Graduate Success Stories!

Our Certification Exam Prep Course Attendees share their Exam Success!

Success Rate! The majority of our students go on to pass the exam. We celebrate their success and cheer our students on each step of the way. We know how much hard work and sacrifice goes into getting that passing score. Congratulations to every one of you!

If you have passed the CDCES or BC-ADM Exam, please send us your photo and a note. We would love to celebrate your achievement and serve as an encouragement to others!

Here are some of our Success Stories!

As a busy mom with 3 kids(5, 2.5, and 1 year old) I don’t really have much time. However, having Bev’s course readily accessible while on the train to work watching the courses, in bite-size lectures, or listening as a podcast/audio recording and also taking a few of the courses live was so helpful, not just for exam preparation but for my practice as a diabetes care and education specialist.

Moreover, Bev’s approach, her style, her humility and her overall compassion for people with diabetes is palpable. I remember one specific phrase she said in one course “I hear you and I honor that” was so profoundly meaningful to me, and I started speaking that way to people and I find that it just makes such an impact. Mind you, I am a former student of Jane Dickinson who is one of the pioneers of changing the language we use when speaking to and about people with diabetes, and somehow hearing her talk through all her lectures has just been so meaningful to me.

Even now that I am done with the BC-ADM exam, I know I will still purchase your bundles to stay on top of my diabetes updates and keep up to date on Standards of care etc.

Thank you Bev so much for all you do, and for this very important work of supporting diabetes care and education specialists(and aspiring ones). You are amazing and I love the work you are doing.

Esther Rov-Ikpah(Igu), MS, RN-BC, CDCES, BC-ADM

I want to give a warm and special THANK YOU to coach Beverly, Bryanna, and team for all the assistance I was provided during my Diabetes University journey! The amount of support, resources, and education that Beverly provided me was like no other. I truly felt like I was speaking one on one to Beverly with her compassionate and motivating personality and spirit. The material and teaching style was excellent and easy to follow. If I had any questions the team was urgently there to help. I was thankful to pass my CDCES exam on my first try! I am looking forward to enrolling in additional classes for continuing education as Beverly was hands down the best educator I have ever had.

Deanna Gallicchio, MS, RD, CDN, CDCES

I want to thank Beverly and her team SO much for their support in preparing for the CDCES exam. It is hard to put into words how grateful I am for all the resources that this program provides, between the practice tests, her online courses, her responsive team to any questions and concerns I had, and all the additional resources and pocket cards, her courses were invaluable, and the primary reason I passed on the first try. After being diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2020, my goal has been to become a CDCES so that I can help others learn and thrive despite living with diabetes, so I’m very excited for this next chapter of my career.

Lindsey Brandt, BSN, RN, CDCES

Thank you to Beverly Thomassian for creating such excellent exam prep materials and explaining it all so well! The CDCES Prep Bundle provided pertinent information for the exam and your profession. The 2 full practice exam was very helpful to prepare me for taking the exam. The exam also has detailed explanations of the answers. The online courses were engaging and gave great practical examples of real-life scenarios. I feel much more confident providing education to those with diabetes after taking the course and passing the CDCES exam. 

Not only were Beverly’s prep materials so great, but she has such an amazing team! Bryanna was also very supportive throughout the entire process. Thank you again to Beverly Thomassian and her team! Thank you for helping me to be a more knowledgeable and confident healthcare professional!


Beverly’s boot camp was my key to passing the CDCES exam on 1/16/23. The videos and associated materials covered everything! I also took the Tots to Teens, Pregnancy, and Acute Care classes to fill in my own knowledge. All of the classes from diabetes education services are well presented and provide functional information. Now that I have my CDCES I feel like I could implement a policy on preventing hypoglycemia and implement using basal bolus as primary treatment over sliding scale in Acute care. This education was worth the time and financial investment.

Katelin Limon, RD, CDCES

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I passed my CDCES exam on the first try a couple of weeks ago and it’s all thanks to your amazing program. Not only did I pass my exam, but I learned so much about diabetes and take what I learned and use it each and every day. I work in the outpatient setting and the confidence I have gained goes beyond words. I listened to your lectures while driving for months and absorbed every bit of information you shared. Thank you sincerely for doing what you do and helping me to grow both personally and professionally.


Kara Kilmartin, RDN, LD, CDCES

Hi! My name is Adeeba Peerzade. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in New York City. I have worked in both in-patient and now outpatient facilities, and come across numerous encounters of patients with diabetes in both. 

With this certification and knowledge from Coach Beverly, I feel more confident, skilled and excited to be able to tackle and solve difficult diabetes situations and cases with patients of all backgrounds. I can see the direct impact of all the knowledge and work applied in the courses applied into real life practice. It is truly amazing to help patients fully counsel and understand their disease state further. The comprehensive and in-depth videos from level 1, 2, and 3 were extremely informative and prepared me for exam success. I would often listen to the educational podcasts to and from work and was able to test myself even when I was on-the-go. The numerous pocketbook flashcards for insulin, medication use, and various topics made it very easy to study and retain the information quickly. The lectures and poll questions provided an interactive atmosphere. 

 Beverly’s enthusiasm and care for patients shines through! Not only was the information useful on a clinical level, it truly guides you to keep social, physical and environmental factors in mind when it comes to dealing with patients. I just want to give a huge thank you to Beverly and the team for this fantastic resource. Beverly was always easy to reach and willing to help in case of any questions or clarification I came across. I couldn’t have done it without your support and I am so grateful for all the guidance. Thanks to you I was lucky enough to pass the exam in December 2022. I wish future CDCES good luck and much success! You got this!

Adeeba Peerzade, RDN, CDCES


I cannot express how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE I am right now. Ms. Beverly pours her heart into making sure that every person who takes this course passes. I kept hearing her sweet voice while I was taking my exam yesterday. Even my little baby knows her voice now since I listened to all recordings with the baby.

Thank you again and again. Blessings and happy holidays!


Chelsey Ankrah, Pharm.D., CDCES

Just wanted to say a huge thank you, I passed the CDCES exam on November 15, 2022!!!! The knowledge I gained from the online courses, the pocket cards, the virtual conference and the app adequately prepared me to confidently sit for the exam. My dream of becoming a diabetes educator has become a reality! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Janeka Owens, MSN, RN CDCES

My name is Jenna-Ann Del Borrello and I am a Registered Dietitian- Nutritionist based in Brooklyn, NY. I knew early on that I was going to obtain my CDCES credential as soon as I was eligible. I have always been passionate about providing medical nutrition therapy to people with diabetes and knew that taking the CDCES exam would enhance my knowledge and help me to provide the best all-around care possible to my patients and clients. I have worked in a variety of settings in my career and really take pride in seeing my patients and clients do well and flourish despite the stigma attached to diabetes. By expanding my knowledge and continuing to stay in the know having passed my CDCES- I am looking forward to what is in store for my future on both a professional and personal level. Thank you so much to Bev and the Diabetes Ed team- this Bootcamp series was beyond helpful!

Jenna-Ann Del Borrello MS RDN CDN CDCES!!!

Thank you so much. I couldn’t have passed on my first try without your great program, Beverly! It is well organized & contained all the applicable/pertinent info & topics. It helped me organize my studying & thought process, especially considering the exam contains such a large amount of content. I used the program that had Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 courses. For those clinicians thinking about purchasing these courses, DO IT! I do not have a background heavy in Diabetes & I was still able to pass. 

Adrienne Wolf, RD, LDN, CDCES

Beverly’s bootcamp is a must to help you prep for a CDCE course! Beverly broke everything down in levels 1,2 and 3 in a way that is easy to understand and follow and is applicable to someone who is living every day with diabetes. Anyone can follow no matter what your diabetes background is ( whether you work a lot with diabetes or not very much). Beverly’s boot camp help me view people with diabetes that I interact with daily in a different light. Listening to her videos/podcasts and sample questions are key to helping you pass the exam.

I am a pharmacist by training so the toughest part for me by far was nutrition (I can tell you before this course I knew nothing about nutrition). Coach Beverly broke everything down in a way that I was able to learn, understand and apply when it came time to take the exam. 

Aside from the course itself, Coach Beverly and Bryanna always answered any questions I had quickly to help clarify anything I was unsure about. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organized and focused a lot on practical situations (which is very important when it comes time to take the exam.) I cannot recommend this course enough to help you prep for the CDCE exam! Coach Beverly is the diabetes expert!

Jessica Mina, PharmD, CDCES

Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Coach Beverly and her team at Diabetes Ed for helping me pass my CDCES exam!  As a Registered Dietitian for the past 30 years, I was a bit Rusty studying and taking standardized tests.  Beverly’s delivery of the information is clear and concise and very well organized. Her knowledge is immense and she makes you feel like she is just talking to you.  She has the most calming voice, I even listened briefly to one of her lessons just before taking my exam to help calm my nerves.   I took levels 1-3 and the test-taking boot camp. 

In addition to passing the exam, I have gained more confidence and a tremendous amount of knowledge, and look forward to continuing to help people with diabetes live their best life!  I highly recommend her program. 

Thank you again, Beverly and Bryanna.

Valerie Werter-Green, MS,RDN,CDN,CDCES

My name is Jane Maslonik, and I am a Registered Dietitian. I have my BS in nutrition from PSU and my MS from IUP. I have worked the last 27 years at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I have always loved working with our diabetic patients and witnessing the positive impact
basic education on nutrition and diabetic care can have on the lives of diabetic patients. In 2009 I became a Certified Diabetic Care and Education Specialist. I used my skills and knowledge of the ADA Standards of Care to then lead our facility to certification of our Diabetic Program through the Joint
Commission. With this certification, I became more active in the education of not only our patients but our staff as well. This lead me to pursue certification as a BC-ADM. I honestly didn’t know where to begin in preparing for the exam. There was so much information. I ordered the Ultimate Bundle through Diabetes Education Service. I listened to Beverly’s lectures over and over again, each time picking up a little more knowledge. I am very pleased to say that on June 15 I sat for the exam and recently learned that I PASSED. I can’t thank Beverly and Bryana enough for all of their help. They were quick to answer all of my questions and not only did the information I learned help me to pass the exam but more importantly empowered me to continue to make changes in our facilities’ policies and procedures as well as our education to better the care we provide to our patients. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all your knowledge with me. This is Jane Maslonik, RD, CDCES, BC-ADM…..signing off.

Just sending a special “Thank you” to Beverly and Diabetes Education Services. I passed the BC-ADM exam! The comprehensive material was not only beneficial in the exam preparation but, also to my practice. I am happy to add this credential to my specialty and to my current credential, CDCES. Thanks again!

 Adriene Sanders, PharmD, BC-ADM, CDCES

I am so excited to let Diabetes Education Services know that I recently passed the CDCES exam! I have dreamed of becoming a CDCES since 2017 and my thanks go to coach Beverly and Bryana for helping me make my dream a reality. My passion about diabetes education and those living with the disease drove me, along with my desire to share accurate and compelling information with patients and colleagues to help improve care.

I heard about Diabetes Education Services from a co-worker in December 2021 when I spoke with Bryanna. She was very professional, intelligent, kind, and helpful. She explained the program in detail and answered all of my questions and she provided me with information about the classes, online courses, free resources, App access, and much more. I am beyond grateful for all the support I received from coach Beverly and Bryanna. Coach Beverly made learning so fun and easy to understand. She teaches exactly the way I learn. I always looked forward to attending classes, listening to webinars, and podcasts, and taking quizzes. Her passion, knowledge, and love for people living with diabetes are exceptional and she has inspired me even more. I have become more passionate, caring, and knowledgeable and I found myself talking to patients more effectively thanks to her example. When I used to say “diabetic”, “obesity”, or “blood glucose not in control”, now I use phrases like “people with diabetes”, “participant with excess weight”, “blood glucose above target”, etc.

