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Our website offers free and useful resources for health care professionals interested in learning more about diabetes care. Enjoy our FREE Medication PocketCards, Live Webinars, Newsletter and Article Resources page. At Diabetes Education Services we want to provide you with the diabetes info you need for your practice.

PocketCards – Insulin, Injectables and Oral Medications

Easy-to-use postcard size resource. The oral medication PocketCard summarizes the classes, main actions, dosing and side effects of oral diabetes medications. The Insulin and Injectables PocketCard classifies insulin as basal, bolus or combined. Onset, peak and action is detailed along with side effects. Side 2 includes detailed information on the latest injectables that lower blood glucose. Great for medication carts and a handy reference for staff.

Diabetes Education Review Guide and Art and Science Desk Reference

Published in 2015 by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, This guide is designed to serve as an effective certification exam preparation tool. The Guide offers test-taking strategies, self-assessments to gauge areas that may require additional study. Includes 400 practice questions (2 practice exams with over 200 new questions plus 200 updated questions that reflect the latest guidelines).  Also helpful information on test taking success!

3 Strategies to Protect Your Pancreas – Using the Pancreas Partner and DiaCell

In this video,Beverly discusses how to use our Pancreas Pillow and DiaCell Teaching tools to promote strategies to prevent diabetes and protect the insulin producing beta cells.

Strides for Diabetes Instructional Video

Diabetes Flash Mob to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Get Ready for World Diabetes Day, Nov 14. It’s easy and fun! Teach your colleagues, get your patients up and moving. Let’s “Beat Diabetes” together –  Download the step-by-step instructions here!

Diabetes Ed Online University- Earn CEs, Advance your diabetes career

Earn CEs and prepare for certification on our Diabetes Education Online University. These on-demand courses are engaging and interactive. We offer 4 levels, from Fundamentals to Advanced to meet your learning needs. Our programs are nationally accredited and immediately available upon purchase.

DiaCell and Pancreas Partner Demonstration

Beverly Thomassian describes how to use both the Pancreas Partner and DiaCell to describe normal glucose metabolism and how diabetes affects insulin production and action. She also demonstrates strategies to improve glucose control

DiaBingo – Diabetes Bingo for Patients

Diabetes Bingo – A fun way to help class participants or support group attendees to learn about the complex topic of diabetes while having fun. Includes 70 questions, 30 playing cards, 300 bingo chips and a durable carrying case. Playing cards and questions come in both English and Spanish.

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