Diabetes Alert Year – Screening Tools and Resources 2019

Put on your diabetes detective hat! The last Tuesday of March has historically been designated by the ADA as Diabetes Alert Day. Starting this year, the ADA recognizes that every day provides an opportunity to find people with undetected prediabetes and diabetes.

We want to provide you with tools and resources to help your communities detect prediabetes and diabetes. We will leave this post up, so you can keep coming back as needed to access these valuable tools.

Most people with prediabetes have no idea they are living with elevated blood sugars and that they are at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Early discovery increases the potential for remission.

For type 2 diabetes, it takes an average of 6.5 years to discover. The Legacy Trial Results demonstrated that early and aggressive treatment of diabetes results in decreased risk of eye, kidney, nerve disease, heart attack and possible death.

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7 Actions Diabetes Educators can take to Raise Awareness

  • Place a link to the Diabetes Risk Quiz on your work website and invite staff to take the quiz.
  • Print out the Risk Quiz and invite staff, volunteers and community members to gain awareness and take action.
  • Host a Diabetes Awareness Reception – offer healthy snacks, an information booth and the Risk Quiz.
  • Write a short article on Diabetes Prevention for your work-site newsletter and your local newspaper.
  • Invite yourself to get interviewed about diabetes prevention with your local radio or TV station.
  • Post the Risk Quiz on your social media pages. See how many people you can encourage to take it!
  • Provide a presentation on Diabetes Prevention for a local Service Club.

Whether you work in the inpatient or outpatient setting, encourage colleagues to look at A1cs and fasting blood glucose levels to identify those with:

PreDiabetes: A1c of 5.7-6.4% or Fasting  BG of 100-125mg or 

Diabetes: A1c of 6.5% + or Fasting BG of 126 +  

Newly discovered diabetes? Let’s inform the provider so immediate action can be taken to link the person to resources including a diabetes program referral, dietitian, pharmacist, eye care professional, dentist and more.

New prediabetes?  Let’s connect people to a Diabetes Prevention Program in their community or encourage them to take advantage of the abundance of online resources and Apps to help with behavior change starting today.

Resources to Help Get the Word Out

Diabetes Prevention Program – Find CDC Diabetes Prevention Programs in your community.

ADA Diabetes Risk Test can identify those at risk and promote behavior change action for individuals and their communities.

Risk Test for PreDiabetes – A user friendly web page that evaluates risk and provides helpful info

“Are you at Risk?” Page by the American Diabetes Association  includes the Risk Test, strategies to lower risk and information on predidabetes.

Screening and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus 2019– One page cheat sheet that summarizes screening, risk status and diagnostic criteria for diabetes.

My Health Advisor by ADA
The path to good health just got a lot easier. Enter some basic health information and My Health Advisor will calculate risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 

BMI Calculator – A fast and easy way to calculate a patients BMI

National Institutes of Health – Managing Diabetes – It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

Exercise Resource Page – We created this resource page so that you would have helpful exercise resources available for you and your colleagues. There are handouts and links that you can share with patients too!

Apps for Diabetes – an array of apps that reviewers have found  helpful for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Educators can take a leadership role in their workplace and communities to uncover undetected diabetes.

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