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2022 Newsletters

January eNews | New 2022 Diabetes Standards – Screening Updates and Cheat Sheets

February eNews | Vaccine Chart, Kidney Updates, Dexcom 5 and Diabetes Stats

March eNews | Rediscovering the Magic of Nutrition

April eNews | New Diabetes Self-Management Standards – 9 Takeaways

May eNews | Is there a Strong link between Diabetes and Earth Health?

June eNews | New “Twincretin” Injection Improves Diabetes Outcomes

July 2022 eNews | 3 Steps to”DeFeet” Amputations in People with Diabetes

August 2022 eNews | Diabetes Safety Update | Does Alcohol Blunt Glucagon Effectiveness?

September 2022 eNews | Boosting Nutrition Health & Jumping for Joy

October 2022 eNews | Why I Transformed my Approach to Diabetes Care

November 2022 eNews | Top 7 Highlights from New Diabetes Consensus

December 2022 eNews | Improved Insulin PocketCard and a Little Tenderness

2021 Newsletters

January | Treating DKA with SubQ Insulin & Type 1 Home Test

February | Exercise Myths, Mental Wellness, & Comforting Winter Recipes

March | Steroids, Sugar Spikes and Nutrition Month Celebration

April eNews  | Diabetes Certification Exam Updates You Need to Know

May eNews | Diabetes Ed Celebrates Nurses Day

June eNews | Celebrating Diversity and Diabetes Scholarship

July eNews  | A Radical New Approach to Diabetes Care Needed

August eNews  | Trauma and Hidden Barriers to Type 1 Tech Use

September eNews  | Insulin Update, New Meds, Cheat Sheet Additions

October eNews | How is “Diabetes Remission” Really Defined?

November eNews | Diabetes Month Celebration

December eNews | Diabetes Distress & Holidays? New Handout with 12 Reframes to Help

2020 Newsletters

January – Inclusive Diabetes Care for the LGBTQ Community

January – Highlights for 2020 Standards

February – Positioning our Practice for the Future

March – ADA Pledges to Eliminate Weight Stigma

April – COVID-19 & Best Diabetes Care

May – Insulin Savings and Telehealth Updates

June – Diabetes and Equity – Strategies for Change

July – New Glucagon PocketCard and Hypoglycemic Emergencies

August – Insulin Summary Sheet and InPen

September Newsletter – New Online Scholarship, Liver Disease, CGM Update

October Newsletter | Meds Update, Free Quizzes and Rationale

November Newsletter | You’re Invited to Celebrate Diabetes Month | 2 FREE Webinars

December Newsletter | New Diabetes App, Winter Recipes, and  a Sprinkling of Gratitude

Top 5 Blogs of the Year and ADA Standards of Care 2021

2019 Newsletters

January – New 2019 ADA Standards, From Meds to Technology

February – Follow Your Gut – Diabetes Newsletter

March – Low Carb vs Slow Carb

April – The Teens Aren’t Alright

May – Genes Determine Appetite

June – How to Tell Your Story to Activate Change

July – Does Weight Bias Decrease the Effectiveness of Treatment?

August – Nasal Glucagon, Generic SGLT-2 Inhibitor, Supplement Safety

September – Diabetes Care and Education Specialists Take the Lead

October – New Oral GLP-1: an Easier Pill to Swallow?

November – Diabetes Month and Intestinal Superstar

December – Listening to Diabetes Stories, A Sweet Gift

December – Top 10 Diabetes Ed Stories

2018 Newsletters

January – ADA Standards 2018 Updates – Meds, CV Risk, PocketCards

February – New Language of Diabetes, MNT Updates, 20 Year Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Week

March – Alert Day, Getting Reimbursed for DPP, Appreciating RDs

April – Type 1 Diabetes – Care and Resources for a Lifetime

May – Girl Power Promotes Health Legacy 

June – Food as Medicine

July – Human vs Analog Insulin? A Patient Centered Approach

August – Self-Care Strategies for Diabetes Educators

September – SGLT2S Infection Warning – New Blog Bytes

October – 30 Million People with Diabetes – How do we manage?

November – World Diabetes Day, Flu Risk, Holiday Survival Guide

December – Diabetes & Disaster, from Preparedness to Recovery

2017 Newsletters

January – Important Updates – ADA Standards of Care 2017

February – Update on Neuropathy Standards and Treatment

March –  Raise Awareness and Reach for the Moon

April – Cancer and Diabetes – What’s the Link?

May/June – To Count or Not to Count

July – Italy vs American – What the BMI?

