Top 10 Diabetes Stories for 2019

Notes from Coach Beverly:
2020 promises to be exciting.

CDE name change – Starting in 2020, CDE’s will go from being Certified Diabetes Educators to our new name: Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (CDCES). Register for our FREE Preparing for CDCES Exam Webinar Jan 2, 2020 to learn more.

The 2020 ADA Standards of Care have been released and include important practice updates. Join our ADA Update Webinar January 21 at 11:30 am PST for more info.

Popular Posts: Before we jump into 2020, we thought we should spend a moment reflecting on our most popular blog stories from 2019. Special thanks to our amazing Taryn Nugent for her diligence and hard work putting this list and newsletter together.

Happy New Year everyone!

Top 10 Diabetes Stories for 2019

1: ADA Meds Management Update

Our 2019 ADA Meds Management Update highlights some of the important updates affecting our clinical practice, especially in the area of pharmacology and CV Risk Reduction.

2: How Accurate are Glucose Meters?

Glucose meter accuracy ratings along with and FDA standards for glucose meter readings are reviewed. Quality has definitely improved since 2016 as advocacy groups push for better glucose accuracy.

3: Finding the Perfect Teaching Handout

Diabetes Education Services compiles free resources to make the lives of diabetes professionals a little easier. Find the perfect teaching handout today. We share our collection of fantastic websites that provide you with easy access to hundreds of educational tools in a variety of languages.

4: Concentrated Insulin: Clearing the Confusion

There are currently 4 different concentrated insulins. Concentrated insulins provide more insulin in less volume and are becoming increasingly common in clinical practice. Learn more about the ins and outs of these insulins.

5: Healthy Diet Resources

Diet tips abound on the internet, but the ADA provides sound advice. The main message: individualize meal planning approaches and focus on eating nutrient dense foods.

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