Mindful Monday | Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from Diabetes Education Services. To celebrate, we are addressing the issue of food packaging and it’s impact on the environment. We plan to address this urgent issue more over the coming year.

“Meal Kits Have Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Grocery Shopping, Study Says”

Meal kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh provide the convenience of fresh, delivered ingredients straight to your doorstep! However, many are concerned with the environmental impact they may have since the contents of the box are often wrapped in plastic.

A study was released that says despite the packaging, the meal kits have a lower carbon footprint than buying the items at a grocery store and preparing them at home.

“The study, published Monday in the scientific journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, examines the whole life-cycle — from farm to garbage can — of meal kits and their grocery store equivalents, and finds that, on average, grocery store meals produce 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than their equivalents from Blue Apron.”

The decrease in emissions comes from less food waste and a streamlined supply chain. Although there may be unnecessary packaging, the overall footprint is affected by the amount of food waste at the end of the meal.

Since the food kits offer a recipe and all the necessary ingredients, people tend to utilize everything in the box, rather than throwing away old produce.

“According to a U.N. report, if food waste were a country, its production, processing and distribution would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, just behind the U.S. and China.”

A study performed by the USDA In 2010, found that 31% of food produced in the United States is wasted.

Despite the plastic packaging of the meal kits, they may be an excellent option to help aid in portion control and environmental impact.

Happy Earth Day!

To learn more: Meal Kits Have Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Grocery Shopping, Study Says – NPR

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