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  • June Newsletter | Providing Inclusive Care; Strategies for Change

    Our community has faced many challenges in 2020. As a result of the pandemic, some health professionals have lost their positions or had jobs furloughed. We have shifted from in-person visits to telehealth. For those working on the front line, there is a real fear of being infected by COVID-19.

    In our neighborhoods, we are witnessing many of our community members demanding a repair of social injustices. There is a recognition that worse health outcomes with COVID-19 and diabetes are often the result of longstanding social inequities in marginalized communities.

    As diabetes advocates, we owe ourselves the time to reflect on how these inequities came to be and how we can contribute to their repair.

    Certainly, as a community dedicated to health, we can stand up and acknowledge, address, and advocate to improve health equity for each person.

    In this newsletter, we explore strategies to provide more inclusive diabetes care. From reflecting on the language we choose to how we set up and deliver our health care services. Let’s step back and take a new view from a different lens and see how we can be more welcoming to all people, but especially to those from marginalized communities.

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