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Be a part of our diabetes community while learning about the latest in diabetes care. Plus, Coach Beverly provides an interactive question and answer session at the end of each live webinar.

Certification and FREE Webinars Include:

CDCES or BC-ADM – Which Certification is Right for me?

Are you considering pursuing certification in diabetes care, but are not sure which certification is right for you and how to get started? Topics include:

  • Discuss the similarities and differences between the CDCES and BC-ADM credentials
  • List the academic and experiential qualifications to take both exams
  • Explore which certification best match your personal and professional goals
  • Describe the steps to study and prepare for exam success for both certifications

Coach Beverly will share her personal journey on achieving both her CDCES and BC-ADM over 20 years ago and how these credentials have impacted her opportunities as a diabetes specialist and president of her own company.

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Preparing for the CDCES Exam

Join us to get ready to succeed a the CDCES Exam. This course will transform your test anxiety into calm self-confidence and test taking readiness. Topics covered include:

  • Changes in requirements for 2022
  • Exam eligibility and test format
  • Strategies to succeed
  • Review of study tips and test taking tactics.

We will review sample test questions, and the reasoning behind choosing the right answers.
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Join us live! Click on the link below for upcoming dates! All FREE Preparing for the CDCES Exam Webinars air from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PST.

Preparing for the BC-ADM Exam

This free webinar will review changes in BC-ADM requirements for 2022 exam eligibility and test format, strategies to succeed along with a review of study tips and test taking tactics. We review sample test questions, and reasoning behind choosing the right answers.

Join us live- Click on the link below for upcoming dates! All FREE Preparing for the BC-ADM Webinars will air from 11:30 a.m. PST – 1:00 p.m. PST.

Test Taking Practice Exam Sample Questions Toolkit

For many of us, taking the certification exam is a nerve-wracking process.

During this webinar, Coach Beverly will help you transform your nervousness into focused energy that will help you succeed. She will provide test-taking tips based on her experience taking the certification exam six times.

You are invited to join Coach Beverly for this FREE Webinar. And, if you want to have access to an additional 220+ sample practice online questions, you can purchase the complete Test Taking Toolkit.

3 Steps to Save Feet; Assess, Screen, and Report – FREE Webinar

All health care professionals are invited to join us to learn strategies to protect lower extremities during this FREE Webinar (no CEs) or $19 for 1.0 CE.

Coach Beverly walks participants through the 3 Steps to DeFEET Amputation: Assess, Screen and Report.   She will provide simple and clear instructions on how to assess and inspect feet, along with risk assessment and action steps. We will share free teaching tools, strategies, and documentation forms adapted from the Lower Extremity Prevention Program (LEAP) that you can immediately implement in your practice setting.

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Health: A Personal Story of Resilience & Hope with Coach Beverly

Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other health consequences for adults. This session reviews how diabetes care and education specialists can provide screening, assessment, and trauma-informed care to individuals who experienced ACEs and are living with toxic stress.  We will explore strategies to address ACES and improve outcomes for individuals and communities. Throughout, we will focus on supporting self-care with a focus on recognizing and promoting resilience.

What We Say Matters: Language that Respects the Individual and Imparts Hope

What we say matters. As educators, advocates, spouses, friends, and providers, our use of language can deeply affect the self-view of people living with diabetes every day. The language used in the health care setting is immensely important in determining the success of the interaction and long-term relationships. Thoughtful communication provides a sense of support and empathy and moves both the provider and person with diabetes toward greater satisfaction and success.

New Horizons – Getting to the Gut, Meet Your Microbiome

This one-hour complimentary journey will expand your view of how trillions of bacterial hitchhikers profoundly influence our health. We will discuss how foods, the environment and our medical practices have impacted our gut bacteria over time and strategies we can take to protect these old friends. Join us!

Mindfulness and Compassion in the Diabetes Encounter Webinar

Being a diabetes educator can be challenging. This one-hour presentation by Heather Nielsen, MA, LPC, CHWC will provide diabetes educators with helpful hands-on strategies to incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion into our daily lives and professional practice

No CE units are provided for our FREE Webinars, but we have good news:  Visit our Diabetes Ed Online University where you can earn CEs from your desk!

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Webinar Testimonials:

“I think Beverly’s presentations are fantastic. I’m an RN, MSN, CDCES and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years. Nevertheless, I always take away something from Beverly’s presentations. Great teaching techniques, great pacing, great content. Of all the diabetes education I’ve received as a CDCES, Beverly is my favorite presenter, hands down. Thank you so much.”

Ann (Meds for Type 2 Webinar)

“I have never been disappointed in any presentation delivered by Beverly and this is no exception. It was very helpful to know how to best use my study time and what areas to focus on as well as the details of how to interpret the questions. I use the Diabetes Educations Service frequently and find it to be a valuable resource in increasing and improving my career path in diabetes education. Thank you for this wonderful service and support!!!”

D (CDCES Webinar)

“I am so pleased my coworker told me about your services/website.  Your enthusiasm for helping diabetes patients in the way that fits THEIR needs, budget, etc. really shone through in the broadcast. Thanks again!

Diane Priest, RD/LD, CDCES

“Thank you so much for hosting the webinar today. I found the content to be extremely helpful and helped motivate me to really get ready for the CDCES in November. Thank you for all you do to further my DM knowledge base and for making a difference in the diabetes community.”

Ling, PharmD (CDCES Webinar)

“Beverly,   Loved the mini series again today!  You do such a fantastic job and I feel so lucky to have found you and your website!  Every time I listen to one of your webinars  I always learn something new.  Even if it might be on a topic I’m starting to feel pretty confident with. Thank you!!”

Kathleen Paganelli

“Very useful information about type 1 diabetes prevention research. Alot of this I was not aware of.”


“Always so informative and keeps me “pumped up” towards improving the health of our patients with diabetes as well as increasing awareness.”


“Fantastic! I have a lot to learn before the November-December Exam but I’m where I need to be to do just that.”


“Thank you, Beverly, for offering information that is so patient-centered. THAT is how we will make a difference, and you make it easier to do just that.”


“Thank you for allowing me access to this valuable information without having to purchase the webinar. I purchased two of your Diabetes Education University webinars and questions preparing for the Spring 2014 CDCES exam. I enjoy listening to you and always learn a great deal. Keep up the good work!”


“Very nicely done. Although I consider myself “seasoned” you expanded on some great points I already knew but maybe not as in depth. Thank you!”


“Excellent session! I learned so much about medications and how to better use them with my clients. Thank You!”

Erma, RD (Meds for Type 2 Webinar)

“I have attended many webinars and conferences with Beverly and have enjoyed every one of them. This was very informative and helpful to my practice.”

Debbie, RN, CDCES

“I would like to thank your parents & the universe for creating such a luminous, quintescent being that you are especially in all the valuable work that you do. Words can not express how much you mean to us clinicians, families, patients, to the diabetes world. THANK YOU!”

Amie, RN

“Just full of gratitude for your going all out to gather authentic and most contemporary information and selflessly pouring out ALL that you know, in order to raise great Diabetes Educators like you. What a blessing to have met you in this journey.”

Ugo, RN

“Excellent organization and clarity. Terrific seminar. Very few diabetes educators can give a talk as well as I do on all aspects of diabetes care and management, but Beverly has managed to do so. I bow respectfully.”


“Great review, thank you so much. Great slides. I really liked your approach to understanding meds. and I LOVE THE POCKET CARDS. Thanks for all you do to support Diabetes Education.”


“Thank you for the excellent program and slides! I really appreciate all the info you shared.”


“Thanks very good information – Great webinar-wish our physicians would view this seminar.”


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