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Pass the CDCES Exam! (formerly CDE) — 10 Steps to Succeed

Tots to Teens Standards Course

Airs Live July 14

CDCES Exam Success Stories

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Pregnancy & Diabetes Course

Airs Live July 22

  • June eNews  | DiabetesEd Scholarships & 7 Reasons for Gratitude

    Happy June!

    Coach Beverly is feeling grateful

    For this newsletter, I am practicing my gratitude out loud and sharing it with you all.

    Here are 7 things I am grateful for:

    • My birthday is in early June.
    • June kicks off Pride Month.
    • We welcome a new team member and blog contributor, Monique Jackson.
    • A new glucagon treatment is available, with updated Glucagon Cards you can download for FREE or check out on our CDCES Coach app.
    • We are holding our first LIVE DiabetesEd Specialist Course in San Diego in over a year, which will include; Diabetes Flash Mob, DiaBingo, Prizes, fantastic meals, networking, laughing, and learning together.
    • There are 2 scholarships available for our Diabetes Ed Live Seminar.
    • Lastly, I am deeply grateful for my remarkable family, friends, my Diabetes Ed Team, all of YOU, and this opportunity to live and contribute every day.

    In this newsletter, we address topics ranging from hemoglobinopathies to inclusion to new glucagon meds.

    Bryanna and I had a lot of fun putting this newsletter together because it rings so true to the mission of our company; to be inclusive and welcoming, to celebrate each individual while leaving judgment behind. To lift each other up, especially during hard times. To offer hope, promote curiosity, and let you always know that we believe in you.

    Coach Beverly, Bryanna, and Jackson

    Click here to read our full June 2021 newsletter.

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  • Which Study Tools are Right for Me?

    Interested in diabetes certification, but not sure where to start? Find your Study Path and Tools that are right for you based on this quick 4-question survey. Discover your path and get started today.


  • On Sale: ADA Standards of Care Book

    The ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes is on sale for $34.95. This book is a key resource for healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care, education, and support. One of the most important pieces of literature to read prior to becoming a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and for clinical practice.


  • Prep for CDCDES Exam FREE Webinar 2021

    Join us on July 8th at 11:30 am to get ready to succeed a the CDCES Exam. This course will transform your test anxiety into calm self-confidence and test taking readiness.