App for Remotely Managing Hypertension Effective in Type 2

A new study shows a positive outcome for people with type 2 diabetes and utilizing a smartphone application to monitor blood pressure.

The study gave a Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitoring device to 276 people with elevated BP for 6 weeks. After the device read their BP, the participants were sent their results along with helpful tips, and a reminder to take their medications.

During the study, there was also education provided to all participants with a goal to help lower BP ratings.

“Participants who had the highest blood pressure at baseline were the most likely in multivariable modeling to see reductions in both systolic and diastolic pressure by the end of the study.”

Researchers believe that using the app helped participants not only become more aware of their blood pressure regulation, but also fostered positive medication adherence and lifestyle changes.  

To learn more: Smartphone App for Remotely Managing Hypertension Effective in Type 2 – Endocrinology Advisor

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