Question of the Week | September 8, 2020

AJ takes 85 units of basaglar at bedtime and 10 -12 units of glulisine (Apridra) at meals, plus metformin and empagliflozin at maximum dose.  Fasting blood sugars are 130 or greater and the rest of the day, AJs blood sugars are in the 200s. AJ has a BMI of 32 and an A1c of 9.3%.  The diabetes specialist recommends adding semaglutide (Ozempic) 0.5 mg to the regimen. 

What teaching information is most important given the addition of this new medication?

  1. Report any muscle pain immediately
  2. Semaglutide needs to be injected before eating
  3. Make sure to evaluate liver enzymes after 3 months
  4. Signs of hypoglycemia and appropriate action

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  1. Diabetes – Not Just Hyperglycemia | Sept 16
  2. ADA Standards of Care | Sept 23
  3. Insulin Therapy – From Basal/Bolus to Pattern Management | Sept 30
  4. Insulin Intensive – Monitoring, Sick Days, Lower Extremities | Oct 7
  5. Meds for Type 2 | Oct 14
  6. Exercise and Preventing Microvascular Complications | Oct 21
  7. Coping & Behavior Change | Oct 28
  8. “The Big Finish” Test Taking Boot Camp | Nov 4

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