2020: The Year of the Nurse | Mindful Monday

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually, starting with National Nurses Day on May 6th (this Wednesday), through Florence Nightingale’s, the founder of modern nursing, birthday, on May 12th!

I am so proud to call myself a nurse and be a part of this dedicated, hard-working, self-sacrificing and healing profession for over 25 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed and cried along with our nursing colleagues as they have risked their lives to provide care to those impacted by the virus.

Thank you nurses for your careful listening, compassionate care and for providing reassurance and love to those who need it most.

Coach Beverly, RN for 25+ years

Though this year Pope Francis, the ANA, and others are recognizing 2020 as the year of nurses.

We want to highlight all of their hard work and bravery during this time. We simply couldn’t do this without them.

“Let us pray for them all that they may do their precious work in the best possible way,” said Pope Francis earlier this year of nurses and midwives.

The American Nurses Association has put together a page dedicated to the Year of the Nurse.

This page has a place to support nurses on the front-lines of COVID-19, space for nurses to share their stories, inspiring videos and podcasts, and more.

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