August – Short and Sweet – Less Sugar, Better Health

September/October – Sugar Savvy, Super Fast Insulin, FREE Gut Update

November – Holiday Survival Guide and Diabetes Prevention Program

2016 Newsletters

January – New Standards of Care, Scholarship, Copycat Insulin

February – New AACE Medication Algorithm for Type 2 Diabetes

March – Top 5 Things I Learned from the ADA Post Grad Conference

May – Updated Goals for Older Adults and CDCES Coach App

June – My Stroke of Luck; a Personal Journey

July/August – Curiosity, CDCES Coach, New Combo Meds

Sept/Oct – New Meds Update – Combos, Concentrated and New Warnings

November – Diabetes Month, Gut Microbiome, U-500 Dedicated Syringe

November 14 – Special Issue for World Diabetes Day

December – Cost of Insulin, Artificial Pancreas Approved, Medication Updates

2015 Newsletters

January – New Standards of Care, Scholarship and Webcasts

February – Meds Update – Using the 2015 ADA Type 2 Algorithm

March RESET Diabetes and New Basal Concentrated Insulin

May – Diabetes Frontiers, SGLT-2 Med Warning, New AACE Algorithms

June – Why Weight? – Get Patients Pumped Up about Resistance Training

July – Brush Away the 6th Complication of Diabetes and Scholarship

August Stress and Diabetes – A Double Whammy

October – Human – Meet Your Microbiome

November – Diabetes Awareness Resources

December – 5 Steps for Educators to Keep Healthy and Energized for 2016

2014 Newsletters

January – New ADA Diabetes Guidelines and CDCES* Updates

February – Stage 1 Diabetes – Action Required

March – Food, Hugs and New Meds

April – Special Issue; Women and Diabetes

May – Diabetes on a Budget and Diabetes MiniSeries

June – CDC Stats, ADA Highlights, Eating Insights

July – Inhaled Insulin and New Meds in the Pipeline

August – Miracle of Insulin Still Inspires

October – Med Safety Review, New BG Monitoring System, Pt Friendly GLP-1 Injection

November – Double Diabetes and Celebrate World Diabetes Day

December – The Sacred Space of Diabetes Education

December – The Sacred Space of Diabetes Education complete newsletter

Newsletters Testimonials

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing such an awesome newsletter! It always provides such helpful information in a easy to read/understand format. Some times I feel so bombarded with informational webcasts and newsletters but they aren’t convenient for me to participate in or seem some what confusing. I really appreciate receiving this important up-to-date information in a clear and organized way. Equally important, its enjoyable to read! Thank you!


I absolutely LOVE your newsletter!  It is always so positive and hopeful – something the diabetes community is so in need of.  As a past participant in your education sessions to prepare for the CDCES certification exam, I was privileged to see the heart of you and the team at the center there and how big your concern for people with diabetes is.  Best wishes for your continued success!

˜ Denise

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful and super informative newsletters.  I am a RNC/CDCES at a large university medical center and find all the information so helpful.  It is the format that is so wonderful.  It is user friendly and gets right to the point so the information can be easily digested.  Keep up the good work and I hope that you may continue.

~ Kathy

I always find your email a great wealth of information. You are indeed such an inspiration to everyone you touched. I’m always excited to read your email and learning from it. Because of your enthusiasm to share I too gets inspired of learning some tricks how to draw blood with no pain or less pain or how to teach patient injecting insulin without fear or talking about nutrition. Whatever you share it surely being spread to people we touched.

God bless you and thank you so much for all the emails you send.
~ Corazon

Thank you Beverly for consistently publishing the latest and greatest news and information for educators, providers, people with diabetes and those who care about them in a useful and friendly format. Your warmth and genuine caring for others coupled with enthusiasm for what you love to do comes through loud and clear. Besides, you r awesome 😀

Your partner in positive prandial patterns,
~ LCDR ‘Mac’

Love your newsletters. I share them with my diabetes resource nurses.

~ Lindsey

Newsletter Previous Year Archives

2013 Newsletters

January – New 2013 ADA Standards of Care for Diabetes

February – Guidelines for Kids with Type 2 and New DPP-IV Inhibitor

March – Does Exercise Cause Weight Loss? Call to Congress, GLP-1 Meds and Pancreatitis

May – Guts, Glucose and New Glucoretic

June – Plant-Based Diet Improves Outcomes

July – Educators Take A Stand – Keeping Active at Work

August – Liver Disease and Diabetes plus AACE Med Algorithm

October – Changing Behavior, A Pebble at a Time

November – 5 Diabetes Discoveries You Don’t Want to Miss

December – New MNT Recommendations and 10 Superfoods

2012 Newsletters

January/February – Motivating Patients

March – Diabetes Detectives Needed

April – Hospitals, Hypo and Hydration

May & June – New ADA Guidelines Management of Hyperglycemia in T2DM

July – Affordable Care Act – How will it impact Diabetes Care?

August – New Frontiers and Highlights for Annual AADE Meeting

September – 8 Tips to Keep Healthy for Fall

October – Type 3 Diabetes? Resources for Native Americans and Meds in the Pipeline

November – Diabetes 1.5, Becoming an Educator Scholarship and Resources

December – 12 Diabetes Wishes, Instant Webinars and Mrs. T goes to Washington

2011 Newsletters

February – CDCESs® Needed:Changes to Practice Requirements

March – Gut Bacteria: Friend or Foe?

April – Insulin Resistance and the Expanding Waistline

May – Cancer and Diabetes – the Unexpected Connection

June – FDA Approves New Meds for Type 2

July – Highlights from 71st ADA Scientific Sessions in San Diego

August  – Activities to Promote Diabetes Prevention

September/October  – Increased Demand for Diabetes Educators Expected

November – Dr. Banting Discovers Insulin

December – Making Exercise Fun

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