Pancreas Partners | Supporting Kenyan Girl’s Education

At Diabetes Education Services we are dedicated to supporting the growth and well-being of our future generations. This month we are celebrating our amazing sister organization Just One Person.

Just One Person is a sustainable model program that prepares girls in rural Kenya for post-secondary opportunities, supporting their development towards economic independence.

A treadle sewing machine and cloth

Mwanaidi, of Just One Person, has hand-sewn hundreds of beautiful Pancreas Partners in her home town in Kenya and shipped them to the Diabetes Education Services office in California, so we can share them with you.

Mwanaidi’s story:

While Mwanaidi was waiting for admission to college she began sewing the “pancreas pillows” that Diabetes Education Services sells in the US. She used a donated treadle sewing machine, a pattern designed by Just One Person (JOP) Executive Director, Emma Sisia, and traditional leso cloth.

Mwanaidi joined the Just One Person (JOP) project in rural Kenya after her high school recognized her potential. Mwanaidi graduated from high school in 2010 and subsequently, became a certified chef. She uses the income from her job to help support her family of 7 siblings along with her mother and father.

All Pancreas Partner profits are donated to

After paying Mwanaidi for her beautiful work, Diabetes Education Services donates the profit from the sale of the Pancreas Pillow to help fund school scholarships and seminars for other girls in rural Kenya. Other alumnae of JOP have followed suit and are continuing to produce these wonderful pillows to help ensure the sustainability of our program.

Just One Person’s philosophy is that girls are members of our organization for life. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and resources with their mothers, sisters, neighbors, and daughters for generations to come.

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