5 Subtypes of type 2 diabetes

Recent research by the Broad Institute of MIT, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital has shown that there may potentially be five distinct subtypes of type two diabetes based individual genetics.

Three of the subtypes involve insulin resistance where insulin is not used effectively and for the right purpose. The other two subtypes involve a deficiency of insulin where insulin is not being produced in adequate amounts by the beta cells. 

The study included 17,365 subjects from four separate studies with type two diabetes. The genomic data of each individual was analyzed and recorded, only to find the five different variances in DNA that led to insulin resistance/deficiency. Those who were insulin resistant typically had a larger waistline and had a higher risk of obesity. Individuals who were insulin deficient were typically thinner than their counterparts. 

This new data is critical because “there could be a number of processes which lead to high blood glucose levels.” This information also means that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treating type two diabetes with medication therapy.

For more information on the subtypes of type two diabetes, visit subtypes of type 2 diabetes highlighted by genetics study.

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