Apps for Diabetes

The listed apps have been recommended by colleagues or articles I have read. I encourage you to download apps that interest you and take them for a test drive. Each app offers something unique and helpful for different individuals. See what you think!

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CDE Coach App – FREE for Diabetes Health Care Professionals

Exercise and Fitness Apps

  • myfitnesspal user friendly and engaging app that supports behavior change. Highly ranked by users
  • Diabetes Lite water, meds, exercise, meals with carb counting and goal setting
  • Fitbit with APP – track activity, food, sleep and connect with friends
  • DailyWorkoutApps Individualized daily workouts, that users can do wherever they are
  • Charity Miles donate your miles to a variety of good causes
  • BitGym – Interactive cardio app for phones and tablets

Med Adherence

  • MANGO health Mango Health helps users manage their medications and create healthy habits, so they can savor the moments that matter most.
  • iSage – A prescription-only patient-facing iOS and Android app that works in conjunction with a web portal used by the doctor. The doctor sets target levels for insulin based on the patient’s glucose levels. Then the algorithm takes over. Patients can enter their blood glucose levels and iSage will change their insulin dosing levels based on the doctor’s plan and the entered values.
  • One Drop – One Drop | Mobile empowers you to track and analyze all your diabetes data — glucose, medications, food, and activity — with just one app. Set goals, track progress, and see results!

For Weight management

  • Lose It! weight-loss program and calorie counter. App for managing your weight. It helps you track what you eat, will help you set goals and has a very robust database that helps you calculate the composition of the food you eat.” The new version for the Apple Watch literally nudges users to stay on track with its notification feature.
  • Weight Watchers This app features 24/7 expert chat, which allows users to get motivation and advice from a certified coach. iOS 8 users can connect to Apple’s iHealth to link all health and fitness data — a big plus
  • Figwee –  Figwee is the world’s first visual fitness program. It will help you set goals, track the food you eat, log your exercise and activity and record your progress. It’s photographic. It’s simple. It works. And it’s fun. This help system will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of Figwee.
  • Fooducate –  Health Tracker App. Track what you eat and your activities to see your progress and achieve your goals.  
  • Sugar Rush –  See how much sugar has been added to your food! Just scan the barcode of any product and instantly see a breakdown of naturally occurring and added sugars. 

Blood glucose trackers

  • mySugr (diabetes logbook) Diabetes is no game, but sometimes you need to have a little fun when managing it. This app is like a video game, featuring a diabetes “monster” that helps keep users motivated and engaged. To boost communication between kids and their parents or caregivers, check out mySugr Junior (free).
  • Glucose Buddy (diabetes logbook manager) Simple to navigate, Glucose Buddy helps users manage their blood sugar, insulin dosages and carb intake. Other features track exercise, blood pressure and weight. Sync data to print it out or view online.
  • Diabetes Tracker –  The American Journal of Preventive Medicine ranked this app, which has no free version, No. 1. It boasts an intensive and easy-to-follow educational component in addition to features for monitoring blood glucose, carbs, net carbs and more. Easy to see the big picture with daily and weekly reports. For some, it may be worth the extra expense.


  • Best Meditation Apps for 2019 – an article reviewing the best apps for meditation/happiness.
  • Omada Health – Omada is a digital behavior change program that can help you lose weight, reduce your risk for chronic disease, and feel better than you have in years.
  • Diabetic Connectmeeting place for people with diabetes to share insights and resources – Free
  • Sugarsense –Track your blood sugar level, nutrition, weight, fitness, and more. The easiest and simplest way to track your health information, view insights on how to improve your health, and get support from people like you.

More info – The App Revolution for People Living with Diabetes – Washington Post Article featuring David Marrero, Endocrinologist

For Health Care Professionals

  • Formulary Search by MMIT – An app to see what medicationss are covered for insured patients. To download app go to This app helps determine what medications are preferred on a patient’s drug formulary.