Teen Designs Type 1 Diabetes App – T1D1

Drew Mendelow, 13, felt overwhelmed with all the new information he had to learn to navigate his new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

New Type 1 leads to new App

Since Drew already knew how to code games, he thought he could design an app that would help him track his insulin, blood sugars and carbohydrates consumed.

He ended up creating an app that would help with bolus insulin calculations and provide a shareable log.

Within months of diagnosis, Drew launched his new app T1D1. T1D1 stands for Type 1 diabetes from Day 1.

To make sure the T1D1 app is available for anyone with new type 1 diabetes, Drew is adamant his app remains free. “I want to make sure everyone can really use it.”

The T1D1 app has been rigorously evaluated by the Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. It not only passed this detailed vetting process, but the team at Children’s Hospital is also recommending it to people and families with a new type 1 diagnosis.

Many people with type 1 diabetes are started on CGM and insulin pumps, eventually. These devices help determine insulin bolus doses. But for those who don’t yet have access to these tools or can’t afford these devices, the T1D1 app is very useful and designed by someone living with type 1 diabetes every day.

Coach Beverly’s impressions of T1D1 Bolus Calculator and Log

This easy-to-use app is available on google play or for iOS users. The set-up is straight forward and intuitive.

Users plug in their blood glucose and carbs, and the app determines how much insulin to take for any given meal or snack based on the user’s profile. This app greatly simplifies the process of determining needed insulin dose, plus keeps a record of glucose levels, carbs consumed and insulin delivered. In addition, this record can be easily emailed to providers or concerned family members.

Users can personalize their individual glucose target, the insulin-to-carb ratio at each meal /snack, and the correction ratio. They can also enter their most commonly consumed foods with custom serving sizes and carb amount, to create a personalized food library.

I love that this app is free, but users have the option to support Drew’s contribution to making a new diagnosis with type 1 just a little easier!

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