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Coach Beverly has made it her mission to not only educate but support the Diabetes Community in the hopes of promoting excellence in diabetes care.

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Emily Gibbons – “My coworker just ordered a bunch of these cards for the physicians we work with in the hospital. They are awesome. You guys are the best! I will continue to give you business.”

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The medication PocketCards were designed by Coach Beverly Thomassian to assist in the clinical practice and exam preparation for Diabetes Educators. Popular with many of our students and their colleagues, the PocketCard is perfect for the educator on the go.

10 Steps to Succeed | Pass the CDE®

Coach Beverly has custom designed your road map to CDE® success! By creating the 10 Steps to Succeed, we present you with the tools and confidence you need to pass the CDE® Exam!

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See what our program graduates are saying. Visit our CDE® Success Page and get ready to be inspired!


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Over the past 20 years, Coach Beverly and Team have made it their mission to help build a strong educational platform for students. In addition to our online courses, live 

seminars, books and study tools, we love to offer as many helpful free resources as possible. Please enjoy the FREE tests Coach Beverly has put together to help students stay current on diabetes medication, care and techonology and simulate CDE® and BC-ADM exams.  



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Not sure where to start? Join us live or listen to our On Demand free webinars, hosted by Coach Beverly Thomassian. Learn how to focus your time while preparing for the CDE® or BC-ADM, or enjoy our free webinar on the popular topic of Gut Bacteria!

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Coach Beverly is dedicated to offering the most up-to-date knowledge in diabetes and patient care. Follow our Blog to receive priority notifications on an array of diabetes related topics.

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Question of the Week

Our “Question of the Week” is created weekly by Coach Beverly to cover a variety of Diabetes related topics. The questions are designed to keep you current and prepare you for the CDE® Exam.

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Looking for useful diabetes articles and resources? Coach Beverly has compiled hundreds of articles to help Diabetes Educators in study, research and clinical practice.

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Our DiaBingo game makes learning about diabetes fun. We are no longer able to manufacture the game but we have made it a free download just for you!

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