I found the CDCES exam so EASY because of the coaching program and your teaching style was exactly what I needed to be successful. You provided me with all the tools and resources that I needed. Coach Beverly’s program has the WHOLE package for people like me who need to learn about special situations such as pregnancy or pediatric, and also about diabetes technology. I learned test-taking strategies like choosing the best answers by using a process of elimination. I have attended other diabetes courses in the past, but I had never felt ready for the exam until I attended your program. During the exam, I felt ready, confident, calm, and well prepared and I smiled as I heard Coach Beverly’s voice in my head. Coach Beverly not only teaches what you need to know to be successful in the CDCES exam but also, she teaches how to be an excellent diabetes educator. Throughout the entire program, I felt like I had my own, personal coach and tutor. Beverly and Bryanna always responded to my emails and my last-minute questions in a timely manner.

Again, THANK YOU, Coach Beverly, Bryanna, and all of the Diabetes Education Services staff for helping me make my dream a reality. As a person with a strong family history of diabetes, passing the CDCES exam is a HUGE personal accomplishment for me, and I could NOT have earned this certification without the Diabetes Education Services program. I plan to use Diabetes Education Services to obtain my CEUs and to polish my skills.

If someone is considering becoming a CDCES, they should absolutely consider this program. The designation CDCES after my name came from hard work and with help and support from Diabetes Education Services. Thank you, and I highly recommend you.

Judith Paul, BSN, RN, CCM, CDCES

gigantic thank you to Coach Beverly and her team! I used the level 1 and 2 courses as the main starting point to guide my studying for the CDCES exam. The content was clear, concise and applicable to the exam. It was also engaging and fun! The poll questions were an especially helpful way to gauge current knowledge and identify learning gaps. I took the CDCES exam this month and passed!! I would highly recommend all of Coach Beverly’s courses for both future and current CDCES’s. I couldn’t have done it without you all! Thank you again!

Lindsay Barnett, MPH, MSN-Ed, RN, CDCES

I recently passed the CDCES exam on July 15, 2022. Thank you Beverly, for your wonderful program. I couldn’t imagine passing this exam without your valuable resources. Your program is well organized and created a stepping stone to my success. I’ve been a registered dietician for 12 years. My dream came true by passing this exam and it’s been a huge accomplishment for me. On top of passing the exam, the knowledge I gained through these exam prep courses is invaluable. Now that I have great insight on CGM, it helps a lot to counsel patients and collaborate with the providers. I’m very grateful for the guidance and support of Diabetes Education Services. Thank you, Bryanna, for the great customer care. I learned a lot about Diabetes management, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the CDCES exam!

Punitha Gopalan, MS, RD, CDCES 

I recently passed the CDCES exam on June 27, 2022. This is a milestone for me, as I have been wanting to do this for several years. Your boot camp level 3 and testing-taking exams were extremely helpful. I have renewed several times with your classes, which has given me the confidence I needed! I primarily work as a medical Social Worker, with a background as an Exercise Physiologist. I have worked the in healthcare for several decades and have so much more to offer those with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Thank you again, I would recommend your classes anytime. Hey, I even purchased a CDCES swag mug!

Keep up the good work,

Lilly Mees, LMSW, CDCES

A very special thank you to Coach Beverly & Bryanna! I am from a small town & have been surrounded by individuals with diabetes my entire life. We did not have the access to medications & CDCES compared to those available now. I have dreamed of becoming a CDE since 2008. In 2008, I met Phyllus Justice, MPH, RD, LD, CDCES who became my mentor. Since 2008, so many new advances in medications, standards of care, and medical management of diabetes have occurred including a name change from CDE to CDCES. Sometimes life just gets in the way but I never gave up on my dream of becoming a CDCES. I started out purchasing many different programs and apps that were helpful but I never really had feelings of readiness or comfort sitting for the exam until I came across your site. I do believe it was God who led me to you all. I studied the 2021 & 2022 ADA Standards of Care, attended free webinars, and purchased the CDCES Deluxe Prep Bundle includes Levels 1, 2, and 3, plus the Test Taking, Diabetes Technology, & CV Risk Technology Toolkits only later to add Level 4 & the Virtual Diabetes Ed Conference, ADCES The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference 4th Edition, ADCES Review Guide for the CDCES Exam 4th & 5th Edition, Revised. Because of your support and programs, NCFH, Inc., & CBDCE, I was able to sit for the CDCES exam in February and passed on the first try! I had a dream that was delayed but is now a reality. Through attaining the CDCES credential, I have been able to expand my awareness of my knowledge and skills as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. I promote the CDCES credential and the impact that the CDCES makes in the lives of persons with diabetes, their families, support system, and the community. I am honored to work & serve in the field of diabetes and provide services to the underserved, uninsured, underinsured, insured, veterans, active military, & all affected by diabetes in our community. As a person of color, it’s especially important to dig deep into the social determinants of health and ensure care that embodies diversity, equality, and equity.

Baleana Watts-McGilberry, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Thank you, Beverly! You and your program are truly amazing! After reading through the entire ‘The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education’ (yes, the entire book!), I decided that I needed further explanation, diving into the details of diabetes education.  It was then that I decided to join a Facebook group dedicated to preparing for the CDCES exam.  Many members highly suggested purchasing Beverly’s Bootcamp bundle. I researched Beverly’s bundle options and made the best choice by finalizing my purchase.  Beverly has an upbeat and inviting tone in her voice and made studying and lectures something to look forward to. She truly dives into the depth of diabetes education, and provides intricate detail into “what is diabetes?”  I am so thankful that I made the decision to stick with Beverly and her Bootcamp, and I can now say that after passing my CDCES exam, I am truly ready to move forward as an RD, CDCES, and program coordinator for a new DSME program.  

Denise Cykiert, RD, CDCES

When I first started studying for the CDCES credential I started by reviewing the ADA and AACE Diabetes treatment algorithms. I’ll never forget the overwhelm I had at recognizing this was all information I needed to learn to pass the CDCES exam. After attempting to trudge through the ADA Standard of Care on my own for about 2 months and still feeling overwhelmed, I finally decided it was time to purchase Beverly’s CDCES Deluxe Prep Bundle. It was the best decision I made! It provided me with the structured study schedule I needed. Once I purchased it I counted out how many videos I needed to complete each week and created a study plan. This class forced me to ensure I was studying for about 3-8 hours per week and to complete the material on time. Beverly also breaks it down in a way that is relatable and easy to remember. Her candid and relentless humor makes it impossible not to hear her little quips and jokes playback in your head while you’re recalling information come exam time. She and Bryanna were also great at responding to questions via email. I felt like I had my own personal tutor the entire time. I’ve purchased exam study classes in the past but never received this level of personal care. Beverly even reached out to me personally when I was just a few days out from my exam to provide encouragement and answer some last-minute questions I was frantically trying to understand. With this support, I’m happy to say I passed! And so will you if you invest in the materials provided by Beverly and the team.

Kelsey Brown, RDN, CDCES

Thank you Beverly, for the wonderful knowledge and information you shared in Levels 2 and 3. I have been a nurse for 14 years. As a person with diabetes myself, I was led to help other people with diabetes. Passing the CDCES exam has been a huge accomplishment for me. Having these credentials proves I have the knowledge and helps my patients trust more easily. Thank you to Bryanna, also, for always being so responsive to my questions. I would recommend Diabetes Education Services to anyone interested in becoming a CDCES.

Tiffany Nalley, MSN, RN, CDCES

I was inspired in the diabetic field by my mom who was diagnosed with Type 1 as a teenager. She herself served as a diabetes educator for over 20 years. I watched her cheerlead, empower and change the lives of countless patients.  I became a nurse in 2010 and in 2014 began a career in pediatrics. A diabetes education position opened in our children”s hospital in 2020 and I proudly began my career in diabetes. I am a wife and mother of two young girls whom I homeschool along with my part-time work schedule. Life is beautiful and full! In the inpatient pediatric setting, we see a lot of children with Type 1.  I felt challenged knowing that the CDCES exam required a huge jump in knowledge as I ventured into the adult world and Type 2 management.  What an amazing role we have as educators.  When I see patients and families inundated with processed foods and a pace of life that pushes against healthy choices, the ability to teach and empower others to take back their health and their quality of life is something truly special. It is an honor to join this team of specialists. I am so very grateful for the guidance and support of Diabetes Education Services. They truly helped streamline an otherwise overwhelming endeavor. Thank you! 

Vanessa Mulligan RN, BSN, CDCES

Thank you so much Beverly for your study course. I had purchased the CDCES Deluxe Prep Bundle and this toolkit was critical in my ability to attain this certification. When COVID pushed off my exam plans, Beverly and Bryanna were kind enough to extend my course by a month so I was able to study up until my exam date. Beverly’s practice questions and the design of her study courses help to drive home the important key topics of Diabetes Education. She is a pioneer in Diabetes Education and continues to give back and pave the way for us future educators. I will continue to utilize her amazing resources throughout my practice. Thank you thank you thank you! 

Stephanie Reilly (Pellegrino), PharmD, AE-C, CDCES

I cannot express how grateful I am for Beverly’s prep course. I bought the level 3 Bootcamp and Test Taking Toolkit and felt well supported and prepared for the exam. I would’ve had to study for much longer and my test anxiety would’ve been through the roof without her program. She made complicated topics easy to understand and the interactive sessions made it enjoyable to learn even after a long workday. The med pocket guide is now an essential tool in my practice. She is truly a diabetes goddess! 

Rosalie Shanks, RDN, CDCES

I passed the CDCES exam yesterday!!!! This course was invaluable, I learned so much by listening to and studying these courses.

Claudia Hleap, MS, RD, CDCES

Beverly, you are a BOSS! I read through the entire standards of care while making flashcards and then thought to myself that I really wish there was an interactive program on this information. I then found your program, which was exactly what I had wanted! You made the information SO much easier to understand and more interesting. You really inspired me! I plan to start a Diabetes Prevention Program in my community. Beverly is such an engaging speaker and I really enjoyed going on hikes and walks, while listing to the information. I recommend letting your supervisor know that you plan to prepare for and take this exam. I asked my work to pay for the initial exam fee and the CDCES Deluxe Prep Bundle package and I was pleasantly surprised when both were approved for reimbursement. Looking forward to completing continuing education units through Diabetes Education Services! 

Heather Spreafico, MS, RDN, CDCES

I recently just passed my CDCES exam. I truly think your program made the difference entirely.

Rana Clarizio, BSN, RN, MSN, CDCES

Many thanks to Coach Beverly and team for helping me navigate my way to successfully passing the BC ADM!  I really appreciated the abundant resources available on the website available for download and print. I listened to Coach Beverly to and from my way to work for several months and I have implemented her strategies for a patient-centered approach. I’ve learned so much that will last me a lifetime in diabetes management.

Jeanine Febres , APRN, FNP-C, BC-ADM

Beverly, thanks for creating such a great program for studying for the exam. You are very good at what you do and you focused on all the right things to enable me to study what I needed to work on to pass. I still have several webinars to finish the whole bundle. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn. Like I said before your presentations are very engaging, I love the stories about your patients and it makes learning about this condition a lot more fun. The webinar bundle was worth every penny!

Pam Walsh, Pharm. D., BC-ADM

It’s with much excitement that I wanted to relate to you that I passed my CDCES exam yesterday! YAY!

I couldn’t have done it without the support of you and Bryanna! Thanks so very much for guiding me over this past year.

While taking the exam, I heard your voice in the back of my head saying: “Choose the answer that supports –patient-centered interventions!” I think that was the key to answering those questions that had those “juicy answers.”

In addition to passing, I want you to know that you’ve become a household name over this past year. My husband said to me, the day of my exam: “I think I can sit for this exam and perhaps pass. I feel like I’ve been attending Beverly’s classes too.”

