to becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and for clinical practice, the Standards of Care book is a study must!

The book includes:

  • ADA’s standards for diagnosing and treating diabetes
  • Nutrition recommendations and principles
  • Position statements on managing diabetes and its complications in various settings



Coach Beverly’s Material List | CDE® Exam Prep Bundle + 4th Edition Review Guide + Standards of Care Booklet – $499