Mindfulness Webinar for Diabetes Specialists

Mindfulness and Compassion in the Diabetes Encounter.
A Special Webinar for Diabetes Specialists

Being a diabetes educator can be challenging. This one-hour presentation by Heather Nielsen, MA, LPC, CHWC will provide diabetes educators with helpful hands-on strategies to incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion into our daily lives and professional practice.  As a counselor and a certified wellness coach, Heather has an abundance of wellness wisdom to share with educators who provide lifesaving diabetes education and support to people living with diabetes.


  • Understand why mindfulness and compassion skills can positively affect both our personal and professional lives-and participant outcomes.
  • Experience several types of mindfulness and compassion practices.
  • Discuss and plan how you can take these tools into your work and personal lives.
  • Gain new resources to use following the workshop.

Guest speaker: Heather Nielsen, MA, LPC, CHWC – Follow her on her Healthy Connections FaceBook Page

Since 2001, Heather has worked in both medical and behavioral health fields. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Health and Wellness Coach at Heather Nielsen Counseling and Coaching. Her personal mission is to help people with diabetes find balance, peace and well-being.“We all need help in managing chronic illness, and I specialize in helping people live well, despite diabetes. With practice and presence, we can learn to transform our brains and our minds, thus finding healthier ways to relate to our disease and to life. I offer a very individualized approach for each client.”

Heather’s passion for mindfulness and diabetes came from her own struggles of living imperfectly with Type 1 since 1997. She is the mother of three teenage daughters, and credits her own practice in mindfulness and self compassion as a key factor in her good health and happiness in this phase of parenting! She and her husband, an internist, just opened a Functional Medicine clinic in Hood River, Oregon, where they provide team care to people with chronic illnesses of all kinds. Of course, her people with diabetes are her favorites ?

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