Avoiding Juicy Answers | TR Moves to the Dorms

For Question of the week, test takers usually choose the correct answer 70-80% of the time. However, for this Tuesday’s question of the week, about 44% of respondents chose the correct answer.

So, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for another answer rationale. We’ll explore this question and the best answer in more detail and throw in some test-taking tips along the way.

Question of the week on October 22:

TR is a 17-year-old with prediabetes who is graduating high school and moving out of state to college and will be living with a roommate in the dorms. TRs mom arranges to have an appointment with the diabetes educator before TR heads off to college. Which of the following is the most important issue to review during the visit?

Answer Options:

  1. Stressing that alcohol consumption can increase glucose levels
  2. Organization of medications and prescription refills
  3. Vaccinations and how to access medical care
  4. Making sure TR has easy access to carb snacks in case of hypoglycemia

As shown above, the most common choice was option 3, the second most common answer was option 2, then option 1, and finally option 4.

Congratulations! A majority of people still answered the question with the right answer.

Option 3 (C) is the correct answer: Vaccinations and how to access medical care. In this scenario, TR is only 17 with prediabetes and the question does not mention that TR is taking any medications or has any prediabetes related complications. Given that, the best intervention is to focus on prevention (vaccines) and how to access health care in this new environment.

Option 1 is incorrect because it says alcohol consumption can increase glucose levels, but alcohol is associated with a lowering of blood glucose. This is because when the liver is metabolizing alcohol, glycogenolysis is hampered resulting in lower blood glucose levels.

Option 2 is incorrect because this scenario doesn’t mention TR is on any medications or prescriptions, so this juicy answer assumes facts not in the question. If one assumes TR is on medication because they have prediabetes, organization of medication and prescription refills could be an important thing to consider before going off to an unfamiliar environment. However, since the scenario doesn’t mention medication, and a 17 year old with prediabetes is not likely be only any medications, this answer is also incorrect.

Finally, option 4 is incorrect because in this scenario, hypoglycemia isn’t mentioned. For people with diabetes, hypoglycemia is a risk when treating diabetes with insulin or sulfonylureas, but this scenario doesn’t mention TR being on either.

We hope you appreciate this week’s rationale and keep studying hard! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our Question of the Week and participate in this fun learning activity!

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