Sugar Sensing Pacifier Could Spare Heartache & Pricks

Researchers may have developed a way for parents to avoid having to prick their babies with type 1 to check blood sugar. A sugar sensing pacifier collects saliva, tests the glucose levels, and wirelessly sends result to a receiver which the parent or caregiver can see.

This device was tested on adults first to see if the concept would work. Initial results were positive, showing changes in saliva sugar levels which corresponded to changes in blood sugar levels. Researchers noted that there was great correlation in the study and that they were able to tell when blood glucose was high with great accuracy.

The small parts involved in the pacifier, and the fact that saliva was tested after adults were instructed to brush their teeth (unlikely to be replicated in infants), may be barriers to a patent and this device getting on the market. Researchers are hopeful to find ways to overcome these and be able to offer the market a truly non-invasive option for babies with type 1.

More info here.

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