Screening Tools for Diabetes

Help people and communities prevent diabetes! 

Over 30% of Americans are living with prediabetes. Most don’t know they have it. As diabetes detectives, we can help find prediabetes and encourage people to take action starting today to prevent moving over to type 2 diabetes.

Looking for Tools to help patients and communities at risk of type 2 diabetes take action? Take a look at the newly updated National Diabetes Prevention Program Tools & Resources

Action now can make a difference.

The CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) demonstrated a 58% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes for those living with prediabetes. In the DPP, participants worked with educators in a group setting to lose 5%-7% of their body weight and increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes a week. These lifestyle changes yielded big successes.
Starting in 2018, Medicare will provide payment for participants attending approved DPP programs. 

This National Diabetes Prevention Program Website provides information on setting up a Diabetes Prevention Program, and lots of resource for educators and patients alike.  Check it out!

Screening Tools for Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention Screening Tool – Customize this tool for your organization.  We copied the ADA PreDiabetes Screening tool onto this Word document to help engage participants to enroll in our Diabetes Prevention Program. Add your logo and contact information.  This screening tool is approved by the CDC Prevention Program to help identify those at risk who are eligible to join your prevention program.

Risk Test for PreDiabetes » for a patient to evaluate their risk factors to understand their risk for prediabetes.

ADA Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test » published in the ADA 2017 Standards of Care, this is the approved screening test to identify those at risk.

ADA Sound the Alert Risk Test in English and Spanish. Great to handout out for quick assessment of risk

A1c to Diagnose Diabetes » article that describes the research behind using A1c to diagnose diabetes. Very well written and informative.

Diabetes Risk Calculator » a simple tool for detecting undiagnosed prediabetes and diabetes.

Latent Autoimmunity in Adults (LADA) Article » provides helfpul guidelines for differentiating between type 2 and LADA.

Latent Autoimmunity in Adults (LADA) Screening Tool » provides a detailed chart to differentiate between type 2 and LADA.

Screening and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus 2021 – One page cheat sheet that summarizes screening, risk status and diagnostic criteria for diabetes. A great tool for your practice setting or to share with providers.