#WCW | Beverly Thomassian – What is your vision?

This week we kick off our #WCW campaign (“Woman Crush Wednesday”) with our fearless leader, Coach Beverly Thomassian.  

Why do we need a Women’s Conference? – Coach Beverly shares her vision

Girls should learn history. And make it.”

– Malala

On our drive to school, I asked my teenage son if he could name any female scientists. He couldn’t name one.

I came up with a handful, but that was even a stretch.

Women make up half the population, but often our stories go untold.

As a frequent attendee at large scientific conferences, I have noticed the lack of female presenters. In many of the published national diabetes standards, there is a notable disparity in the ratio of men to women authors.

Yet, all around me, I work with a collection of smart, progressive, wildly talented and compassionate diabetes advocates, educators and providers who are women.

They contribute in countless ways, some bold and some subtle, to improve diabetes care and provide a vision forward for future diabetes professionals.

This first ever Women Leaders in Diabetes Conference was born out of these observations. I wanted to create a meeting place to celebrate this diverse group of visionary leaders. To shine a light on what they have accomplished and contributed to improve diabetes care while creating an arc of change into tomorrow’s landscape.

Just as importantly, I wanted to provide a place for attendees to share their stories. A place to sit at a table with other diabetes professionals who have fought, succeeded, failed, got back up and kept going, even though the barriers seemed insurmountable.

Our stories contain years of wisdom, hard won and accumulated through experience, trial and error and careful study. Let’s bring these innovations and stories to light.

Lastly, I wanted to open a window of dedicated time for hard working diabetes professionals to allow for inspiration and a safe place to share struggles and set-backs, honestly and openly. And through this sharing and group problem solving, the opportunity to see possibilities that might have been hidden or obscured by doubt or by pure busyness.

I wanted to create a place where we are inspired to state our dreams out loud and encouraged to move fully into them through the coaching and unabashed support of our colleagues.

Girls should make history. And we are.

Everyone is welcome. Please join us on May 10, 2019

  • Are you feeling discouraged because your suggestions for improvement aren’t acknowledged?  
  • Do you run into barriers when you try to implement change? 
  • Are you ready to see your ideas come to light?

Network and Earn 7.5 CEs! 

Keynote presenters include: | See detailed bio information here >>

  • Ann Albright, PhD, RD – Director, Division of Diabetes Translation at the CDC
  • Tracey Brown MBA, BChE – CEO, American Diabetes Association
  • Nicole Johnson, DrPH, MPH, MA – National Director of Mission at JDRF
  • Maureen McGrath, MS, PNP-BC, BC-ADM – Associate Clinical Professor, Director, Diabetes Minor, UCSF School of Nursing
  • Susan Guzman, PhD – Director of Clinical/Educational Services, Behavioral Diabetes Institute, San Diego
  • Edi Matsumoto, FNP, MSN, MFA, CDE, BC-ADM – Montage Medical Group and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE – Instructional Designer Specialist, UCSF School of Nursing, Founder, Sweet People Club
  • Beverly Thomassian, RN, BC-ADM, MPH, CDE – Founder, President, Diabetes Education Services

Brochure | Women Leaders in Diabetes Conference

Women Leaders in Diabetes Conference Agenda