ADA Standards of Care 2021 Webinars and Recorded | Level 2 Courses

The ADA Standards inform our practice and are critical for certification exam success. We invite you to join our Level 2 series. Each course provides a detailed exploration of the standards coupled with practical application to the clinical setting.

Coach Beverly updates these Level 2 courses throughout the year. Your registration includes the recorded courses and an invitation to the live webinars – see dates below. Please be reassured that the 2020 courses are still accurate and relevant for this years’ exam and your clinical practice.

You can purchase and view all of these courses immediately. With your registration, you are automatically invited to the Live Webinar update.

Each course includes: A video presentation, podcast, handouts, and resources. We hope you can join us!

This content will be applicable for the 2021 CDCES Exam! See more info below.*

*Will this content be applicable for my current CDCES test year?

Yes! According to CBDCE Handbook

CBDCE Recognizes that the advancement and dissemination of new diabetes information may not occur at the same rate in different areas of the United States.

CBDCE has developed the following policies.

  • One Year – New medical advances, guidelines, or pharmaceuticals will be included in CDCES Exam no sooner than one year after the information is released.
  • Immediately – New diagnostic criteria or specific guidelines impacting diabetes care and education and/or treatment of diabetes which are released nationally and identified as effective immediately may be including in the examination at any time.