DiaBingo – Free Diabetes Bingo

bingoDiaBingo – Makes Learning about Diabetes fun!

Hello colleagues. Looking for a fun and educational way to study for the CDE Exam? Look no further because DiaBingo is now available to download for free in English and Spanish!

Simply print out the player cards and choose items to use as markers to get started.

The questions are designed by our experts to help players become informed about diabetes and self-care in an upbeat and entertaining way. You are welcome to customize these questions as needed to make it relevant to your group.

1.The Leader chooses a question from one of 5 categories: B= Basics, I=Internal Workings, N= Nutrition, G=Goals, O=Oral Meds and Insulin and asks the group the chosen question.

2. The leader then encourages players to yell out the right answer so the whole group can learn the information.

3.The players place a marker on correct answer on DiaBingo Answer card. 

4. When a player gets 5 answers that line up in a straight line or diagonal row, they yell “DiaBingo!”

5.The leader then provides a prize, warm accolade or a group cheer.  

Up to 30 can play.

Downloadable Answer Cards and Master Questions

DiaBingo Master Question & Answer Sheet 2016 – for Instructor

Bingo Answer Cards English 2016

DiaBingo Master Question & Answer Sheet 2016 Spanish – for Instructor

Bingo Answer cards Spanish 2016

Thanks for your commitment to improving diabetes knowledge in your community!

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