Question of Week | Best Action for Glucagon Rescue with Beer?

RT is a 17-year-old with type 1 diabetes who uses an insulin pump and glucose meter to manage blood glucose levels. RT is out with friends, drinking beers and suddenly passes out. One of RT’s friends carries a glucagon rescue medication and administers it to RT in a panic.

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

  1. RT will regain consciousness within 15 minutes, so make sure to roll RT on their side.
  2. RT did not pass out from low blood sugar since they were consuming beer.
  3. RT will likely have a blunted response to the glucagon rescue medication.
  4. RT needs immediate administration of oral glucose to promote glycogenolysis.

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Does Alcohol Intake Blunt Impact of Glucagon?

LS tells you that they frequently attend company mixers where they feel compelled to have at “least a few drinks”, to fit in and network.

The tricky part is that LS lives with type 1 diabetes. Since they don’t have a working pancreas, their circulating levels of insulin and glucagon are often mismatched to their body’s needs.

If LS has several drinks, then loses consciousness from hypoglycemia, will emergency treatment be effective?

There is emerging evidence that glucagon rescue medications may have a blunted response when ingesting alcohol.

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