Kudos to you and your staff for providing an exceptional program! I would highly recommend this course to my peers who desire to obtain their CDCES.

Doreen Lancaster RN, CDCES

Thank you Beverly for the amazing CDCES preparation. I passed the exam on my first try. You provided me with everything I needed! Handouts, Med Sheets, Slides, Podcasts, and much more. I utilized Bootcamp 1-9, the Test Taking Toolkit, and the App on my phone. There was so much to learn in so little time for this exam. Excited to move forward in my new hospital position with this certification where I’ll be implementing DSMES and DPP. Time to celebrate!

Robert Hildebrandt, RDN, CDCES

A big shout out and THANK YOU to Beverly, Bryanna, and the Diabetes Ed team for helping me pass the CDCES exam! The comprehensive website is generously packed with valuable information, and Beverly’s thorough, fact-filled seminars are a gem! I purchased the Level 2 bundle which allowed me to access the podcasts in addition to the webinar lessons. I listened to the podcasts any time I was in my car, which just reinforced everything I had read and watched in her courses. Great stuff!! And her positivity, soothing voice, and obvious care for patients’ well-being made it all a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for all that you do to inspire us to help others!

Barbara Galvin, RD, CDCES

Big thanks to Beverly and the team for their fantastic resources and support. Passed both CDCES and BC-ADM 

Thank you to your team and your dedication to Diabetes management! 

Marina Dykhne, PharmD, BCACP, APh, CDCES, BC-ADM

Just wanted to say thank you for being you Beverly!

Thank you to your team, your dedication to Diabetes management, and your love of patients. I received notice I passed BC- ADM today.  Your constant reminder of avoiding “juicy answers” was in my head on several questions.  I love the new letters added to my alphabet soup.

Tara Palmer, MSN, CRNP, FP-C, BC- ADM

A huge thank you to the team at Diabetes Education Services. During my dietetics education, I shadowed a dietitian and CDCES and felt this kind of work would be a good fit for me. I am lucky enough to have realized my wish and passed the CDCES exam in December 2021. When the proctor gave me my results, I couldn’t help but smile behind my mask. 
My initial preparation was reading the ADA’s Complete Nurse’s Guide to Diabetes Care and the Standards of Care. Beverly’s classes helped me to structure my knowledge and fill in my knowledge gaps. I purchased the CDCES Deluxe Prep Bundle and completed all the level 1 and 3 classes prior to the exam, then used the test-taking tool kits to boost my confidence. Even through online classes, Beverly conveys the human side of diabetes and shares her real-life experience. This makes the content more appealing and memorable. I am sure that I can learn a lot from the Level 2 classes and will now complete them in the coming months. I wish future CDCES candidates great success in their endeavors.

Gwen Vezin, RDN, CDCES, CHC

I recently passed the CDCES exam and I truly believe it was because of all the information I learned through Beverly’s courses. I purchased all 3 levels + the toolkits and I felt very prepared for the exam. Thank you Beverly for all of your information, I enjoyed learning from you! 

Alexa Scotto, RDN, CDCES

I would like to say THANK YOU, I passed the exam today! I am extremely grateful for the review classes and is so worth it! At some point in a difficult question, I heard Coach Bev’s voice, “you can do it”! lol

With so many topics needed to study for the exam, and so little time I had, Coach Bev’s classes organized it really well. Truly, I couldn’t have organized it myself- there are just so many topics.
And this exam is not easy lemme tell you, but I did it with y’all’s help!

Thank you and more power to you!

Pilipinas “Pinay” Catalan MSN, RN, CDCES

I could not have passed the CDCES exam without the help of Beverly and her wonderful team. I purchased her level 2 courses and level 3 Bootcamp which broke down each standard of care and interpreted it with fun scenarios and real-life situations. It can be very cumbersome going through each standard of care, but Beverly brings all of the information to life and left me always wanting to learn more. I would wake up every day and look forward to listening to her webinars that were so engaging and brought the material to life! I would highly recommend the level 2 courses to delve deep into the standards of care and the level 3 Bootcamp to brush up and strengthen that skill set learned in level 2. This worked for me and I am truly grateful. I can’t wait to continue to use Beverly’s website for education materials and resources for my patients! 

Amanda Graffeo MS, RD, CDN, CDCES

While studying for the CDCES exam, I used Beverly’s level 1, 2, and 3 courses along with the 5th edition review guide and I read
the 2021 Standards of Care. I thoroughly enjoyed Beverly’s calming tone while presenting the material in an easy-to-understand way! Before my exam, I relistened to level 2 which goes over the standards in detail. I felt more than prepared while taking the exam and I’m so thankful for Beverly’s material!! 

Megan Wolf RDN, LD, CDCES

During such a stressful time, Beverly’s voice became a calming presence. It feels like I’ve known her forever. I listened to hours and hours of lectures and honestly loved every minute. The material covered was super interesting and very useful when studying for the CDCES exam. My background is strictly women’s health and I felt like I had a significant knowledge gap when it came to this specialty. These materials really prepared me for passing this exam and I could have never done it without Beverly. I am so thankful I purchased The Complete Package, it was definitely worth it!!! Best of luck to everyone preparing for an exam, you got this!! P.S. This is me celebrating in the happiest place on earth! 

Jenessah Loughran MSN, RNC-OB, CDCES

I am so happy to share that this past weekend I earned the CDCES on the first try! I used the deluxe prep bundle (levels 1, 2, 3, and toolkits) which were key to my success. Coach Beverly is an incredible educator and makes the information easy to understand. I cannot recommend Beverly resources enough. Thank you again, Coach Beverly! 

Diane Ramos, MS, RDN, CDCES 

I am thrilled to announce that I passed my CDCES exam! I felt extremely prepared going into the exam and actually finished an hour and a half early! I used the Level 3 Boot Camp, AADE Desk Reference, and 5th ed. Review Guide. I also created 500+ quizlet flashcards and used the CDCES coach app to study while taking the subway to/from work every day.
I pursued this certification because the majority of Veterans I work within my clinic have diabetes, so I wanted to better serve them by dedicating myself to a higher standard of training and knowledge. I have learned so much during this journey and could not have passed without Beverly! 

Amelia Ti, MS, RD, CDN, CDCES

Coach Beverly’s program is amazing! I took Level 1 and 2 a year ago and added them to my resume and was able to get a job as an inpatient educator. Over the last 2 months I took Level 3 and passed my exam. Thanks so much!

April Potter, CDCES

Thanks to Beverly for all her awesome courses and cheat sheets she provided to help me be successful in the CDCES exam. I was excited to pass my CDCES on Monday. I have always wanted to obtain this credential and for some reason…always put it off.  The review courses and cheat sheets and everything she gives out for free…are amazing! I felt so prepared for the exam and the calmest I have ever felt going into any type of certification. I can’t wait to finish up my Level 4 courses in preparation for the BC-ADM exam this December. Beverly and Bryanna go above and beyond. They treat everyone like they are someone and always answer any question or concern you may have. I am glad that my journey brought me to them and can’t say enough good things about them and everything that they did that helped me achieve this goal of mine. I can’t wait to take the BC-ADM and celebrate this success with them in the coming months. 

Christina Fetcenko, PharmD, CDCES, NBC-HWC, ACE PT/GFI

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have passed the CDCES exam! I focused on levels 1, 2 & 3 to study for the exam and now I find myself listening to the level 4 modules because I am so inspired and want to learn more! The content is interesting and very thorough and the theoretical pieces apply to multiple medical conditions as new changes emerge in healthcare. I truly can’t thank you enough – thank you for helping me better help others. 

Wendy Kaplan, MS, RDN, CSO, CDCES CDN 

I wanted to send a note to let you know I passed my CDCES exam. I was so pleased with all the programs that helped prepare me for the exam. I have learned so much and it has helped me in my practice.
Beverly, your warmth is palpable in the videos and podcasts. I am going to miss your voice which has become a friend to me these past few months. I will continue to stay tuned in to your website and app.
Thank you to Bryanna for always getting back to me so promptly when I had a question.

My mantra has always been “ it’s never too late to be who you might have been” George Eliot At age 57 this rings true!
You both are doing a great job and thank you again for accompanying me on my journey to become a CDCES.

Peggy Long, BSN, CDCES

I wanted to tell you that I passed yesterday! I am so proud of myself and I know that your program helped me tremendously to be efficient with my time and the topics I needed to cover. I scored much higher than I expected which was a nice bonus and confidence boost!  I remembered a few questions I was unsure of and ironically when I looked them up after the test they were the “easy” ones I got wrong, like Medicare coverage specifics.  And, even as an RD I got one of the oils questions wrong.  I was really well prepared to answer the more complex questions.

One of the most helpful feedback tips you gave was to stand up and stretch every hour or so.  I used every minute of the 4 hours. It really reset me and got the blood flowing. I would have never thought to do that especially in a room with several other people.  And, one of the questions was about an infant born to a GDM mom.  I heard you in my head say, “that little pancreas is on fire.”  It was so nice to hear you in my head during the test. I am going to miss your calm, reassuring voice. Your boot camp program and conference were FUN 🙂 Admittedly, I am a lifelong nerd though and these are the kinds of things I enjoy.  You can add me to the long list of graduates who would highly recommend your programs! 

Beth Gold, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

I’m excited to share that I passed the CDCES last weekend! I am so thankful for the hard work that went into preparing the “ultimate bundle” which is what I used to study for the exam. Because of your great program, I felt confident going into my test and more than comfortable with the material on the exam. Bev and her very helpful tips were a part of my daily life for the past few months and I am sure they will continue to be an integral part of my future! Thanks again, Bev!

Lauren McGarty, RDN, CDCES

Today I officially became a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist! 1,000 hours of education people living with diabetes and studying for weeks!!! Thank you Coach Beverly for the helpful webinars and study prep materials!

Kelly Pywtorak, RDN, CDCES

I wanted to thank you for all the excellent education tools I purchased from you. They really helped to prepare me well for the CDCES exam!  I look forward to many more future continuing education opportunities with you. You are an incredible educator!

Jackie Haskins, RDN, LD, CDCES

With immense gratitude, I cannot express all of my thoughts in words over how much you have helped me. My coworker and I have officially passed the CDCES!! Your caring nature and rich knowledge have helped another two dieticians!

Edward Ruiz, RD, CDCES

I started my nursing career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in 1995, achieved my LPN in 1997, and after taking some time off to raise my twin daughters, I finally obtained my RN in 2010. I then went on to finish my bachelor’s in Nursing in 2015. In 2019 I thought it was time for a change from bedside nursing. I love to educate and when a posting for an Inpatient Diabetes Educator popped up on our hospital job board, I thought, “That would be awesome, I have to apply”.  Once I joined our Inpatient Diabetes Education team, I quickly realized despite being a nurse for so many years, there was much more to diabetes management than I ever knew. My mentor Patricia Newsome, BSN, RN, CDCES encouraged me to follow Beverly and the Diabetes Edu team to assist with taking my CDCES exam, as she too credits her success to Beverly. Since August of 2019 when I started in this new role, I have been doing every free seminar, the question of the week/rational reviews, I have the app on my phone and I completed the 3-day seminar that was offered in April of this year. I printed EVERY resource Beverly and her team shared from medications to the parameters for diagnosing diabetes. Of course, I also studied the 2021 Standards of Care, but I 100% attribute my success on passing the CDCES exam on the first attempt to Beverly and her awesome team!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to helping others achieve this special accomplishment.

Katherine Desmarais, BSN, RN, CDCES

Beverly Thomassian is the absolute best. I took her courses prior to taking my CDCES and BC-ADM and passed both on the first try! The courses are very thorough, and all of the content is explained very well. I know that every time I sign up for any of Beverly’s courses I will get accurate and up-to-date information. I’m so happy with my purchases! 

