Diabetes, Don’t Sugar Coat It – Free Presentation 6-12 Grade Students

Diabetes, Don’t Sugar Coat It
Presentation for 6th -12th Grade Students

As part of her BSN public health rotation, Micayla Dollinger put together this fantastic diabetes awareness presentation to get 6th-12th grade students activated in diabetes prevention. 
The program is one class period long and covers type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and steps to reduce the risk of developing  type 2
download FREE Diabetes, Don’t Sugar Coat It Slide PresentationThanks Micayla for your generous sharing of this fun and informative presentation.

The course emphasizes that diabetes is not a shameful or blameful disease; Students are encouraged to support  people with diabetes and  to never criticize.  See chart below with some Do’s and Don’ts for interacting with people living with diabetes.

If possible, get involved in educating your community about diabetes prevention. For type 2 diabetes, it takes an average of 6.5 years to discover. The Legacy Trial Results demonstrated that early and aggressive treatment of diabetes results in decreased risk of eye, kidney, nerve disease, heart attack and possible death.

When Diabetes Educators take a leadership role in their workplace and communities, we are a formidable force that can discover undetected diabetes and encourage action for a lifetime of health.