Special Questions of the Week | June 25, 2019

Today we are excited to offer two questions – one on marshmallows for fun and one based on the updated CDE® Exam outline.

If you plan to take the CDE® Exam after July 1, 2019, we invite you at join our discounted and updated Diabetes Education Boot Camp (starts July 1st) which incorporates changes to the CDE® content outline, including a more intensive focus on technology, social issues, and emergency readiness.

Special Questions of the Week – June 25

This week we decided to add a fun question to our usual technical question! Speaking of fun, help improve your study efficiency and enjoyment by getting out in the sunshine and taking a break – your brain needs mini-rests to keep assimilating all this CDE® prep material!

After you finish smelling the flowers, join our Summer Diabetes Ed Boot Camp, starting July 1. It reflects the changes to the updated content outline for even more CDE® exam readiness – plus earn 12.75 CEs.

You can also download our free CDE® Coach App!

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