Marie E. Ramey MPH, RDN, BC-ADM

I have passed my CDCES exam this week (08/16/21). I have used your courses (prep Bundle) to prepare for the exam.

 All the classes were very helpful. Thank you very much for all your help. I also used CDCES Coach APP and Review Guide for certified Diabetes Educator 5th Edition. 

 I am using my credential behind my name for the first time and I am so proud.  I also would like to be BC-ADM in the future. 

Thank you

Nisha Josey MS. RD. LD. CDCES

I wanted to get a note off to you to thank you for your TREMENDOUS help, support, and inspiration!!!  I passed the CDCES exam!!!  Your program provided such an engaging format for study and I am forever grateful!!!  I will surely pass on your resources to my colleagues and look forward to continuing with your ongoing education!

Again, many many thanks!  If I could give you both a huge hug, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Tama Rodriguez, RDN, CDCES, CLE

I am incredibly humbled to announce I’d taken my CDCES examination for the first time on July 2nd, 2021, and passed! As a registered nurse for over 16 years in various fields, most recently working in Endocrinology, a wife and a mother of 3 children, it has been the most rewarding achievement to help individuals living with Diabetes and furthermore collaborating with a treatment team of Endocrinologists, nurses, and registered dieticians. Despite my very busy work and family schedule, Coach Beverly’s enthusiastic spirit and creative teaching approach truly helped me to understand even the most complex information and she kept me engaged! I purchased and reviewed the Level 2 Standards of Care, Level 3 Boot Camp, and the 3-day Virtual Conference with Coach Beverly, Dr. Diana Isaacs, and Ashley LaBrier. I even found listening to the podcasts on repeat during my commute to work or during my afternoon walks so helpful! I would also highly recommend the pocket cards, practice tests and Standards of Care paperback for continuous reference! Thank you so much again, Coach Beverly! You were instrumental in helping me achieve this amazing credential!

Jasmine Reyes BSN, RN, CDCES

I did it. I passed the CDCES exam!! I purchased  Beverly’s Boot Camp and Test Taking Toolkit w/ sample exam questions. All of these tools helped me tremendously. I listened to each podcast multiple times and took the practice tests multiple times. I feel like I was able to retain more this way and learn how to think critically. I also feel like this helped me to pass the first time. I am so proud to officially be a CDCES and I am grateful for the path I was able to take to get here! I would highly recommend the online university through Diabetes Education Services!

Alicia Russell  RDN/LD, CDCES

I took my exam in July and was successful in passing the first time.  I participated in one of the free webinars on preparing for the exam and also used the practice exams.  Both of these tools really helped with my success in passing.  The weekly test questions and rationales are also very helpful in understanding how the questions are worded.  The free medications cards I used as well, along with the other free downloads.  Getting this certification was very important to me and utilizing this program helped me in achieving my goal.

Tonya Lawson RN, BSN  CDCES

I wanted to share my success with you- I took my exam yesterday and I am so pleased to say that I passed on my first attempt with an 83!!! I’m so glad to finally add “CDCES” to my name!

I’m a wife, a mother, and I work full time as an RN. I had a conversation with my manager at work that becoming a CDE (now CDCES) was a career goal of mine but it felt overwhelming and I was unsure of when I would find the time to truly prepare. She encouraged me to go for it and see what happens!

I purchased “The Complete Package” which included the courses, desk reference, and book with 2 practice exams. I referred to the desk reference a couple of times for deeper understanding but most of the information I used to prepare from the exam came straight from the lectures and resources referenced in them.

I am so thankful for Beverly’s teaching and assistance in preparing for the exam.

Nichole Franks, BSN, RN CDCES

Thank you so much for your diabetes boot camp that was held at the beginning of this year. I had taken the CDCES exam a few times prior with no luck. After taking this course and focusing on my study I was successfully able to pass! I can now add CDCES to my credentials. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Shay Holbrook, CDCES

I can officially add CDCES to my name. After struggling with the exam the first time I turned to this program.  It was everything I expected and more.  I completed the courses feeling confident and better prepared. I want to thank Beverly for the support and fantastic program. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to achieve CDCES. 

Melanie Kirkpatrick BSN,RN, CDCES 

If you’re looking for your sign as to what prep course to purchase…this is your sign. I’m so excited to announce I passed my CDCES exam on the first attempt!  Beverly skillfully disseminates a large volume of information and presents it in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. I felt I had a decent understanding of the fundamentals and decided the purchase levels 2 (Standards of Care) & 3 (Boot Camp), which were perfect. Each lesson is available in the podcast version, which I loved! Most days after work I would go on a long walk and listen to the lectures on repeat. I probably listened to most of the lectures 2-3 times. Studying for the CDCES exam was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career and I use the information I’ve learned every single day in practice. 

Thanks, Beverly! 

Kayley Lynd, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

I have been a nurse with a passion for Diabetes for 15-20 years. Last year I was given the honor of being hired as a Diabetes Educator at the University of Maryland Prince Georges Hospital and in May I passed the exam!!!

I’ve used the resources on your website for many years and find the way you speak engaging and make the material easier to grasp and less intimidating. 

I bought the stuffed pancreas and cell last year and have used them on ZOOM education sessions. 

I deeply appreciate the work you do and can say confidently I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work you all do. 

I said when I started that if I can help one person it will all be worth it. It’s all worth it 🙂

Teresa English RN, CDCES

I’m a CDCES!! I have been wanting to add CDCES to my name since I became a dietitian in 2007, feels like forever ago now, I can’t believe I’m there now! In 2020 I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I had to pick a professional goal per my annual review and I thought now or never. I was completely overwhelmed starting the studying process, through a Google search, I found Diabetes Education Services website and I’m so glad I did! I bought the Test Taking Toolkit followed by the Bootcamp Bundle. To be honest, I looked forward to listening to the interactive webinars, it was extremely helpful to have questions embedded in the live videos and recordings with explanations of answers, plus the knowledge I was gaining was already a big help as an outpatient dietitian.

My husband and I work full time and have 3 busy kids under 6, finding the time to study was a side job in itself, the Bootcamp was the perfect choice for me to cover all major points. Though I had test anxiety, it’s amazing what a good night’s sleep, good breakfast, confidence, and caffeine can do, Beverly’s program gave me the confidence I needed to pass! 

Carol Taylor, MPH, RDN, CD, CDCES

My co-worker decorated my desk and made me a CDCES party hat. 

It is never too late to take this test! I had thought about it for so many years and had a lot of reasons not to do it (kids/family, working at a small community hospital where I see a lot of different diagnoses, working part time, family health issues) but deep down I wanted to do this. I am so glad that I did. I learned so much. Thanks for all of your help and words of encouragement! 

Karen Sibert, MS, RDN, CDCES

I just wanted to thank Beverly and the DiabetesEd team for the wonderful CDCES study program you have developed. I purchased the specialist prep bundle and I couldn’t have passed without it and literally heard Beverly’s words in my head as I sat for the exam. I’m beyond thrilled to add CDCES to my RN BSN credentials! Thank you so much!

Katy Barclay, RN, BSN, CDCES

I took the CDCES exam and got 80 scaled units/143 correct answers. Your program was integral to my success. Thank you!

Kayla Weiss, MSN RN CDCES

I am so happy to share that I passed my exam!!   just want to say THANK YOU for the amazing way this program helped me prepare for my exam!  I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone.  I genuinely look forward to continuing to study and learn through this program.  I absolutely love the presentations – so much knowledge shared in such a professional and kind and encouraging way.

I see people with diabetes in the inpatient setting, often when they are newly diagnosed.  As a nurse of 40 years, it has always been such a sacred moment and honor to meet people at a very scary crossroad in their lives.  Being certified helps me feel I am better equipped to help them as they begin to learn about the disease and how to avoid further complications.  It also helps me as I share new information with nurses.  I also love the collaboration with our Registered Dieticians (one is studying for this exam as well!) and with our physicians.

Thank you again, sincerely, for this wonderful program.

Anita Rich, DNP, RN, CHFN, CDCES

I am so excited to announce that I passed my CDCES exam and I am now a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist!!

I wanted to take a moment to share my sincere gratitude and appreciation for this program, resources, practice exams, and encouragement. I participated in the CDCES Delux Prep Bundle. Several of my co-workers recommended this program and I am so thankful that they did! My specialty is in nursing and pediatrics so there were many areas of content that were new to me or that I wasn’t as familiar with. I learned so much during this course and I know that I will continue to use and grow so much of what I learned in my practice! The exam was very challenging but the practices and principles I learned in the program and in the test-taking modules helped me to stay focused and confident through the duration of the exam! Thank you for all of the support, education, and dedication to the CDCES and BC-ADM role and individuals with diabetes!

Megan Savransky RN, BSN, CPN, CDCES

I’m so happy and proud to share that I PASSED the CDCES EXAM!

While the effort and interest had to come from me, the support from Coach Beverly and her staff was CRUCIAL for my success. I prepared for a long time and it was worth it!

I strongly recommend her 1-yr Subscription and if you can go to in-person training, you are going to love it! 

Bev is kind, nice, funny, smart, and the way she explains complex terminology into easy-to-remember information is what made the difference for me.

Thank you so much, forever! I look forward to continue learning, and I am sure I will be well utilized as a new CDCES Spanish-speaking Dietitian! 

Sarimin Rivera, RDN,CD,CLE,CDCES

Thank you!  I really appreciate your support on this tasking journey. We all have our motivating stories that kept us burning the midnight oil daily. The best part is your sense of humor which rings the bell to keep moving on and it was so fun spending time learning with you is just the beginning!
Thanks, again we start afresh every such is a giving life!

Mercy Edziah, MS, RDN, CDCES

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to creating a fantastic program! I am pleased to announce that I successfully passed my CDCES exam this past Saturday. The DiabetesEd Specialist Deluxe Prep Bundle package was so helpful and really helped prepare me for the exam.

Hayley Perkins, RDN, CDCES

I am reaching out to say a big THANK YOU to Beverly and her team. I started studying for this exam back in December and took my exam this past Saturday…and PASSED!!!!! 

Before studying, I was so nervous about WHAT to study. I had bought The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education, which is going to be an amazing tool in my professional career, but it was overwhelming to think of studying that. I am so detail-oriented that if I had been studying that, I would probably still be on chapter 3. Haha! Beverly’s modules (I studied Levels 1-3) helped me to focus on the most important things. It broke things down into easy-to-understand concepts. The poll questions scattered throughout the lessons and the quizzes at the end of each module really helped me gain practice and CONFIDENCE. Beverly was also very encouraging, which helped to calm my nerves going into the exam.

I cannot thank you enough! 

Chrystal Frank, CDCES

Thank you Bev for your online courses and support! I am excited to say that I passed my exam. I know without a doubt the courses helped me to succeed. I initially felt overwhelmed and didn’t think I would be able to do it.  Taking the courses and listening to Beverly helped me to formulate a plan. She inspired me to keep going. I have a learning disability, but the way the information is presented, in multiple formats, and the ability to return to the information allowed me to learn at my own pace. Instead of telling myself, I couldn’t do it. I starting saying “how do you swallow an elephant? One bite at a time.” The way the material is offered, starting with level 1 allowed me to grasp the information and build on it. When I felt ready, I moved onto level 2 and then the boot camp. On the test day, I can’t say I knew I would pass, but I knew I was prepared. During the test, I tried to put all of Bev’s recommendations into practice.  I suffer from test anxiety but could hear Beverly’s voice, which helped me to calm down and choose the best answer. On test day, I forgot to eat breakfast and by the time the test was over, I felt hypoglycemic. My daughter found this to be really funny, that the DE was hypoglycemic.

