Coach Beverly’s Diabetes Cheat Sheets

Our diabetes cheat sheet page is brimming full of useful information for your clinical practice and exam success. Updated annually by Coach Beverly to reflect the latest ADA Standards, we invite you to take a look around and enjoy these helpful resources. 

A collection of our most popular and helpful reference “cheat” sheets including:

  • Exam Study Sheets, Meds and Clinical References
  • Medication Pocketcards
  • Nutrition Information
  • Teaching Sheets for People with Diabetes
  • Diabetes Apps

Please feel free to download, print, and share with your colleagues and community.

Meds and Clinical References & Exam Study Sheets 2023

Screening and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus 2023

A one-page cheat sheet that summarizes screening, risk status, and diagnostic criteria for diabetes. Great for your office and as a study tool.

Med Cheat Sheets | Cholesterol and Hypertension Medications

These summary sheets are helpful for your clinical practice and preparing for certification exams. For exam success, be familiar with the general concepts, (side effects and precautions) of these medications.

Hypertension and Diabetes 2023 ADA Guidelines

A helpful algorithm to determine best approaches and next steps to achieve BP targets in people with diabetes.

ADA /EASD Pharmacologic Management of Type 2 Diabetes, 2023

This one-page algorithm is an enlarged and printable version of the latest medication treatment strategies excerpted from ADA Standards 9.  This handy reference sheet is great for your clinical practice and to study for the certification.

Neuropathy Treatment for Diabetes 2023

This one-page summarizes approaches to treat diabetes neuropathy. This handy reference sheet is great for your clinical practice and to study for the certification.

Intensifying to injectable therapies – ADA Algorithm 2023

This algorithm describes the pathway to start someone with type 2 diabetes on injectables and or insulin therapy. We have enlarged the print size to improve readability and allow our users to download and print for their practice settings or to review for certification exams.

Insulin Storage Cheat Sheet 2023

Provides all kinds of important details on the storage of different types of insulin pens, vials, and more!

Immunization Schedule for People with Diabetes 2023

Based on the latest Standards of Care, we put together this chart that details the types of vaccines, and when and how often they are recommended for people with diabetes.  This quick reference is a perfect exam study tool and helpful addition to your clinical practice.

Landmark Studies 

A short cheat sheet that highlights the major diabetes trials and the significant findings.

Medication Pocketcards

Medication PocketCards

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Includes all currently available diabetes medications. Great study tool and clinical resource.

Glucagon Rescue Meds PocketCards

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Includes 4 different glucagon treatment options plus hypoglycemia teaching info on another side. Great study tool and clinical resource.

Nutrition Information

Carb Counting Quick Reference

Carb Counting Quick Reference (in Spanish)

We created this Carb Counting Quick Reference sheet based on the ADA handbook.

Supplement Safety Ratings Cheat Sheet

People with diabetes often take nutritional supplements for a variety of reasons. This Supplement Safety Rating Chart is a detailed evaluation chart of “Recommended” to “Not Recommended – High Risk” supplements.

Teaching Sheets for People with Diabetes

Self-Care Goal Sheet Word Doc

Self-Care Goal Sheet PDF

Self-Care Goal Sheet (in Spanish) Word Doc

Self-Care Goal Sheet (in Spanish) PDF

Setting realistic person-centered goals is a critical part of providing diabetes education care and support. We have created a goal sheet that you can use in your practice to capture the next steps toward improving self-care.  If you would like to customize the document, it is available in Word so you can make modifications for your practice.  Or you can download the PDF, print and go.

Foot Care Teaching Sheet

Foot Care Teaching Sheet (in Spanish)

Steps to Healthy Feet. This handout covers the important elements of foot care for people living with diabetes with simple and straightforward language.

12 Reframes to Help with Diabetes Distress or Burnout

This one-page sheet offers healthcare professionals and people with diabetes helpful strategies to deal with diabetes distress and burnout. Diabetes self-management can be very burdensome and loaded with big emotional responses and expectations. Please feel free to copy and share this list with people who are feeling distressed or are considering taking a diabetes “vacation.”

COVID-19, Sick days & Diabetes: Handout

COVID-19, Sick days & Diabetes: Handout (in Spanish)

Updated to reflect the latest CDC guidelines. Reviews sick day instruction for people with diabetes, plus COVID-19-specific information.

Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia Education Teaching Sheet

This handout is one of my favorites. Cartoon characters depict the signs and symptoms of low and high blood sugars and then detail the steps to take.

Medication Wallet Card in Word

Add your program’s logo and provide your clients with a useful, customized document that includes contact info, a list of medications, and critical health data.

10 Steps to Survive the Holidays PDF

a handout that practical tips on surviving the holidays for people with diabetes. Share with your friends, participants, and colleagues!

Emergency Evacuation Checklist – Customizable

A helpful way to prioritize what items to grab given different time frame limitations. We found it online and customized it for people with diabetes. It is available in Word or PDF. Thank you for sharing with your colleagues and community.

Customize Emergency List

Emergency List as a PDF to print out

Diabetes Apps

Top Apps Chart PDF

a list of highly-rated diabetes apps that help build bridges between people living with diabetes and technology. These apps have excellent functionality and user interface drive, according to the technology experts at ADCES.