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February 2023 eNews | Insulin $35 Cap, New SGLT-2i, Scholarships & Sale

Happy February

February is the month we celebrate love. 

In my opinion, love is at the center of providing diabetes care and education. We open our hearts as we carefully listen to people share their stories about living with diabetes. We celebrate successes and grieve losses alongside the individuals we serve every day. We speak our hearts when we advocate for evidence-based care that enhances well-being and improves outcomes. 

In celebration of the compassionate contributions of diabetes care and education specialists, we are excited to announce our “Spreading the Love” Sale during the week of Valentine’s Day. 

This month, we are delighted to share our updated Diabetes Education Services logos, celebrating 25 years of growth, connection, and inspiration. Keep your eyes open for website and online communications that include our freshened-up logo coupled with a 25.

For this month’s newsletter, we highlight the new Medicare $35 Insulin cap, discuss how treatments to delay type 1 diabetes might lead to childhood screening, announce a new SGLT-2i and of course test your knowledge with our Question and Rationale of the Week.

Lastly, we are offering two “Making a Difference” Scholarships, which provide a pair of deserving recipients with free registration for our Virtual DiabetesEd Training Course in late April.

It has been a complete joy to serve our community and provide meaningful courses, newsletters, blogs, cheat sheets, and content that makes a real difference in people’s lives since 1998. Who knows what we will come up with in the next 25 years?

With love and appreciation,

Coach Beverly, Bryanna, Amanda, Andrew, and Jackson

Click here to read our full February 2023 newsletter.

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