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  • June Newsletter now available!

    by Coach Beverly Thomassian RN, MPH, CDE®, BC-ADM



    This newsletter highlights hard earned wisdom shared by our keynote speakers at the Women Leaders in Diabetes Conference last month in San Francisco. We have summarized their concrete strategies to make meaningful connections and engage our audience, for the long run. Newsletter topic includes:

    • How to make an impression through storytelling
    • Infusing creativity into diabetes education
    • Scholarship application window now open for San Diego Diabetes Ed Course
    • A new and more effective way to introduce yourself

    Click here to read our newsletter!


  • Diabetes Ed Online Boot Camp - Starts July 1st, earn 12 CEs

    New Diabetes Educator Boot Camp series begins July 1st, 2019 to include changes to CDE® content outline. Boot Camp offers eight courses, plus a bonus course, “The Big Finish” Test Taking Boot Camp, for a total of 12.0 CEs. Register below!

  • Women Leaders in Diabetes Conference | East Coast!

    The Women Leaders in Diabetes conference will be near Tampa, Florida on December 6th, 2019! Join us at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. Registration is open now. Secure your seat before it's filled!

  • 1-Year Subscription Package (36 courses) - Earn 52.1 CEs

    This 1 Year Subscription Package includes 36 On Demand online courses including Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Diabetes Education Online Boot Camp and Level 4, plus our two specialty toolkits and two specialty courses.