Biscuit & Muffin – Welcome to Bryanna’s Cat Bakery

In the summer of 2021, I decided it was time to get my first pet as an adult. I had just bought my first home and felt I finally had the space to get an animal.

I looked on my local shelter’s website and immediately fell in love with Biscuit. She’s a Calico with striking green, grumpy eyes. Her profile said she had been in the shelter for a long time and wasn’t doing well in that environment. I knew I wanted to bring her home where she could feel safe. I filled out an application and set up an appointment to see her. The next day she came home.

When she arrived, she immediately hid under the couch, unsure of where she was. I sat on the floor with her for a while until she felt okay enough to come out. It took many months for her to feel comfortable, and though at times she is still very anxious, she has relaxed enough to let her personality shine through. She is silly, loves to snuggle, and has a lot of cattitude.

Due to all of her progress, I thought she now might enjoy a friend to hang out with.

In November, I checked my local shelter’s website again and saw Muffin, who like Biscuit, is a Calico with beautiful eyes. Again, I contacted the shelter and went to pick her up. For the first three days, I kept both cats in separate areas of the house, while slowly introducing them over the past few weeks.

Every day, Muffin is building her confidence in her new home; she is very curious, sweet, and loves to play.

Biscuit is still struggling with a new cat in the house, but they are slowly making progress and spending more time together. Muffin loves to follow Biscuit around and mimic what she is doing. I have even caught them laying down next to each other.

I know it will take more time until they become friends, but I am so joyful their relationship is growing.

Written by Bryanna, our Director of Operations & Customer Happiness

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