The Joy of Six – Take the Pledge

The Joy of Six – Sugar Pledge

to enjoy up to six teaspoons per day of added sugar and increase sugar awareness in our communities.

We have created this pledge campaign to raise awareness on the health risks of added sugar and more so, the benefits of enjoying less.

By eating less added sugar starting today, we will not suffer from any nutritional deficiency. On the contrary.

By eating less sugar, we will get healthier.

We are asking our community to pledge their support of sugar awareness by signing the pledge below.

The first 100 people to pledge, will receive a free Medication PocketCard in the mail.

Pledge Now 

Over the next few weeks, we will be sending out sugar facts via FaceBook and our CDE Coach App.

Thank you again for joining us on the journey to making our communities happier and healthier.

Download our Joy of Six Sugar Pledge banner to share with your colleagues and friends:

The Joy of Six – Sugar Pledge Banner

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In America, about one quarter of our calories come from added sugar. In the early 1800s, sugar was considered a luxury and a treat, that was enjoyed on special occasions.

Our increasing intake of added sugar mirrors our rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

“We have solid evidence that keeping intake to less than 10% of total energy intake reduces risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay,” says Dr Francesco Branca, Director of WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development.  



Added Sugar themed Questions for this Week!

New Sugar Question of the Week – 08/29/2017

Sugar Question #2 – 08/30/2017

Sugar Question #3 – 08/31/2017


In order to make sugar awareness fun and educational, Coach Beverly has designed an entire week of sugar-related question to est your knowledge! Be sure to Download the Free CDE Coach App, or join us on Facebook to receive all five sweet questions. 



 Additional Sugar Resources:


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