Happy International Nurses Day – 5 Ways to say Thank You

When I was considering college, my dad offered me some simple advice, “Why don’t you become a nurse?” Four years later, I stood proudly with my white cap and nursing pin securely fastened as an RN graduate.

As I reflect on my years in this noble profession, I have witnessed the most unselfish acts of love and pure heroism by my nursing colleagues. I have highlighted some top qualities that represent my gratitude, but this thank you list could encompass an entire page.

Like the founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale, you are all “Holding the Lamp” and shining it in dark places that are often scary and unknown to provide comfort to those with the greatest need.

This week is a perfect time to let our nursing colleagues, mentors, professors, and friends know how much they are appreciated.

Coach Beverly thanks each nurse who has cared for me, held my hand, and reassured me that I am going to be okay.

5 Ways to Thank a Nurse

  • Send them a handwritten note sharing how they helped you when you needed it most.
  • A bundle of colorful flowers with a special note
  • A basket of fruit or healthy snacks with a few sweet treats too!
  • Sharing a heartfelt story on social media about how a nurse made an impact on your life.
  • Letting their supervisor know how they provided you with care and comfort.
  • Let a nurse mentor or teacher know how they impacted your life.

These are just a few ideas to get started. As you think of that special moment of gratitude, maybe you will come up with the perfect idea for that one special nurse.

With gratitude,

Coach Beverly

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