DiabetesEd Specialist Conference Testimonials

“More than a course, it’s an experience”

Whether you are new to diabetes or a seasoned expert, you’ll leave our live seminars with the latest research plus teaching tools  you can immediately apply to your clinical practice. Beverly and her teaching team translate the complex science of diabetes into understandable terms, while keeping it real, practical and fun.

After attending our DiabetesEd Specialist Conference, our attendees share their comments about their experience.

“I attended Beverly’s conference, and was blown away by the care and expertise she puts into this creative business of hers. She is a diabetes nurse because she truly cares for the patient – she advocates for them, and translates to us how to best care for them as well. I was super inspired. As far as the exam, Beverly highlights what might be on it during her talks (because no one can really say). Not only is Beverly intelligent, highly experienced and caring, she is also hilarious and a real person. She doesn’t put up any fronts, and I just have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Fast forward, I passed my exam and am now practicing, and I know I’ve greatly improved how I work because of her. I can’t say enough good things.”

~ Hanna Rifkin

“Thank you so much for your presentation on diabetes today. You are truly an expert at what you do, you held the students’ attention the whole time. We all learned so much from you and you topped it off with such great humor and a super positive attitude. Thank you so much!!”

~ Fay, PhD, RN, CCRN

Just wanted to say a big thank you again for your excellent course.  Your course, your team, your medication cards, your medication lists in the syllabus, the syllabus, the practice test, the resources, and YOU.  Thank you, thank you and keep doing what you are doing.  Much appreciated…

~ Susan, MS, RD, CDCES

The Diabetes Educator Seminar last year remains one of the best seminars I’ve been to in years. I’ve been a CDCES since 1999 but I learned SO much!! Colleagues in the Central Valley have all been encouraged to take your course since I enjoyed it so much.


Just want to express on behalf of my co-worker, Lisa and myself, Robin from The Band Of Pomo Indians, Health and Social Services Department our appreciation on the wide array of material your seminar presented to us. Your hospitality and presentation was well organized and highly informational. We both learned so much that week. The most important of all though was the Flash Dance for Diabetes lesson. We came away from your course more knowledgeable and exercised.

~ Robin, CHR

I’m still basking in the glow of your awesome course! I’m locked, loaded & recharged w/ energy to bring back to my patients and co-workers.

~ Kristi

I would like to sincerely thank you for the DiabetesEd Specialist Course. I learned so much and was able to pass on that knowledge to both my pharmacy staff and the providers at the clinic. Additionally, I was able to exchange ideas with our nutritionist about the things Dana discussed during her lecture.  I will continue to employ the patient discussion techniques that you, Lonnie and Diane shared.

~ Jonathan-David

Ever since attending the DiabetesEd Specialist class that you taught April 2008 in the San Jose Hayes Mansion I have been one of your biggest fans.   And ever since then I look forward to each and every one of your newsletters. Your September Newsletter is a real gem, I thought you might like to see a copy of the email I sent to two other CDCESs  that I know. Your entire web site is fabulous, it is so rich in content and user friendly layout.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU 1 more time. I want you to know that it was the very best training I have ever been to in 14 years of my career in nutrition!! I learned soooo much and it was fun and awesome! 

~ Adrienne, RD, CSG

Thank you very much for forwarding these wonderful newsletters!!!  I get so much out of them and I can not thank you or your team enough for conducting your exceptional Diabetes Educators review courses. 

~Allyson, RD,CDCES

I thoroughly enjoyed your course. I felt that you made some dry topics very fun and the whole course was engaging and interactive. Thanks so much! I appreciate all your help, support and encouragement. I feel like I am ready for the CDCES

~ Deborah

Great Conference! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. I learned more from this than my last 5 conferences combined.

~ Mark, DPM 

Once again thank you and your team for providing a strong knowledge base of diabetes and making it fun. You and your team’s energy and care was contagious, I hope to bring that same enthusiasm to our patients.

~ Donna, RN

Thank you for the information and your excellent seminar. You and your speakers made it fun and enjoyable. I appreciate your hard work and willingness to help all of us to be better educators.
Please let your speakers know how much we appreciate you all.

~ Lori, MSN, RN, CDCES

Thank you for your exceptionally well conducted course in San Jose! It was the best structured course I have ever attended. You have a gift for instruction and for presenting the material in a thorough and clear manner. Everything connected with your course exuded class and thoroughness.

~ Jack

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful your program is and how it shows that every one of the instructors involved is committed to this cause.
Many, many thanks and much continued success with your seminar.

~ Maria, RN, CDCES

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