A Digital Behavior Change Program helps reverse PreDiabetes

As clearly demonstrated by the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program, prediabetes can be reversed and diabetes can be delayed by a change in lifestyle coupled with weight loss. With staggering statistics such as over 34% of Americans (over 80 million adults) are living with prediabetes, how can we motivate people to make a change for their health? 

Companies like Omada Health (a digital behavior change program) are utilizing society’s relationship with technology to help people adjust their habits. The app uses an array of methods to help the participant stay dedicated to a lifestyle goal such as; peer counseling, coaching, app notifications, reminder texts, emails and more. 

Working in the diabetes community, we understand that each person has their own unique lifestyle and behavior change approaches. Having array of ideas and recommendations to share can help improve outcomes. Omada Health is a wonderful interactive program that helps people stay focused on goals and also gives them the support of an online community and coach. 

As we continue to see diabetes care partner with technology, staying current on the development of new programs can add an extra dimension of support and coaching in clinical practice. To learn more about Omada Health’s behavior program, click the link below!

“This Chef Lost 50 Pounds And Reversed Prediabetes With A Digital Program” – NPR

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