Happy National Nurses Day | 7 Ways to Say Thanks

Pope Francis refers to nurses as “Experts in humanity.”

As a very sick patient in his 20s, Pope Francis, has personally experienced the importance of nurses. “You are there all day and you see what happens to the patient. Thank you for that!” he continued, “many lives, so many lives are saved thanks to you!”

He emphasized the importance of the nursing profession and their unique relationships with all members of the healthcare team – patients, families, and colleagues. Pope Francis stated that nurses are at “the crossroads” of all these relationships. 

The Pope described the sensitivity nurses acquire from “being in contact with patients all day,” and acknowledged the healing power of listening and touch. Calling touch an important factor for demonstrating respect for the dignity of the person. 

Nurses provide care despite the patient’s societal status. The Pope described the nurse’s care as particularly important in situations that may often leave weaker people on the margin.

Furthermore, Pope Francis acknowledged the “truly irreplaceable” role nurses play in the lives of their patients. “Like no other, the nurse has a direct and continuous relationship with patients, takes care of them every day, listens to their needs and comes into contact with their very body, that he tends to,” stated Pope Francis. 

The Pope says nurses are, “promoters of life and dignity”

7 Ways you Can Thank a Nurse:

  1. Send a note letting them know the ways you appreciate them.
  2. Send them lunch – GrubHub and DoorDash are now offering contact-free deliveries (double-check with the hospital/clinic that they are accepting outside food).
  3. Share a story on social media about how a nurse’s care touched your life.
  4. Let a supervisor know how much they contribute to improving the health of your community.
  5. Donate to the ANA’s Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.
  6. Organize childcare for nurses you know as these nursing students did in Wisconsin.
  7. When you do your shopping, offer to pick up and drop off groceries and other items.

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