Is Weight Stigma a Barrier to Effective Education? | July Newsletter

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Most of us aren’t even aware that weight bias is embedded in our everyday medical language, in scientific papers, and in our client interactions.  But with awareness, we start hearing and seeing this bias all around us and realize that change is needed. 

In our July Newsletter, we explore weight bias language and provide some examples and fixes. Plus, we invite you to apply for our diabetes education scholarship and highlight the approval for a GLP-1 RA for pediatrics with type 2 diabetes.

July Newsletter Topics

  • What is weight bias and how do we fix it.
  • You are invited to apply for our Diabetes Educator Course Scholarship in San Diego, CA – Deadline July 22, 2019.
  • Approval for a GLP-1RA for pediatrics with type 2 diabetes.
  • Digital PocketCards Updated.
  • Bring a Friend – $80 discount on the Diabetes Educator Course.

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