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  • June eNews | New "Twincretin" Injection Improves Diabetes Outcomes

    Happy June

    We are excited to announce the FDA approval of a novel dual incretin injectable. The SURPASS clinical trials confirm this new diabetes medication not only drops A1C, but also contributes to significant weight loss. We have updated the electronic versions of our Medication PocketCards to include this “first in class” therapy. You can read more in our article below.

    June also celebrates Pride Month. Members of the LGBTQ+ community often suffer worse health outcomes and may avoid seeking needed health care due to discrimination or discomfort within the current health care model. We explore strategies to increase inclusion and embrace diversity in diabetes care and beyond.

    Our next article explores if intermittent fasting results in weight loss. We highlight the findings of a recently published randomized trial that provides some unexpected findings.

    Lastly, we are excited to share a bunch of free resources and webinars with you. You can download our new diabetes self-care cheat sheet in Spanish, plus join us for 3 Free Webinars. These free courses with Coach Beverly include Test Taking Success, CDCES, and BC-ADM Prep Webinars.

    Don’t forget to check out our Question and Rationale of the week. We think you will find them interesting and informative. We also love sharing this picture of Amanda, our Logistics Assistant, holding a colorful bundle of newly finished pancreas partners

    We thank you for being a light to people living with diabetes. You are touching the lives of many through your care!

    Beverly, Bryanna, Jackson, and Amanda

    Click here to read our full June 2022 newsletter.

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  • Advanced Specialty Topic Updates

    Join us live beginning August 9th, for our latest Advanced Specialty Topic Updates. These webinars are specifically designed for healthcare professionals who want to learn more about Specialty Topics for their clinical practice or for those who are studying for the Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) certification exam.


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    Interested in diabetes certification, but not sure where to start? Find your Study Path and Tools that are right for you based on this quick 4-question survey. Discover your path and get started today.


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