Free Resource Friday | Navigating Holiday Festivities

Whether it’s the candy, the turkey, stuffing, or the desserts, the holidays are a difficult time for anyone to eat healthy and avoid weight gain. Experts suggest that the holidays are not the best time to set weight loss goals. Instead, a more realistic approach is to focus on enjoying special events and weight maintenance coupled with lots of good self-care.

Weight watchers, most dietitians, and health bloggers suggest several strategies to make healthier choices when tempted by holiday fare:

  • There is no need to eat to be polite – save calories or points for favorite foods. If there is lots of pressure, have 1-3 bites of whatever family or friends are suggesting.
  • Be prepared for extra calories: maintain regular eating routine for the whole week leading up to the big meal. On the day of, make sure to have breakfast, and if the big meal is in the afternoon, have a small lunch or snack to avoid over-eating at the party.
  • Drink calorie free beverages and choose vegetables or other low calorie options first before digging into the richer food choices.

Some interesting, alternative strategies that people are reporting success with:

  • Plating up with a smaller plate: it tricks our brains into thinking we are eating more, and on average this strategy decreases intake by 40% or more.
  • Wear something fitted and fabulous: boost self-confidence with an outfit that makes the wearer feel great about how they look, but also keeps them aware of quantity of food consumed.
  • Take a walk after the meal instead of sinking into a recliner or couch to burn a few calories and keep metabolism revved up a bit longer.

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