I belong in that other category, meaning I’m not a nurse, pharmacist, or dietitian. I’m a physical therapist by profession. My passion is wound care which I’ve been able to practice for 30 years. The majority of my patients are diabetic and I’ve witnessed firsthand how this disease profoundly changes lives. Acquiring this certification has been a desire for a long time. The inspiration came following my first wound care patient who was diabetic with multiple comorbidities. As I watched his life change from the loss of digits, then limb, and ultimately loss of life, I was forever changed to do what I could to understand this disease. It inspired me to become a diabetic wound care specialist, but it felt like only one piece of the puzzle. I was humbled by the knowledge diabetic educators possessed and provided. Now I am both humbled and grateful that it includes me.

Again thank you Bev for helping me learn how to eat that elephant.

Sandra McKinney, PT, DWS, CDCES

I wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful program you produced. I did levels 1, 2, and 3 over the past few months in preparation for my exam, and I am proud to say that as of last week I am a CDCES!  Your courses were mainly what I used to study. I found them so helpful – well organized, comprehensive, and full of useful tidbits both about the exam and managing actual patients.

Thank you again for all of the content!  I felt so confident going into the exam and could hear your voice in my head.

Rebecca Pare, MS, WHNP-BC, CDCES

I just wanted to let you know I took the CDCES today and passed!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much for your countless hours of diabetes education. Your knowledge and courses helped me prepare for the exam and stay confident during it. Phew! So happy it’s over and so happy I put the time in so I can better support people with diabetes! 

Thank you Thank you!! 

Heather Frost-Malek, MS, RDN, CDCES

I want to thank you for the role that the 1-year subscription to your online university played in passing my CDCES exam this past October. Your webinars are both thorough and engaging. The webinars expanded on the knowledge that I had learned in my first year as a diabetes educator and filled in the gaps of my blind spots regarding exam content. Now in my third year as a diabetes educator, I am a much more well-rounded and versatile educator and care specialist because of your online university.

Tim Leech, RD, CDCES

I wanted to let you know that after using your Diabetes Ed Specialist Deluxe Prep Bundle, I passed the exam last month on the first try! I wouldn’t have known where to start without these resources and I plan to continue my growth and learning from you in the future.
Thank you so much for your help and direction! 🙂

Athena Cameranesi, RD, CDCES

I am notoriously a high anxiety test taker. I tend to overthink and over analyze answers. I do the thing they always tell you not to when taking exams, I change my answers last minute. I actually was hesitant to take the BC-ADM exam for this reason. However, due to the pandemic, I had some extra time to study and I became pregnant with my second son. So, I felt like it is was a now or never situation. 

I had heard of DiabetesEd program before when I was looking up resources to help study for the exam. I went ahead and bought the BC-ADM prep package that includes Level 2 through Level 4 education sessions, resources, and CE credits. I figured, if I don’t pass, at least I will have obtained a substantial amount of CE credit. 

In going through the sessions, I feel Beverly is a great presenter. She went more in-depth in topics compared to some other CE credits I have taken that just seem to skim the surface. I recommended a lot of the ones I took to my fellow CDCES friends. Many signed up for them. I did about 1 session every other day over 3 months. I felt the most beneficial one for me was Boot Camp 9 in Level 3 “The Big Finish”, which went over test questions. I felt her going through the questions and explaining how to narrow it down to the right answer, really helped in improving my test-taking skills. 

Finally, when it came down to the exam I felt more prepared than I have for other tests. There were a few questions on the exam that I forgot to study. However, it is mentioned in the BC-ADM study packet, so you’ll want to use all your resources. 

Once I passed, I was so excited! This is a major achievement on so many levels for me, and I am proud to now be apart of this elite group!

Peggy Boswell MPH, RD, LD, CDCES

I wanted to let you guys know I took my CDCES exam yesterday and passed! Thank you so much for all the advice and information! I feel accomplished!

AnneMarie Arzenti RN, BSN, CHPN, CDCES

I passed the BC-ADM exam. It’s for sure a brainstorming examination. But by Almighty’s grace and a lot of hard work I was successful. I want to thank the Diabetesed coach Beverley for her very informative in-depth study materials. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is contemplating taking this exam. The BC-ADM kit online course, CDCES Coach app, Pocket cards, Certified Diabetes Educator exam book, and other resources helped me to build a strong foundation before appearing for the exam. I and my friends were able to have virtual study sessions to share ideas and information. It’s definitely worth to
take this exam to render holistic well-rounded care for our patients with diabetes.

Susan George, APRN, DNP, FNP-C, BC-ADM

This past Saturday I passed the CDCES exam and couldn’t be happier!!! I took your fall boot camp series and studied hard while home caring for a 1-year-old and pregnant with my second! It was so hard (studying and the exam) but it was well worth it and paid off. I want to say a huge thanks, to you and the whole diabetes ed team, you made this information easy to understand and navigate. I felt truly prepared for the exam after completing your course and I can’t wait to take the knowledge I learned in your course and apply it in the field! 

Samantha Jahne, RN BSN CDCES

I want to say THANKS A MILLION for all the information you provided in your CDCES prep bundle!! Studying your webinars enabled me to pass the exam this past October 1! I use your teaching tips to help me in providing diabetes education and care to my patients on a daily basis!!   I cannot thank you enough!

Gayle Stewart, RN, MS, CDCES

I passed today! It was really a difficult test but thanks to Beverly’s courses and hours and hours of listening I passed. Definitely suggest Bev’s Boot Camps!

Cathy Davis, RD, CDCES

I recently took the CDCES exam and passed! Your Boot Camps and many other resources helped tremendously. Thank you for offering such amazing opportunities for learning.

Kim Crilly, RN, MS, CDCES

Thank you Coach Bev! I am a CDCES now!! I am an RD for over 23 years! Becoming a CDCES was personal to me as my parents have DM and it is now a global health issue! It was very hard to study on my own for the exam esp with the covid situation and going full time to work! The CDCES Prep Bundle with boot camp is the BEST program I have come across! Bev starts from basics to advanced! Her thorough knowledge and passion for the subject coupled with her excellent speaking skills make it the ideal bundle! When I was struggling she called me from across the map and patiently tried to teach me! I was completely shocked she did that!

Hats off to you Beverly and DES for promoting diabetes education and prevention!

Rama Rajagopalan, RD, CDCES

I passed my exam on Saturday!!! I am so excited! I wanted to thank Beverly for all of her help and support. All of her tips were so helpful. 
I really enjoyed this course and I will definitely recommend it! 

Kelsey, MS, RDN, CDCES

I wanted to thank you and your staff.  I passed the CDCES exam on Thursday!  Your boot camp was an integral part of my study plan. 

There was many questions on Type 1 diabetes and surprisingly several pump type questions. Most of them were easy to ascertain with your boot camp on pump technology. 

Sabrina Miles, RD, CDCES 

I wanted to let you know that I took my CDCES exam today and I passed!!! I want to thank you for your invaluable expertise and all of the practice questions!!! I couldn’t have done it without you! 

Keri Patterson, RDN, CDCES

I recently passed the CDCES exam with the help of Diabetes Boot Camp. The program was extremely helpful in assisting me in assessing what I needed to focus on and what I already knew. The most beneficial resources to me were the ADA standards of care and the Medication algorithms, along with the boot camp on chronic complications of DM. I can’t thank you enough for providing this content and look forward to helping people with diabetes improve their quality of life. 

Daisey Hardas, BSN, CDCES

Thank you Beverly for your support and help! You have created such an informative and well-organized program. I have learned so much from your level 1, 2 and boot camp. You kept it interesting and fun! I highly recommend it!

Alessia Nardocci, RD, CNSC, CDCES

I just wanted to take a minute and send you a note to say “Thank You!”  I took my CDCES certification exam on August 17th and I passed.  I decided to become a CDCES about 3 years ago and I found your online courses.  Your classes helped me begin to understand the practice of diabetes education.  I loved your enthusiasm and person-centered approach and  I began applying things I learned from you to my own practice.  A couple of weeks before the exam, I took your boot camp class.  I listened to the classes over and over and I read the Standards of Care until I knew them by heart.  I was so nervous when I took the exam, but I heard your calming voice in my head.  I was able to recognize “juicy answers” and I stood up to stretch every 25 questions. 

I had hoped to come to your in-person event earlier this year, but COVID changed that.  I will continue to enjoy your newsletters and I use many of your resources.  The providers I work with love your medication pocket cards.  Thank you again for the valuable services you provide. 

Caring for people with diabetes is an amazing job, one that I feel blessed to do.  I appreciate you helping me in my journey to become a CDCES.

Beth Patten, MS, RN, CDCES

“Beverly’s boot camp provided all the updated ADA standard information and tools necessary to prepare me for CDCES exam. The information shared in the camp was easy to understand and practical. I loved the way she applies real-life situations to help articulate the information. Beverly Thomassian has the spirit of a teacher and the heart of a saint. Always doing the best for the people with diabetes and the diabetic care industry. She truly helps people be the best versions of themselves! Thank you for all that you do!”

Rochelle Anzaldo, RDN, CDCES

“Thank you, Coach Bev!  Your Level 3 Bootcamp course was so helpful in preparing me to successfully pass the CDCES Exam.  Your instructional method and test-taking strategies provided me with the tools needed to assess what areas I needed to focus on the most.  I have several of the resources in my office to refer to when working with my clients to support their self-management skills.”


“I took the test today and passed. Thank you for your class and your amazing team. Your material was incredibly helpful. I am also working as NP for an endocrinologist already, I am coming full circle with my role as an educator and as a provider in taking care of our clients with diabetes.”

Eligio David Soliman Jr, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, CDCES, CMSRN, ONC

“You have helped me for the last 3 months to prep for the CDCES exam. Today I passed on my first try. Thank you for all of your help!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!! You are awesome!”

Maria Kennedy, MPH, RD, LDN

“Just wanted to let you know I took my exam today and passed with flying colors!

I got 91%!!! Thanks so much for all your help, your Boot Camps, practice exams, medication cards, & other resources were very helpful. 

I had challenges getting to the testing center, the computer I was using quit working on question 42, & I had to wear a mask the whole time, but I remembered your encouraging words, took deep breaths, did my wonder woman pose & powered through!”

Chris, CDCES

“I passed my exam today!!! I did your Online Prep Bundle with AADE review guide, even watched many of your recorded webinars more than once!

Wanted to thank you and let you know you’re a great teacher and very easy to listen to. Appreciate your website and all of the resources you offer!”

Shannon Nelson, CDCES

“I passed my CDE exam this past Saturday, and honestly, it was because of your course materials. I am so, so thankful that you do what you do. You are so good at your job. I couldn’t have done it without your review course. I truly mean it when I say, THANK YOU. It has been a ride, but since I started your course in October, it provided me with the tools that I needed for success. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”

Neda Kashanian, RD, CSP, CDCES

“I was on maternity leave when this winter series took place and wondered where on my dashboard the recordings can be found. I just logged in and only saw the completed courses from last fall in preparation for my CDE exam (which I passed! At 32 weeks pregnant… don’t recommend it but it was better than my original plan of studying on my maternity leave SMH).

Thank you for allowing past participants to stay up with the latest training. It was a pleasant surprise to get the calendar invite. “

Erica Lewis, CDCES

“I passed the exam last Saturday!! I am so thankful for Beverly and her team always available to help me when I had questions ! Beverly you are truly amazing at what you do I’m forever grateful for your amazing courses!”

Rebecca Richard M.S, RDN, CDECS

“After getting laid off as Clinical Manager, I realized I wanted to go back to working with Diabetics as I had done for years. Helping people living with diabetes to regain their health is rewarding and challenging. But passing the CDCES? I hadn’t taken a large test since my internship more than 2 decades ago! (Yes I’m aging myself!) My friend recommended Coach Beverly’s Boot Camp and Beverly became my companion and motivational coach for four months. The good news is I passed on the first try…. the bad news I miss the sound of her voice every day!  I can’t wait to work with diabetics and take my knowledge to my community.

