Delivered Food – Is it safe? Answers and Resources

As Americans strive to shelter-in-place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, many are wondering about the safety of take out or delivered food. North Carolina State University has put together the handout below to address this concern. NCSU has also put together a series of information sheets on food safety and a myriad of other critical topics on COVID-19 in both English and Spanish.

According to an article from Market Watch, “There is no evidence that coronavirus is transmitted from food or food packaging, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Nor is there any indication that people have contracted coronavirus, from consuming food,” said food-safety expert Benjamin Chapman, professor at North Carolina State University.

Handouts and Info Sheets on Keeping Safe from North Carolina State University

This wealth of resources posted on North Carolina State University’s website provides best practices for preparing for COVID-19 and managing risk for individuals at home and for food environments such as restaurants, grocery stores, and farms.

According to the site, these resources are based on guidance and best practices as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Check back frequently for updates to the guidance.

Thank you North Carolina State University for posting this life-saving information.

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