Question of Week | New Diabetes, Best Action?

JR is 43 years old with newly discovered type 2 diabetes.

According to the ADA Standards, which of the following actions needs to be taken with a new type 2 diabetes diagnosis?

  1. Hepatitis B Vaccine
  2. Screening for prostate cancer
  3. Referral to podiatry
  4. Antibody testing to confirm diagnosis

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  1. Discuss the current epidemiology of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Describe the classification, terminology & diagnostic criteria for diabetes.
  3. Identify the eight pathophysiologic defects associated with the ominous octet.
  4. Describe evidence and strategies to prevent type 2 diabetes.
    State strategies to implement a person-centered approach to those with diabetes.
  5. Discuss key aspects of type 2 diabetes management including education, therapeutic lifestyle changes, glucose, lipid, and hypertension management plus referrals.
  6. Understand the overarching principles of management of type 2 DM including.
    1. Classes of the diabetes medications
    2. Treatment of dyslipidemia/hypertension
    3. Screening for, prevention, and treatment of microvascular complications
    4. Psychosocial support

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