Doing the Math | Weight and Calorie Counting Rationale

Our May 26th Question of the week was a question about carb counting. Although 56% of respondents chose the correct answer, 44% did not. We thought that this was an important topic to discuss further, so we can pass on correct info to people living with diabetes.

Before we start though, if you don’t want any spoilers and haven’t tried the question yet, you can answer below: Answer Question

Question: AJ is motivated to decrease weight. AJ eats an egg sandwich and hash browns 5 times a week. You look up the calories on an app and find that the egg sandwich has 370 calories and the medium hash browns have 390 calories. 

If AJ doesn’t eat the hash browns for one month, how much weight would AJ lose?

Answer Choices:

  1. 3.1 pounds
  2. 2.2 pounds
  3. 2.1 pounds
  4. 4.3 pounds

As shown above, the most common choice was option 1, the second most common answer was option 4, then option 2, and finally option 3.

The devil is in the details

If you are thinking about taking a certification exam, this practice test question will set you up for success. The test writers will anticipate possible answers based on the details in the question. They will wave those “juicy answers” right under your nose. Your job is to weed through the particulars, pluck out the most important elements and do the math with care.

Answer 1 is incorrect. 20% chose this answer. This question is all about paying attention to details. AJ eats the hash browns 5 times a week or 20 times a month. If you chose this answer, you had AJ eating hash browns every day.

Answer 2 is correct! 56% of you chose this correct answer. AJ eats hash browns 5 times a week or 20 times a month. Each hash brown has 390 calories. 20 x 390 = 7, 800 calories. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. So, 7,800 / 3,500 = 2.2 pounds loss in a month. Yay. Great job.

Answer 3 is incorrect. About 10% of respondents chose this. If you chose this answer, you might have been calculating the number of calories in the egg sandwich instead of the hash browns.

Finally, Answer 4 is incorrect. 12% chose this answer. You probably thought AJ was stopping eating both the egg sandwich and hash browns, which would lead to a 4.3-pound weight loss.

We hope you appreciate this week’s rationale! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our Question of the Week and participate in this fun learning activity!

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