August 2022 eNews | Diabetes Safety Update | Does Alcohol Blunt Glucagon Effectiveness?

August 2022 eNews | Diabetes Safety Update | Does Alcohol Blunt Glucagon Effectiveness?

Happy August

There is still time to celebrate warm summer nights before the days lengthen and get cooler. For people living with diabetes, summer parties, with their special treats and yummy drinks, can be complicated to navigate.

In our first article, we take a close look at the impact of alcohol on the effectiveness of glucagon rescue medications. As an educator for many years, I was not aware of alcohol’s impact on glucagon efficacy. Through increased knowledge, I am hopeful we can enhance the safety of people living with type 1 diabetes.

Our next article celebrates the abundance and deliciousness of summer fruit. Sadly, so often, people with diabetes are told not to eat fruit because it is “full of sugar.”

I reassure them that fruit is loaded with nutrients, fiber and decreases inflammation. In a new study, researchers highlight clear evidence that eating a portion of fruit is far better for our mental health than eating other sweet treats like cookies and snack foods. Plus, the study demonstrated that snacking on fruit not only boosts mood it can also improve cognition and decrease stress.

We also take a close look at the impact of those pesky dates on our food packaging. Almost 40% of food waste happens in our kitchen when consumers think food is too old to eat based on package dates. But, are we wasting food unnecessarily? Read more to gain clarity on what these dates signify. Let’s share this information with our communities to help decrease food waste and save money.

Lastly, we celebrate our special scholarship recipient, Judith, who recently earned her CDCES. Please join me in congratulating this dedicated, kind and enthusiastic individual.

We hope you enjoy our question and rationale of the week and we invite you to join our upcoming webinars and Virtual Conference.

Thank you in advance for your actions and advocacy on behalf of people living with diabetes.

Beverly, Bryanna, Robert, and Amanda

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The best part of becoming a CDCES is working with my colleagues and people living with diabetes. As diabetes educators, we hear compelling and beautiful life stories. I am astounded by the barriers they face and inspired by their adaptability, problem-solving skills, and resilience.

– Coach Beverly Thomassian, RN, MPH, CDCES, BC-ADM

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Reason 2: Currently, 10% of people in the U.S. have diabetes and another 35% have pre-diabetes which means 45% of Americans are running around with elevated blood glucose levels.  Given this epidemic, there will be plenty of future job opportunities.

Reason 3: Having my CDCES along with my nursing degree, has opened many doors of opportunity; from working as an inpatient Diabetes Nurse Specialist in a hospital to working as a Manager of Diabetes Education in the outpatient setting to starting my own consulting company.

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