Thank you, Coach Beverly- you’re an inspiration, and your program was so informative!”

Sheri Weitz, RDN, CDCES

” I passed my CDCES exam! I have never felt more confident and prepared going into an exam than I did after studying the content from Beverly’s Boot Camp series.  The resources provided were so helpful and the material was taught in an interesting way!  I have learned so much not only to help me pass my exam but to improve the lives of my clients.  I will be recommending your education services to many colleagues!  Thank you!”

Mary Condon, RDN, LDN, CDCES

“I was so thankful to have these resources to prep for my CDCES exam. I passed on the first try! I found the prep so overwhelming, that I honestly did not know where to start. Beverly’s program maps out a clear study path, and provides excellent resources.  For me, having the audio and visual presentations were key to helping me remember the information. Beverly has an excellent teaching style, and an encouraging spirit. Her sample questions were so similar to the actual test questions.  I highly recommend this program and have suggested it to several of my peers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beverly!”

Laura Maynard, RN, BSN, CDCES

” Your dedication to helping all those pursuing success in the Certified Diabetes Examination showed through. I read many reviews and felt confident that taking the Boot Camp was the right step to be successful. I watched all the videos and attended the live webinars. Beverly was a positive role model in her presentations and I felt motivated to continue onward. The resources provided each week were greatly appreciated and will be utilized in my career. The information I obtained from the Boot Camp was instrumental in my success in passing the exam the end of August. The exam was hard but I am grateful for the support. Thank you Beverly and the Diabetes Education Services team!”

Deborah Flaherty, MSN, APN-C, CNE, CDCES

“Here is my success story. More than 100 million adults are living with diabetes. These statistics hit close to home as my father, sister and nieces are a few of the people I love that have battled with this dreadful disease. I have seen what it takes to manage diabetes: meal planning, carbohydrate counting weight management as well as taking medication must become a way of life. Seeing how diabetes has taken a toll on my friends, family, and patients.  This inspired me to become a certified diabetic educator.  I feel if I can make a difference in someone’s life in helping them manage their diabetes, I am making a much-needed impact in the world. “

Monique Jackson, MSN, CFNP, WHNP, CDCES

“Beverly, just wanted to let you know that your voice in the last 7 months or so has been all over the world, as I travel for business and took some time to go on vacation with my family your lectures on my phone or iPad travel with me thousands miles away from home. Your voice stayed with me during a difficult 4 hours test that I am happy to say I PASSED. I purchased a year of study and just today I was listening to a new recorded series on insulin pumps, but now I can listen and not worry about the exam, I just got so used to listening and taking notes, that I didn’t feel like giving it up. All the information that you provided is so valuable. I am glad that I passed otherwise I was about to book tickets and fly to lively San Diego for a live class that you provide. I highly recommend purchasing the one year bundle and book, I got a newest 5th edition. Many thanks to Taryn for all your help. Many Many thanks to Beverly too for all you do!!!!!”

Oksana Yakoff, CDCES

I had been thinking about taking the CDCES exam for several years, but it always seemed very overwhelming. Then a coworker told me about her success with Beverly’s program, and as soon as I went through the first webinar I knew I’d be set up for success too. The combination of webinars and printable note-taking slides was perfect for my style of learning. I really enjoyed how Beverly so concisely presented information, and also interjected her real-life experiences to bring each topic full circle. I used her program as my exclusive study source, and it worked so well for me. It’s only been one month since I passed my CDCES exam and I’ve already recommended Beverly’s program to three CDCES hopefuls! I’m so grateful I found such an invaluable resource for my CDCES studying and for furthering my professional practice.

Melissa Thurnhofer, CDCES

“The Diabetes Education Services Boot Camp 3 was so helpful in preparing me for the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist exam!  Beverly did such a wonderful job explaining things and encouraging the learning process.  Beverly’s staff was helpful at answering questions via email.  I felt very supported by the Diabetes Education Services as I prepared for the exam.  I will definitely be back to use these classes for my continuing education needs.  Thank you, Beverly and staff, for all your help!”

Kim Yadon, CDCES

“Beverly has an amazing gift for teaching. I was so glad to have found her website after googling materials for the CDCES exam. There was so much about diabetes that I did not know!!! Her courses are fun and comprehensive in the continuum of diabetes care. After waiting since the beginning of my college career to take the CDCES exam, I finally passed!!! I will continue to watch Beverly’s webinars for CEUs and for the BC-ADM!”

Ciara Manning- MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

“I passed my CDCES exam last week and would not have been able to do so without Beverly’s coursework, resources, and guidance! There is so much information to review for the exam and it can feel overwhelming but Beverly has a way of making the information digestible and easy to learn. Her podcasts were great to listen to in the car and on my runs. I highly recommend the 3 level boot camp to help you prepare for the exam.  Thank you, Beverly and Anne!”

Gretchen Zimmermann RD, CNSC, CDCES, CLT

“Beverly’s passion for helping others reach their goals is evident in everything that she does. I heard her speak several years ago at a diabetes education conference. Then I came across one of her webinars on YouTube while studying for the CDCES exam. Her easy to understand, direct guidance was crucial to my passing the exam. I particularly enjoyed her pocket guides and reasonably priced exam questions. Thanks, Beverly!”

Nova Elwood, RD LD CDCES

“Previously, I missed passing the CDCES exam three times by three points. I’d ordered numerous CDCES practice exams from Momentics. As a result, I was extremely disappointed and discouraged. After discussing my situation with my pastor I prayed about my unsuccessful attempts in passing the CDCES exam and I decided to do google courses to take to help one pass the CDCES exam. Thank God, that’s how I came across your program, Beverly. I ordered the CDCES bundle package. Reading the information and listening to or actively participating in your Podcast is what help me leap over this hurdle and finely pass my CDCES exam on Dec 15, 2018. You are an excellent teacher. I learned so much. I will pass it on to my colleagues that if they want to pass their CDCES exam they need to purchase and take your CDCES bundle package. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” –

Mary Miller CDCES

“I passed my CDCES exam today, and 1.5 years after passing my BC-ADM exam with the help of Diabetes Education Services as well as the ADA Standards of Care! I always listened to the podcasts when driving to my outreach sites as the Diabetes Education Services app is very user-friendly! Thank you, Beverly and the Diabetes Education Services Team!”

Julie Levy, M.Ed., RD, LMNT, BC-ADM, CDCES 

“I’m so excited to have finally passed the CDCES exam after spending so much time preparing. I would have been lost without Beverly’s lectures and study material, so thank you so much! I found the lectures to be very helpful in explaining concepts and relating them to real life. I had a 1.5-hour drive to the testing center and listening to the podcasts on the way down at the last minute was especially helpful, as some of the information I heard during the ride was on the test! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into helping us succeed.”

Anna Herby, MS, RD, CDCES

“Many thanks to Beverly and her team. I passed the exam on the first try-one and done! The materials in the CDCES prep bundle were well laid out, easy to follow and up to date. They were an excellent resource to prepare for the exam. I have directed all my colleagues preparing for the exam to get the materials. Thanks again!”

Anita Conner, MPH, RDN, CDCES

“I cannot say enough great things about the CDCES prep courses from Diabetes Ed Services. Beverly made the topics interesting and relatable. Her kindness and compassion for her patients are so evident and she has definitely been a role model for how best to work with those living with diabetes. The CDCES prep bundle and accompanying resources were all I used to study for the CDCES exam (which I passed on my first try). Thank you so much to Beverly and her team!” –

Dana Artinyan, RD, CDCES

“I am a registered dietitian in Greenville, North Carolina. I have been wanting to become a CDCES for years now, especially after working 5 years inpatient. I am now in a wellness nutrition clinic teaching the DSMES healthy eating classes. I obtained my hours to sit for the exam but was so nervous as I have never been great at test-taking. I always made good grades, but test anxiety would get the best of me. I found out in my older years that I am an audio learner. A CDCES friend of mine directed me to Beverly’s website and boot camp options. The podcasts were my saving grace. I listened to them on my morning and evening, hour commute. Studied medication pocket cards and the resources listed under the boot camp slides like the HTN/HLD medication handouts. I passed the exam on, Friday, October 19th, 2018. The way the material is presented in the boot camp was so helpful with answering these tough worded questions and scenarios. The practice exams, quizzes, and questions of the week were also a huge help. I don’t think I could have passed it without this program. Keep doing the good work and helping people like myself, so that we can help others!”

Gwyn Thompson RDN, LDN, CDCES

“I just passed my CDCES and I am so so grateful to you for helping guide me through this exciting (nerve-wracking) process! Beverly, you are an exceptional guiding light. I hear your voice in my head all day. Thank you for your invaluable wisdom and boot camp!! So happy, so blessed to have found you.”

Misti Gueron MS, RDN, CDCES

“I went into the test feeling great! Listening to Coach Bev on the webinars was delightful. She explains everything so well with real-life examples that just make sense and really helps you relate. From the first webinar, I was hooked. I would highly recommend her webinars. Thanks for helping me pass the CDCES exam. On the day of my exam, I felt prepared and confident. I would also like to add I am considered a type 1. I always tell my patients “I’m not only talking the talk, I’m walking the walk right alongside you” and now I can add that I’m also a Certified Diabetic Educator.. so very elated to have this certificate. This one is personal! I feel privileged to have it! It was not an easy exam but I kept remembering little tips that Coach Beverly said and it worked. I seriously did the superwoman pose about four times during the exam too! Thank you!!”

Maria Villafane, CDCES

“Beverly – I PASSED! I even got an A!  I can unequivocally and most emphatically say that your course was the most helpful and was the most thorough in preparing me for this exam. Your vast experience and encouraging teaching style helped me not only pass the test but to be a better educator. I am so proud to call you a colleague! I can’t tell you how excited I was after watching my first webinar in the Deluxe Bundle!  The way you organized them into categories like “squirters” and “satiators” really did it for me. You are a gifted teacher and I am grateful for your courses. I have already recommended them to several people.Thank you, and keep up the excellent work.”

Caryn, RN, CDCES

“After being unsuccessful, I took a step back and purchased the CDCES Boot Camp. While I gained more knowledge, something was still missing. I reached out to Beverly not thinking she would have time for little ole me. However, she did and arranged a time for us to have a 1 on 1. Beverly told me she knew without a doubt there wasn’t a concern if I knew the material but I needed to master answering the questions. As I sat at the computer taking my exam, I could hear Bev on my shoulder as I answered each question. Once the exam was over, I walked out knowing I passed. Sure enough, I saw the golden letters PASS!”

“When I first set out to take the CDCES exam I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content I needed to learn. I used all of the Level 1, 2, and 3 courses as my main method of reviewing information. The courses consolidated all of the information really well and helped me make the most out of my study time. I am an auditory and hands-on learner so the webinars plus quizzes were extremely helpful to me. Beverly made the learning fun, easy and applicable! It’s clear that she has a genuine passion for diabetes education. These courses are an absolute must-have for anyone looking to take the CDCES Exam. Not only did they effectively help me prepare for the exam, but they have also helped me become a better educator.”

Kacey Conyers, MS, RD, LD, CDCES

“Anyone, and I mean…ANYONE, that is interested in taking the CDCES exam or simply becoming well versed in diabetes management — should take Beverly Thomassian’s courses. These tools along with various additional resources prepared me wonderfully to sit for the examination. I was not confident that I would pass (why? I DO NOT KNOW), yet I did – with an excellent score!  Beverly is the real deal and down-to-earth. Becoming a CDCES requires a large wealth of information, and she consolidates the main themes wonderfully. I appreciate that I even got a personal email from her, congratulating my success. What company owner and well-read instructor does that? Only someone who is one of a kind. Dear reader, you may be feeling the same way that I felt initially; please hear me when I say: “Utilize Diabetes Education Services!”

