Mindful Monday | 7 Low Calorie Cocktail Concotions For the Holidays

This Mindful Monday we are happy to share seven cocktail recipes that are both festive and low-calorie! Cocktails can often be high in sugar and calories, below are seven ways to “lighten” up your cocktails this season:

“7 Low Calorie Cocktail Concoctions For the Holiday”

“1. Pomegranate Mojito

Instead of adding sugar to this classic cocktail, blend the seeds of a large pomegranate in a food processor. Strain the blended seeds with a fine mesh sieve. Add the pomegranate juice to rum and sparkling water.

see recipe here

2. A Limey Margarita

A fun drink for the holidays, especially if you plan to pair it with a Latin feast. Skip the sugary syrups and use only the basic ingredients of this cocktail: lime juice, one shot of tequila and triple sec. Avoid the salt, and garnish with lime.

see recipe here

3. Spin On The Traditional Cosmo

You can make a skinny cosmo by adding a splash of diet cranberry juice and fresh lime juice.

see recipe here

4. Low-Fat Spiced Egg Nog

You can also make this holiday favorite dairy-free!

see recipe here

5. St. Germain And Champagne

A very easy and classic holiday cocktail using just two ingredients.

see recipe here

6. Low-Calorie Sangria

You don’t want to end up drinking your calories, try this skinny sangria recipe, perfect for any party. It’s easy to make as well.

see recipe here

7. Strawberry Basil Sangria

Last but not least, another twist on a festive Sangria recipe, courtsey of Susan Watkins, CDE, RD, who says it will be a sure hit at any party.”

see recipe here

A holiday cocktail can be fun and festive! We can all share this article with our community. It is important to remember that alcohol can raise or lower blood glucose levels for those with diabetes.

To learn more: “7 Low Calorie Cocktail Concoctions For the Holiday” by dLife

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