Diabetes Prevention Campaign

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Help patients and communities prevent diabetes! 

Over 30% of Americans are living with prediabetes. Most don’t know they have it. As diabetes detectives, we can help find prediabetes and encourage people to take action starting today to prevent moving over to type 2 diabetes.

Looking for Tools to help patients and communities at risk of type 2 diabetes take action? Take a look at the newly updated  National Diabetes Prevention Program Toolkit >> 

Action now can make a difference.

The CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) demonstrated a 58% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes for those living with prediabetes. In the DPP, participants worked with educators in a group setting to lose 5%-7% of their body weight and increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes a week. These lifestyle changes yielded big successes.
Starting in 2018, Medicare will provide payment for participants attending approved DPP programs. 

This National Diabetes Prevention Program Website provides information on setting up a Diabetes Prevention Program, and lots of resource for educators and patients alike.  Check it out!