A. Fortenberry, RD, CDCES

“Becoming a CDCES has been a dream since my days in undergraduate. After becoming a Registered Dietitian I began to count down the days and hours needed to become eligible to sit for the CDCES exam. Taking the online diabetes course helped me to focus on my weaknesses and helped me gain the confidence to succeed in the exam. To prepare for the exam I used the Level 3- CDCES Boot Camp as my main study tool and supplemented courses from Level 2- Beyond Fundamentals to fill in a few knowledge gaps.  I would listen to each presentation over and over to the point that my wife felt she was studying also! I highly recommend this program to any looking to become a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. Thank you, Beverly and the entire Diabetes Education Services team!”

Corey Colson, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

“I purchased your online courses to prepare for my CDCES. Thanks to you I passed!!!! Initially, I was studying by reading my AADE books and practicing test-taking skills every night. I even took a 2-3 month online [course name omitted] (don’t think that helped much). My friend referred me to your website early on but I contemplated using your courses. Your CDCES courses had the greatest impact on my studying. After the first course I was hooked; Beverly’s presentations were engaging, super stimulating but most importantly she made sense.Your sessions put what I read into perspective. I spent the first few months reading the AADE Art & Science of DSM Book, primarily because I was new to diabetes. I just think that your classes helped me put it all together. I often referred back to the book when I didn’t understand a topic and continue to do so. I know in my heart I would have NEVER passed without your courses. Thank you!!!! Please continue to teach because I want to teach just like you one day. You are my mentor.”

Thanks, Blanca

“When first looking into the possibility of becoming a CDCES, I was pretty overwhelmed with the vast amount of material that the CDCES test covers. However, I had the opportunity to purchase a package of webinars as well as attend the training in Carmel, CA. I could tell right away that Bev and her team had a passion for Diabetes Education that was totally different than AADE’s trainings or webinars. All of the information they presented made the knowledge stick in a personal way. It also gave me new inspiration for working with patients with Diabetes and supporting their journey. 2 months after the Carmel training, I’m a CDCES and loving my work with Diabetes!”

Dylan Jones M.S. RDN, LD, CES, CDCES

Thank YOU, Beverly. Although I’ve been a college nutrition-science instructor for the past few years, I just gave my first Diabetes 101 lecture to our rural local community.I purchased your Level 2 package to help me study for the CDCES exam and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. It has really helped me – especially the medication lecture.You are a gem and now I think a little bit of your sparkle has rubbed off on me – I received a round of applause after my lecture… so now I am glowing, too. 🙂

Krista, MS, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)

“In preparation for the CDCES, I signed up for the CDCES Prep Bundle Level 1,2,3. I also purchased a very large book: The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management. While probably a great resource for Diabetic Educators, I found it to be way to large and overwhelming as a study resource.  I found the  CDCES prep bundle to be clear and concise. I prefer audio learning and found it great that I could listen ” on the go.” I studied in my car, in the dentist’s waiting room, while cleaning the house, etc. I listened to the entire series and found that each and every lecture offered something of importance. On exam day, to my great surprise, there were about 5 questions I had already done during the online practice tests.  Additionally, I really liked Beverly’s teaching style. She seems so genuine and I just have the feeling that she is a very kind person. Thank You!!”

Jennifer Becker PA-C, CDCES, and Person w/Type 1 Diabetes

“I passed my CDCES exam, what an amazing feeling! A huge thank you to Beverly and her team. I highly recommend Beverly’s CDCES Prep Bundle levels 1, 2, and 3 fundamentals course. Beverly is absolutely amazing. She not only made learning fun, easy to understand, and extremely informative. Her PowerPoints are to the point, easy to follow, and I loved her enthusiasm on the podcasts and in person. She provides so many great resources and tips along the way, in which I use in my own practice today! I had the pleasure of attending the diabetes educator course conference in San Diego and absolutely loved it.  Beverly is such a role model for all future diabetes educators with her extensive expertise, passion, and love for this community. Thank you, Beverly and team, for supporting me through this journey!”

Crystal Orozco, RDN, CDCES

“Thank you doesn’t feel like enough to tell Beverly how much I appreciate her educational sessions. I had previously taken the CDCES exam three times and failed by two or three points. After purchasing her  CDCES prep bundle, I took a month to study using her webinars/sessions. I took my fourth test on 02/07/2018 and passed!!! I know I wouldn’t have been able to pass on my own.  The CDCES exam is harder than the NCLEX!! Beverly doesn’t just give you the technical and practical information needed to be an educator, she teaches you how to look beyond the medication and formulas and see the patient as a person. The material covered in her sessions is thorough and up to date.  The educational sessions, boot camps, and the CDCES app make passing a sure bet. But more importantly, Beverly’s passion concerning Diabetes Education spills over and makes one a better educator. I wish I would have begun studying with her when I first started on my diabetes education journey in 2015. Both I and my patients have gained so much from her lessons. Again I can’t thank her enough and recommend everyone preparing to take the exam should study with Bev!!!”

Michelle L. White BSN, RN, CDCES!!! 

“After previously taking the exam and missing it by 2 points, I took some time off before getting back into studying. Fast forward to the fall of 2016, I attended a live, 3-day seminar to jump-start my preparation. While very intense and informative, I was left feeling overwhelmed and lacking the confidence I needed afterward. In the spring of 2017, I found out about Diabetes Education Services and the “CDCES Coach” app through a coworker. Reluctantly, I checked it out and signed up for the level 1 and 2 boot camp series. This was just what I needed to rebuild my motivation, confidence, and knowledge in all aspects of CDCES prep. The live and recorded webinars and practice tests were all there to use on my own time, as life allowed. With two toddlers at home and a baby the way, (and a fulltime job), this speaks volumes. Whether you listen to a webinar on the computer at lunch, on the Ipad after the kids are in bed, or flip through tables in the app or screenshots of areas you struggle with during your walk on the treadmill, this program is beyond helpful. I even printed and laminated the *free* medication cards and carried them with me everywhere. There is no doubt that Beverly’s coaching and the entire Diabetes Education Services program played a role in helping me pass the exam this time around!”

Hayley Mayo, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES

“Beverly Thomassian is an excellent instructor. In-person seminars are available, but I used the online courses to prep for the CDCES exam Dec 2012 and they were fun and informative….and helped me pass the exam!” 

Tamara, RN, CDCES, Certified Massage Therapist

“I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since July 2014. I completed the Coordinated Program in dietetics at the University of Missouri – Columbia. I have worked as an outpatient dietitian since May 2014 and set the goal to become a CDCES by the end of 2017.  Beverly’s CDCES Boot Camp came recommended to me by another CDCES at the clinic where I work. The different boot camp lectures, practice exams, and medication flashcards made me feel as prepared as possible when it came time to sit for the exam. Finally, in December 2017, I achieved my goal of becoming a CDCES. I have now recommended this program to other dietitians with the goal of becoming a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.”

Brenna Webster, RDN, LDN, CDCES

“There are many web sites out there selling CDCES preparatory materials.  They all seem to boast and advertise theirs as the most extensive and best study guide materials “you” should buy as a means to raise your exam score.  After having used some of those materials, I realized that they were lacking in-depth and real preparation for the CDCES examination. Upon coming to that realization, I purchased the 4-level series of On-line University from Diabetes Education Services; I discovered what the other study guide materials lacked – a complete explanation of the entire knowledge-based training necessary for thorough preparation for the CDCES examination. By studying the courses offered through Diabetes Education Services, I was fully prepared and did pass the CDCES examination.  Beverly’s courses offered an in-depth and comprehensive review and explanation of the ADA Standards of Care.   Beverly is an excellent teacher and has put together a great evidence-based training series for the person studying for the CDCES examination.  I would highly recommend the 4-level series from Diabetes Education  Service, as a way for thorough preparation for the CDCES examination,  I really appreciate the fact that I have on-line access to the lessons for a year.”

Ernie Church, CDCES

“I attended Beverly’s conference and was blown away by the care and expertise she puts into this creative business of hers. She is a diabetes nurse because she truly cares for the patient – she advocates for them and translates to us how to best care for them as well. I was super inspired. As far as the exam, Beverly highlights what might be on it during her talks (because no one can really say). Not only is Beverly intelligent, highly experienced and caring, she is also hilarious and a real person. She doesn’t put up any fronts, and I just have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Fast forward, I passed my exam and am now practicing, and I know I’ve greatly improved how I work because of her. I can’t say enough good things.”

Hanna Rifkin, CDCES

“Thank you Bev! You are so amazing to share your time, expertise, and awesome self through your Online University. Before I discovered your website I felt lost and unsure where to begin my diabetes educator journey.  Your webinars are engaging and informative. Throughout the exam, and now in everyday practice, I hear your voice reminding me of recommendations, standards, and professional ways to handle every diabetes situation.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  A million thanks!

P.S.  Meeting you in person was incredible – you are even more wonderful in real life!”

Melissa Anderson, RDN, CDCES

“Thank you to Beverly and her dedicated staff for providing an effective and efficient means to prepare for the CDCES exam! After 7 months of studying using the CDCES Coach App, online University prep courses and sample tests provided I passed the CDCES exam. There are other study options and apps available, however, this website and app are most comprehensive, streamlined and personalized. I am grateful for all the effort behind this organization which helped me pass the exam and, has given me tools and information for being better at my work in diabetes education.”

Suzy Stockmann, RD, CDCES

“Thank you, Beverly and team, for making my preparation to pass the CDCES exam a smooth, pleasant, and rewarding process! Not only it was a great review for some of the areas that I felt confident with, but it was also an excellent learning platform for so much more! I am thrilled to be officially a CDCES!”

Xenia Averkiou, MS, RD, CD, CDCES

“After previously taking the exam and missing it by 2 points, I took some time off before getting back into studying.  Fast forward to the fall of 2016, I attended a live, 3-day seminar to jump-start my preparation.  While very intense and informative, I was left feeling overwhelmed and lacking the confidence I needed afterward.  In the spring of 2017, I found out about Diabetes Education Services and the “CDCES Coach” app through a coworker.  Reluctantly, I checked it out and signed up for the level 1 and 2 boot camp series.  This was just what I needed to rebuild my motivation, confidence, and knowledge in all aspects of CDCES prep.  The live and recorded webinars and practice tests were all there to use on my own time, as life allowed.  With two toddlers at home and a baby the way, (and a fulltime job), this speaks volumes.  Whether you listen to a webinar on the computer at lunch, on the Ipad after the kids are in bed, or flip through tables in the app or screenshots of areas you struggle with during your walk on the treadmill, this program is beyond helpful.  I even printed and laminated the *free* medication cards and carried them with me everywhere.  There is no doubt that Beverly’s coaching and the entire Diabetes Education Services program played a role in helping me pass the exam this time around!”

Hayley Mayo, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES

“After some struggle with the exam, Beverly took the time to review with me some key points to help pass the CDCES exam. Her Boot Camp courses are very well organized and having those pocket cards to study went a long way. I had the pleasure of talking to Beverly and with her guidance, I was able to pinpoint the mistakes I was doing and pass. Also, focusing on the first 3 chapters of “The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference,” as suggested by Beverly, was paramount in my success. The last thing, Beverly praised me for not giving up, and that went a long way. I would not have done it without you. Thank you, Beverly.”

Gregorio Rodriguez MSN, RN, CDCES

“I had the privilege of enjoying the Deluxe boot camp series with 31 webcasts and various resources. I am very busy and did not have time to read that enormous book to its entirety. Listening to Beverly’s webcasts on my drives to and from work became my routine. I also enjoyed the CDE® mobile app to review algorithms and the standards of care while in waiting rooms, on lunch break or being tied up by a train. Diabetes really hits home for me. My family, friends and community are no stranger to this disease and the potential complications. It is important to me to keep up with current research and practice. I had 3 short months to prepare for the exam and passed on my first try! I feel confident in my position and stronger as an educator.  I appreciate your time and effort dedicated to helping other educators succeed.”

Camilla Barajas RN, BSN, CDCES

“My goal was to take (and pass) the CDCES exam before I have my second child.  I wasn’t sure exactly where to start studying and then I found Beverly and her team!!  I purchased the Level 2 Beyond Fundamentals courses and took advantage of the MANY resources and tips she has on her website including the 10 steps to succeed at the CDCES exam.  I received a medication and oral pocket card in the mail which was so helpful for studying and I also carry it around with me at work just in case I need to reference it.  I listened to the Level 2 programs at least 2 times each because the app makes it so easy to listen anytime (cooking dinner, cleaning the dishwasher, etc!).  The way Beverly presents the information in her webcasts is so easy to understand and retain that it made it very easy for me to study and learn.  I am proud to say I met my goal of taking and passing the exam with only 6 weeks to go until I deliver my 2nd child.  Thank you so much to Beverly and her team for sharing their knowledge and passion for diabetes education with the rest of us!!  I really do not think I would have had as much success without them!!!”

Allison Johnson, RD, LD, CDCES

“Thanks so much to Beverly and her team for helping me to succeed on the CDCES exam!  I had a baby 10 months ago and wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to manage working, studying, and being a new mom.  Beverly’s program helped me streamline my studies, including coming up with a plan for focusing on the most important information.  Bev’s passion, knowledge, and excitement for the world of diabetes education is so evident in her teaching approach.  She presented the information in an easy to understand manner.  I loved all the poll questions and practice exams, which stimulated test day, and really helped me succeed.  Thanks so much for helping me to become a CDCES!”

Christina Heiberg, RD, CDCES

“OMG!!! I am SO happy and grateful and honored to be able to write this note to you today and to be able to say these words! This morning I went in and took the CDCES exam in Hayward and I passed! It is so emotional! Tears flowing. THANK YOU!  Thank you for everything you do to make the world of becoming a CDCES a friendlier and attainable place Beverly! I listened to you for the past few months non-stop, my brain was overflowing full when I walked into that room today— most helpful was the repetition and your calm, engaging, compassionate voice. I stood up in the Wonder Woman pose about halfway through the test- I calmed my breathing- I looked for the BEST answer and basically just felt as ready as I could be.  All of those hours paid off.
Your courses are absolutely amazing!  Even more important (probably)- I learned SO much- I feel ready and set to use these skills to help people, more poised than ever before.
Thank you for being there and creating this platform! Anyone who follows this program can do it – it gives you tools, skills, confidence and underneath it all, I knew it would be ok even if I didn’t pass the first time- I knew I had learned so much more and would be able to do more, and I would have persevered- it gave me that, maybe strength.  I will always be grateful to all of you!! 
P.S. I also took Beverly’s advice to envision myself succeeding and created a vision board and in the center it had that title. So, yes, you played an incredible role in my passing the exam- so appreciative.”

Erika Deshmukh, MS, RD, CDCES

“I passed my exam!! These courses were so valuable in not just passing but also learning so much about diabetes care. After taking the courses offered through the bundle, I felt more confident as a provider. The topics were extremely relevant to the needs of my patients, and I am thrilled to share this information with patients and other colleagues. Thank you so much!”

Wendy Lopez MS, RD, CDCES

“I would like to thank Beverly for all of her guidance and expert advice with preparing me for the CDCES exam. I loved her approach and her tips for success were key to my success. I will recommend your programs, tips, website and CDE® Coach App to my peers. Again, thank you for your knowledge and support!”

Erika Rosettie CDCES

“Thank you for your amazing Boot Camp Series!  It was a true catalyst to successfully passing the CDCES Exam!! What a great feeling to get that piece of paper saying “You have Passed this examination.”  I celebrated with a plate of pasta, bread and a glass (ok 2 glasses) of wine. I didn’t count the carbs or the calories!!! Thank you again for an amazing experience and your wealth of knowledge!”

Heather Crimmins-FraserMS, RD, CDCES

“I wanted to let you know I passed my CDCES exam with an 83% today! I cannot thank you enough for the webcasts you have available. I commute 180 miles every day for work, and I was able to use that windshield time as STUDY TIME thanks to your webcasts. I learned so much about diabetes care and various counseling approaches.
Beverly, the tone you set for your patient interactions has carried over into my own personal counseling. I am noticing a connection with my patients I never had before. Thank you so much for helping me obtain my credentials, but more importantly, to become a more effective educator.”

Kalyn Cryer RD, CDCES

“Thank you for the great work you do! I am so excited to have passed my CDCES exam!  It was a very hard exam, and all the online classes from Bev and all the resources you provided were the key to my success. Thank you again for all the great work you do!”

Julie Aubin BSN, CCM, CDCES

“Beverly’s CDCES Bootcamp is by far the best investment I made in preparing for the CDCES exam. It is very thorough and her calm approach in teaching the material helped immensely with my anxiety about taking the exam.”

Tonya Ashrafi MA, RD, LDN, CDCES

“I just wanted to let you know that I think your courses are the best! I utilized several to prepare for my CDCES exam and I found the information to be just what I needed to fill in the blanks in my knowledge. I am happy to report that I was just notified today that I have passed the 2014 Spring CDCES exam!! I will continue to utilize your webinars for CEs and increasing my knowledge base.”

Judith, BSN, RN, CDCES

“Thank you, Beverly, Susan, and Diabetes Education Services! I wouldn’t have passed the CDCES exam without your guidance and support. The live seminar allowed me to dive right in, focus, stay accountable to my studies, and to ask questions from you and my surrounding experts. The online classes also helped me review and pinpoint my weak areas. It was a challenging test but I passed with your support. Thank you!”

Ginger Cochran, CDCES

“Diabetes Education Services is an amazing resource, I honestly couldn’t have passed the CDCES exam without this program!  Beverly is so knowledgeable and her webinars are so engaging, I really enjoyed all of them.  I have learned so much and will continue to utilize your service for ongoing knowledge and keeping up with ongoing changes/updates in the standards of care.  Thank you all so much!!”

Stephenie Lords – RD, LD, CDCES

“This is a dream come true. I PASSED!!! This is a dream come true.  I am currently the ONLY Latina and trilingual CDCES in my area.  Honestly, I believe I am the only Latina CDCES in the Capital Region of NY.  Thank you for your help during the Boot Camp series.”

Tatiana Alcantara CDCES

“Thank you, Beverly, Susan and Diabetes Education Services for helping me maintain my CDCES credential. I was concerned about passing the exam since I haven’t been working on diabetes and there is so much material to learn, memorize and apply.  The CDCES Bootcamp webinar series along with the Level 2 series was great at helping me focus and pass the exam!  Thanks Again!”

Beth L. Sponseller MS, RDN, CFT, CDCES

Hi Beverly, I took your bundle course last year to help prepare me for spring 2014 (May/June) CDCES exam and I found out yesterday I passed!! I love how you simplify everything and just wanted to say thank you for all you do.


“I am so proud to add CDCES to my credentials! I learned an incredible amount of information to pass the exam and it has been rewarding to put my knowledge into practice. I couldn’t have done it without the Boot Camp!”

Laura Andromalos MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

“All the studying gave me confidence!
Passed my CDCES on October 27th.  I was probably over-prepared, but I appreciate that all the studying gave me confidence as an educator.  Thank you Beverly, for your program that helped me prepare.”

Marcine Kowpak RN, MSN, CDCES

“Classes are inspiring! I took the CDCES Exam in December 2016. Here is my selfie in the parking garage in SF just after passing. I loved that you get instant results.  Beverly’s classes both in-person and on-line are inspiring. That is what kept me focused and confident. (I did the Wonder Woman pose before clicking start on the exam and about halfway through). Maybe that helped too.”

Julie Lester RN, CDCES

“Hi Beverly, I know we haven’t met but sure feels like it to me. I can still hear your voice in my head after going through the entire on-line CDCES prep course bundle, more than once in certain cases. The reason I am writing though is to thank you for providing such a great review and study tool. Although I did read the entire DSME Desk reference prior to signing up for your online classes, I still found your review immensely healthful in getting me ready for the CDCES exam and giving me the confidence I needed. The even better news is that I took the exam a few days ago and I passed it. How great is that! I feel that I owe my success partly to you and so, share the good news and congratulate you on a job well done! I wouldn’t have done it without you.”

Thank you – Spiros

“I passed! I passed! Thank you, Beverly and Susan, for having such a wonderful program available! Beverly, I appreciate your passion and teaching style. I took multiple study courses from you and felt super confident sitting down to take the exam. I am so glad it’s over with and now I can relax and enjoy the Holidays!!”

Tess Warwick MS, RDN, CDCES

“Thank you for the excellent resources that diabetes education services provided to help me pass the CDCES exam this fall.  I am including this picture of me with one of my daughters because they listened to your webinars and podcasts and learned about diabetes too!  The podcasts were such a great resource because I could listen and learn while I was walking the dog, running errands, or waiting at swim team practice.  Thank you for providing many scenarios and real patient stories.  This helped the material come to life and enhanced my understanding. Thank you so much!”

Jill Trotman CDCES

Thank you thank you!!! I just got my passing score on the CDCES exam! last year I purchased other study guides and flashcards and failed the exam, twice. A coworker who knew my struggle stumbled upon your website and showed me. After logging in and purchasing a few of your online courses, my excitement grew once again and I started to feel like maybe I actually could succeed. I became excited and logged daily to soak up information. Your teaching style was perfect for me. And I am addicted to your resources tab, where great articles and books can be found. It decided to retake the test and got my PASS today!!! So thank you!! I will recommend your course prep review anytime!!


“As of November 1st, I became a CDCES!!! I’m so thrilled to share that news with you!  I was not able to attend your workshops in person but found your online classes more than helpful.  When I would review information I learned from your classes with my colleagues, there were times where I felt as if I was teaching them.  I learned a great deal from you and it was definitely the best method for me to learn.  I will continue to follow your site for new info. and in future classes.  I will most certainly pass your website on to anyone I know that it will benefit.  Thanks for being a knowledgeable and interesting mentor!!”

Most Grateful, Meg, RN, BSN, CDCES

“Beverly, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully took the CDCES exam last Friday. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your great organization for all the help you have given me, as well as the diabetes community at large. I purchased the level one bundle, and it was a wonderful resource for me as I prepared for the exam. I will recommend it to my colleagues who have yet to take the exam.”

Sheri RN, CDCES!

“Just a note to thank you for your excellent education courses, completed in Switzerland, Germany and the USA that helped me pass the CDCES today! Yippee. Coming from an exercise physiology background was not easy. I had a ton to learn and digest that is outside my educational experience. I could hear Beverly’s voice in the background as I worked through the pattern insulin questions! Thanks for the great customer service and I’ll be back to keep the certification current. At our school of medicine, we plan to develop a Diabetes Center and I am glad to be part of the team. I also plan to recommend to other ACSM certified exercise physiologists that they take your courses as a prep to a new world.”

Best wishes, Mary, Ph.D., FACSM, RCEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist

“Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the CDCES exam. It was a happy, happy day! I could not have done it without you. Thanks for all you do.”

Mary Ann, RD, LD and now CDCES!

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful educational courses you provide on the internet. In December of 2010, I took the CDCES exam and did not pass it. I recently took the exam again after taking your CDCES preparation course package. The information was clear concise and I learned a great deal. On May 9, 2011, I passed the exam and felt much more confident about taking the exam. I hope to take additional courses provided by you in the near future. I highly recommend you and your work. Thank you very much!!”

Lynn N., RD LDN CDCES (P.S. My husband thanks you too he said he would not have known what to do with me if I did not pass.)

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